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Experience a digital journey for your native mobile application development with London’s most tech-savvy agency. We help make your business more distinctive and innovative by using exclusive native mobile applications designed particularly for iOS and Android platforms. We cater to 360-degree app solutions that transcend customer experience, support, and retention.

Native App Development Services

Within the constantly evolving app development industry, WEDOWEBAPPS stands out as one of the leading forces in Native Application Development services. Our expertise extends to iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a comprehensive solution tailored to your business needs.

Take advantage of our proficient team of Native app maker, who skillfully harness the power of native programming languages to create seamless and innovative mobile applications. Our touch on the latest market trends provides a better approach for businesses seeking cutting-edge app solutions.

Therefore, you must choose WEDOWEBAPPS for your native app development needs as our services offer a distinct advantage, blending international standards with local sensibilities. Our expert teams bring a wealth of experience, guaranteeing top-notch solutions that elevate your business to new heights.

Experience the difference with WEDOWEBAPPS. Elevate your brand with our Native App Development services and stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

Native App Development Services

Build Robust And Scalable Native App Solutions

As a leading app development firm in the UK, our primary goal is to ensure our clients achieve maximum return on investment. With nearly a decade of steadfast commitment to crafting robust applications, we’ve earned acclaim from diverse press release agencies.

Our approach to every project views it as an opportunity, creating a foundation of trust with our clients who consistently choose to work with us. WEDOWEBAPPS focus on unique features is complemented by rigorous testing from our quality assurance team before incorporation into your application.

Embracing an agile app development approach, we solidify our position as a top mobile app development company, ensuring clients receive precisely what they envision at every stage of development.

Just a click away, share your app idea with us to receive a timely, cost-effective, and distinctive digital product that stands out in the competitive landscape.

Native App Development Agency

Technologies We Use For Native App Development

Every industry and every business is as unique as a fingerprint. Bulk-produced or cookie-cut software does not further the business objectives. Look at the technological frameworks behind our seamless app development services.

Swift (iOS)

Ditch the slow boat and hop on the rocket ship of iOS app development with Swift! This blazing-fast programming language is your key to crafting apps that surpass expectations. The open platform for leveraging Swift in the iOS app-building process is with a bug tracker, source code, and frequent development builds available. Our expert team leverages Swift's intuitive syntax to craft exceptional iOS experiences that surpass expectations. Swift's versatility empowers us to create fluid, responsive, visually stunning applications, guaranteeing an immersive and seamless user journey. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your innovative app idea and propel it to success.

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Objective-C (iOS)

With WEDOWEBAPPS, unlock the potential of powerful, feature-rich iOS applications with our deep expertise in Objective-C. This established language, integrated seamlessly with modern tools like Swift, empowers us to craft sophisticated solutions tailored to your vision. Leverage Objective-C's strength in building visually stunning interfaces and intricate functionalities, ensuring a well-rounded, user-centric experience. With WEDOWEBAPPS, building an app with the full spectrum of iOS development is just a few steps away. Objective-C is used primarily for developing gaming, productivity, and utility apps for the Apple operating system. The language's small footprints and ability to run on low-powered devices make it preferable.

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Kotlin (Android)

Kotlin isn't just another Android language, it's a game-changer to create robust Android applications. Our expert team leverages its modern, concise syntax to craft Android apps. Gone are the days of verbose code; Kotlin allows us to deliver responsive, visually stunning experiences with lightning speed. We meet expectations with our intuitive interfaces and seamless functionality. Our adept use of Kotlin's features guarantees a seamless user experience and an app that stands out in the competitive Android landscape. Many apps of Fortune 500 companies and hottest startups are already built on Kotlin. The technology's precise coding makes it preferable for building robust and high-performing Android applications.

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Java (Android)

Java isn't a passing fancy, it's the cornerstone of countless Android powerhouses. Our seasoned developers leverage its tested foundation, vast libraries, and vibrant community to create robust apps. Its extensive and excellent programming and development tools like Eclipse, Netbeans, and others make it easier for developers to construct an application on Java that matches expectations and fulfills needs. Partner with us to create an Android app that offers a seamless and engaging experience to users. Our expertise in Java ensures your app will stand the test of time, delivering value and staying competitive in the ever-evolving Android landscape.

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Our Commitments

Robust And Scalable Native App Solutions

Empower your app’s success with powerful and innovative solutions from WEDOWEBAPPS.

Data & Concept security


Strengthen your digital landscape with comprehensive non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). We prioritize user data security within our app and custom-craft solutions designed specifically to address your business's unique security requirements. Enhance your defenses and operate confidently with apps developed by the WeDoWebApps team. We ensure your app does not face any cybersecurity issues or technical downtimes.

