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Web Designing & Development: It’s Not Only About Selling Services & Products

02nd, September 2022
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The concept of website development has evolved. Earlier, the majority of people believed that the website is for businesses only. The wave of dotcom in the late 90s shook everyone, and many of them were driven by it. From then to now, websites have travelled a long journey. It all started with plain HTML pages with the addition of a few images, which is not at all appealing to today’s viewers. The flash-based sites added a pinch of creativity, but it was more like the clip art thing for now.

For sure, there were limited resources, technical geeks, as well as demand in the market, so be it. Now, with time being the idea of website design & development created a different segment in business and built a legacy as an IT industry. We, the current generation of users, are understanding the power of the web & leveraging it to every possible extent. 

These days people are using websites to not only do business (selling products & services) but also for personal branding, creating an identity, sharing knowledge, and even to share one’s opinion (blogs). We have everything available on the web, and when you read or listen about anything you never know, you don’t take a second in checking it on the internet. 

Well, that’s the power of technology & its ease of access to resources that can have everything available to you in just a single click. 

How does Website Designing & Development work? 

The ideation initiates the process of website development. Then there is a planning phase to shape it in a digital format. There is no particular decided pattern for website development. You can discuss your idea with your team or friends or relatives, depending on the end goal of the website. Further, you can buy your domain name and select the platform on which you like to design your website

If you like to create your website on your own, online website builders or open-source CMS can be the best options for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for professional services, you will likely outsource this work to the website design & development company in your vicinity. 

For custom web development, once you align with the company for your project, you can request the design layout from UI/UX designers. This layout is like the blueprint of your website; you can get it modified as per your inputs and give a green signal for website development. 

The developers may code your site from scratch or start customising the readily available themes, as per your preference and budget. After this stage, your website will go in the phase of QA & testing. Once all the bugs are resolved, your website will be ready to launch. 

Why Modern Website Development Makes Your Business Stand Out? 

Nowadays, website development is solely user-based. The search engine algorithms are continually evolving based on the user’s search experiences & browsing pattern. The custom-based UI of websites happens to be more conversion-oriented than that of generalised theme based websites.

Several analytical software and tools are available in the market that can give you more insights about the user behaviour on your website. By taking the assistance of web developers and marketing experts, you can tweak your web page design and add value-adding CTAs & content to it. 

Do You Know Web Page Design Speaks For Itself? 

Yes, that’s true. 

Website designing & development is state of the art. Though on the first look it seems like creating a digital brochure to promote services & products, it is much more than that. 

Your website can reveal its identity based on the look you like to offer. You can promote an individual entity, talk about your recognitions and showcase your portfolio or add your services to it. The theme that you will select for your website will give an understanding of your end goal. 

Don’t neglect the small details about each of the web pages like white space, location of CTAs, the relevancy of graphics, colours & typography, navigation, social proofs, security, and so on. Further, you can add supporting graphics, media elements, textual content, and everything that can give the understanding about your site. 

Whether you are a business or brand or an individual who is thinking to get a website developed as a part of your portfolio, you can write to us at for professional assistance for the same. You will not be launching your business now and then. Read more about website designer