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We are a leading cloud computing company based in London. With over a decade of experience, we help businesses architect scalable cloud infrastructure, migrate legacy systems and optimise workloads. Our certified experts and developers help in the process of managing public, private, and hybrid clouds on all major platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

Advanced Cloud Computing Services In London

Our knowledgeable team of cloud architects and engineers provides end-to-end support for organisations embarking on their digital transformation journeys. Whether helping establish cloud computing services, modernising legacy infrastructure, or migrating existing workloads, we ensure seamless adoption of next-generation cloud technologies and platforms.

Leveraging years of practical experience and in-depth technical certifications, we offer comprehensive advisory and implementation services across public, private and hybrid cloud models. This includes cloud readiness assessments, migration planning, serverless architecture design, Kubernetes administration, cost optimization techniques and round-the-clock management of customer environments.

Our focus is on delivering cloud computing services aligned with functional requirements and business objectives to maximise ROI. With offices worldwide, we support global clients across all major industry verticals through our consulting, integration, and managed service offerings.

Cloud Computing Company

Prominent Cloud Service Providers In The UK At Service

Through strategic partnerships with leading cloud providers, we ensure workloads are optimally hosted to fulfil performance needs at competitive price points. As an efficient cloud computing services provider, our clients benefit from our experienced team’s architecting solutions to leverage Amazon’s global network at a massive scale.

As a top cloud computing company in the business, we leverage these platforms’ specialised services for areas like hybrid cloud, containers, serverless, analytics, and more. We assist customers develop data-driven models and serverless applications.

We seamlessly deploy solutions across China and APAC regions and have become one of the top cloud service providers. So, partner with us and leverage multiple platforms that give flexibility, redundancy, and control suiting application requirements, regulatory obligations, and budgets.

Cloud Computing Services

Power Your Business With Agile Cloud Solutions

Being one of the top cloud service providers, we can help you with innovative cloud offerings to scale operations seamlessly, build intelligent systems and optimise costs.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions

Our hybrid IT strategies allow organisations to seamlessly integrate the reliability and security of on-premises infrastructure with scalable public cloud platforms. Being one of the top cloud providers, we help businesses leverage a hybrid cloud approach to run latency-sensitive and regulatory-compliant workloads on private clouds. Additionally, we use public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP to scale capacities on demand. Through our multi-cloud expertise, businesses can divide their applications and data based on portability, costs, and features on each platform. For example, databases and ERP systems can run on Azure for high availability features while dev/test workloads can flexibly scale on AWS.

Cutting-Edge Cloud Technologies

Our top cloud providers help businesses build competitive advantage by harnessing advanced technologies like containers, serverless, machine learning, and blockchain in innovative ways. We implement containerized DevOps leveraging Kubernetes for accelerated deployments of microservices on any infrastructure seamlessly. Serverless computing automates infrastructure maintenance allowing developers to focus only on application code, lowering costs substantially. Leveraging cloud-native capabilities, we develop AI/ML-powered solutions for various domains including predictive analytics, computer vision, NLP, etc. Enterprises get access to pre-trained models from platforms like GCP/Azure ML and easily scale inferences. For supply chain monitoring, our IoT solutions seamlessly collect equipment data and trigger actions.

Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

One of our core expertise lies in continuously optimising customers' cloud spending through in-depth cost assessments, rightsizing, and automation. Our top cloud providers conduct detailed cloud TCO analysis to baseline current usage, identify unused resources, and underutilised capacities. By rightsizing instances, scheduling spot instances usage, terminating unneeded resources, and restructuring data access models, our Cost Optimisations Plans help reduce cloud bills by 20-30% on average. Leveraging tools like CloudHealth, CloudCheckr, and AWS Cost Explorer, we continuously track CloudConsumption trends across accounts, regions, and resources. We implement reserved and savings plans proactively along with automated cost controls.

Flexible Cloud Deployment Options

Businesses have diverse infrastructure needs based on their size, budgets, regulatory landscapes, and growth plans. Our cloud-based services address this through our portfolio of flexible cloud deployment models. For workloads requiring on-prem control but cloud-like agility, we implement hybrid cloud solutions with VMware and Nutanix HCI. Businesses can build and deploy database-backed web/mobile apps faster on our serverless Database-as-a-service platform. Our scalable managed Kubernetes services take away the overheads of cluster administration. For collaborations across teams/partners, our low-code SaaS platform provides rapid development cycles. Furthermore, our cloud orchestration platform delivers unified visibility and governance over multi-account environments.

Industry-Specific Cloud Solutions

Every industry has unique IT challenges that the cloud can address optimally. Our cloud based services craft nuanced solutions fitting regulations and scale demands of verticals. We can help healthcare systems migrating to our HIPAA-compliant PaaS gain analytics on EHR and imaging data. Our retail clients can achieve agile global supply chains through our serverless microservices running on Alibaba Cloud. We can help financial organisations reliably process high volumes of transactions on our AWS-based fault-tolerant reference architecture. Our hyperscale cloud-based services for media streaming at the edges help broadcast breaking news seamlessly. So, we address challenges through our vast portfolio of cloud-native solutions.

Cloud Computing Architecture

We, being the top cloud computing service providers, follow a principle of security, compliance, scalability and high availability during cloud computing architecture design. Our cloud computing architecture is codified and provisioned as code leveraging IaC tools. Distributed event-driven microservices power scalable applications running on optimised containers managed by Kubernetes. Data models are engineered for optimal performance, privacy and cost-efficiency across databases, data lakes, and data warehouses. We are also going to help you with backups and disaster recovery plans to guarantee continuity that comes with automation and standardisation at the core, our architectures deliver non-stop experiences.


Why WEDOWEBAPPS Is One Of The Best Cloud Computing Service Providers?

As one of the globally recognized cloud computing providers, we ensure optimal cloud experiences through our core strengths.

Sustainable Cloud Practices


We advocate green computing leveraging renewable energy sources for data centres. Regular resource usage analysis helps reduce carbon footprint through optimizations. Rigorous protocols implement efficient waste management of ageing hardware and e-wastes. Our automated tools reclaim unused cloud capacities back to the providers swiftly.

Transparency and Trust


All our solutions undergo stringent security audits by third-parties. Cloud architectures are designed ground-up with privacy, identity and access controls in compliance with ISO, SOC, PCI standards. Also, you can connect with us for hourly backups and replication across regions to ensure data safety and availability.

Open Source Cloud Solutions


As the top cloud computing provider, our portfolio includes various open-source cloud products enabling faster deployments. Our developers appreciate GitHub actions, Jenkins, SonarQube, and Grafana in lowering TCO. With us, enterprises can avoid lock-ins by containers and build immutable infrastructure using tools like Packer, Terraform, and Ansible regardless of providers.

Service Level Agreements


We standby commitments through defined SLAs ensuring 99.95% uptime and response times under 15 minutes for managing critical incidents. The compensations are awarded for failing agreed metrics and timelines to fix issues. Our dedicated customer success managers provide reliable liaison for addressing concerns.

24/7 Customer Support


We have a global helpdesk team available through phone, email and ticketing system round-the-clock. In fact, with our critical situations getting immediate VIP escalations to resolution and remote resources monitoring alleviates troubleshooting. Our regular reviews integrate valuable feedback for continuous improvements in service quality.

Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Pricing


We bill only for actual cloud usage without lock-ins which suits flexible budgets. With our solutions, automated cost alerts prevent overages and reserved instance discounts provide significant savings. Being one of the top cloud computing providers, we can also provide dedicated account managers to assist in restructuring spends through optimisations, cost allocation policies and discounts.

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