User-Centric UI/UX


We compile targeted users' needs, behaviors, and preferences to create robust user-centric designs at the app's forefront. From understanding users' pain points in UI/UX to empathizing with them, our native app development services meet the agile needs of contemporary and advanced native app design expectations.

Ecommerce App Development


Expand revenue with a paced E-commerce app comprising prominent features like cloud computing, data security, and payment gateway integration with cart and store through APIs. We offer AI/ML, Blockchain, and metaverse technologies to build custom and highly functional e-commerce apps. Meet your business’s agile E-commerce needs and transition from E-commerce websites to personalized apps.

Enterprise App Development


Design, build, and maintain software applications for enterprise-sized organizations. From Accounting and Billing Systems, Point-of-Sale Software, Supply Chain Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Intelligence Systems, to Human Resource Systems, we offer extensive support in increasing the company's productivity in our native app development solutions.

Backend Development for Mobile apps


Build scalable mobile applications with end-to-end backend architecture solutions. From servers, databases, to middleware, leverage the best backend technology stack in mobile apps. We provide web server tools like NGINX and Apache, Database tools like MySQL and MongoDB, and Microservice platform tools like Kubernetes and Docker in the development process.

Application Maintenance & Support


From corrective, adaptive, to perfective support, we cover all aspects of best-in-class app maintenance services for complex app fixes. The maintenance service includes OS & Server Migration, 3rd Party Maintenance, Bug Fixes & Task Tracking, Dedicated App Maintenance, DevOps Solutions, and Pre-Support Audit. This helps in enhancing the runtime and minimizing the downtimes of mobile apps.


Exceptional Projects We've Developed

Clients brought visions and we turn them into reality. Please explore our work to get insights into how our bespoke web and mobile app development services boosted their businesses. Your project could be our next exemplary endeavor.

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Our valued client, James Dever, shares their remarkable digital transformation journey. Discover how our custom web & mobile solutions transformed efficiency & engagement, from concept to launch, showcasing the tangible impact on their business success.

James Daver

Business Consultant

Jackie’s Journey with WEDOWEBAPPS: Unveiling Exceptional Results. Discover how our dedicated team exceeded expectations, delivering outstanding satisfaction. Explore real-life success stories that set WEDOWEBAPPS apart.

Jackie Yan

CTO , Larcoo

Lisa shares their journey with WEDOWEBAPPS, from initial concept to successful app launch. Discover why they chose us, the challenges we tackled together, and the amazing results they achieved.


Director of Idreamers Corp

We’re thrilled to share a glowing testimonial from Dominique at Credit-Sweep, highlighting our impact on their online engagement and customer inquiries through our expert web and mobile app development services.


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Our Footprints
In Various Industries

healthcare-icon Healthcare

The healthcare apps developed by us have helped people easily find emergent medical services, book appointments, and leverage telemedicine support.

food-icon Food

We have crafted innovative mobile apps for tracking food deliveries, inventory management, enhancing customer experience, and efficient ordering of food.

sports-icon Sports

Our bespoke sports mobile app solutions help sportspersons track their performance, live engagement with fans, fantasy sports apps, and book tickets for live sports.

education-icon Education

Our education-centric mobile app features include interactive e-learning apps, online classes for collaborative learning environments, and incorporating AR & AI for better learning.

entertainment-icon Entertainment

We have catered to entertainment apps that amplify the OTT binge experience, immersive and interactive gaming experience, and increased accessibility to book tickets for live shows.

travel-icon Travel & Hospitality

For our hospitality clients, we have catered mobile apps that make booking stays simple and voluminous through the generation of in-app discount coupons, itinerary management, and customized travel experience.

banking-icon Banking & Finance

Our secure and high-performing native applications for banking and finance companies have enabled secure remote banking and stock trading solutions.

retails-icon Ecommerce & Retail

E-commerce applications built by us feature secure payment gateway integrations, coupons for extra discounts on products, and pre-booking facilities for yet-to-arrive products.

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Application Team

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Development Team

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  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
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Development Team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
  • 2 UX/UI Designer
  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
7 Talents

Marketing Team

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • 3 SEO Specialist
  • 2 Paid Advertising Specialist
  • 2 Graphic Designer
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Frequently Asked Questions

What approach is takеn to handlе app scalability as thе usеr basе grows?

There are several ways in which expert app developers can make their apps scalable. Some of the most commonly used ones include advanced tech stack like database management, cloud computing, architectural pattern, use of clean codes, and more.

How is the security of native mobile apps ensured?

With the use of strong authentication methods, native mobile app makers can ensure that the application is used by legitimate users only. They create robust applications by encrypting the source code to defend applications from tampering or reverse engineering attacks.

Why choosе nativе app dеvеlopmеnt ovеr cross-platform solutions?

Native app development services will help you enjoy a competitive edge, as compared to cross-platform solutions. It boasts better performance to the applications and offers tight security.