Creative Logo Design Company

As a reliable and trend-setter logo design company in UK, we offer innovative and custom logo designs to help all develop a distinctive brand image. With our professional designers, you get distinctive logos that express what is important to your business. Our logos make a lasting impression, so no matter if you want a minimalist design or something a bit more intricate, we’re equipped to transform your ideas into reality.

Custom Logo Design Services

All of our logo design services are tailored to fit your specific needs and budget in London. We start with an in-depth brand questionnaire and discovery call to understand your business goals. Our designers then conceptualise unique logo concepts inspired by your core values and target audience. You will receive multiple rounds of revisions until your perfect logo is finalised. We ensure the end result incorporates the right balance of creativity, messaging, and versatility across all branding applications.

Our professional logo design process includes developing logo guidelines to maintain brand consistency. We provide high-resolution logo files for print and digital use, along with unlimited commercial licensing rights.

Our team is also available for any post-launch support questions. If you have any changes or additions to be made in the long run, we are always there to assist. So, connect and get the perfect logo to clearly communicate what your business stands for through our customised logo design solutions.

Creative Logo Design Company

Get Cutting-Edge Business Logo Design For A Lasting Impression

A good logo is no longer enough – your brand identity needs to stand out through innovative and impactful design. That’s why we utilise the latest design trends and technologies to develop logos that captivate audiences.

Our creative team leverages techniques like motion graphics, 3D modelling, icon design, and unique colour combinations to give our clients’ logos a fresh, contemporary feel. As a leading logo design company, we understand that dynamically designed logos ensure your brand attracts and retains customers in cluttered online and offline spaces.

Whether displayed on the latest devices or traditional materials, our cutting-edge logos are versatile across all mediums. So, connect with our business logo makers and give your brand the gift of a unique and engaging logo that can build long-term relationships with its audience.

Custom Logo Design Services

Best Logo Design Services For Your Rising Business

Want to make your business a success? Look no further than the best logo design website - WEDOWEBAPPS tailored services for growing businesses. We've helped countless startups, entrepreneurs, and brands launch successfully.

Custom Logo Design

Our custom logo design services begin with in-depth research into your company vision. We delve into your target audience, competitors, and aspirations to craft a unique logo concept. So, you can be certain of getting the design just the way you wanted. After we have understood the audience, we move ahead with multiple iterations that are developed with your specific needs and brand voice in mind. Our expert designers utilise the best design principles to create a timeless, versatile logo. With a reputable logo design company like ours, you are assured of getting a logo designed that lays the foundation for your company's success.

Business Logo Design

We provide comprehensive business logo design services to give a new image to your new or established business. If you already have a business logo, we analyse your branding feedback to reinvigorate your identity. Innovative logo concepts focus on improved recognition, platform functionality, and professional aesthetics. After this, our professionals will perform rigorous testing to ensure the new business logo design optimally represents your evolved business and helps you achieve the desired outcome for your organization. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and get experts to create the best business logo design.

Brand Logo Design

When developing a brand logo design, we at WEDOWEBAPPS focus on establishing a coherent visual presence of your brand. The first aspect we take care of is an extensive discovery process that uncovers your core values to inspire tailored logo concepts. Using symbolic elements, intriguing colour palettes and intuitive designs, we express your essence through a distinct logo. In this way, we help you with the design that forms the face of your brand and eventually influences customer perspectives. Our logo design services empower you to communicate your uniqueness consistently across all touchpoints.

Professional logo Design

For corporations seeking a polished logo, we employ a strategic process to get ahead and deliver just the way it needs to be done. Sophisticated concepts are conceived drawing upon industry expertise, target segments, and your positioning goals. We have the team to deliver the same proficiently. Our experts take care of refinement with top-tier design standards that yield a prestige logo fitting of established brands. It projects authority with intricate balancing of shapes, typography, and imagery. Our comprehensive brand guides equip you to leverage this impactful logo across all sectors and dimensions.

Startup Logo Design

Designing a logo for a startup in UK demands innovative flair and we have that with us to help you get complete value for money with our logo designing service. We nurture an environment of agile creativity to craft logos that capture the dynamism and vision of entrepreneurs. Through collaborative brainstorming, we help you with minimalist to extravagant concepts that emerge aligned with your disruptive brand narrative. Our cost-effective logo design website solutions are tailored for founders working with limited budgets. A well-designed logo paves the path for attracting investors and accelerating your startup's recognition.

Symbolic Logo Design

Our symbolic logo designs make a definitive brand statement through rich metaphors. We proceed ahead with the deliberate incorporation of imagery, icons, colours, and motifs that injects deeper significance into your logo. This plays a key role in terms of engaging audiences through intuitive storytelling. For instance, a logo can symbolise qualities like strength, growth, or innovation through design elements, as such logos resonate profoundly while reinforcing your distinguishing qualities. Our team of logo designers expertly combines branding strategy with visual symbolism to match your expectations and accomplish the market needs as well.


Why Choose WEDOWEBAPPS For Custom Logo Design Services?

When seeking top-notch logo design, choose the leaders in the industry - choose us! See why our solutions are the best fit for your branding needs.

Logo Design by Experts


Our team of highly skilled business logo makers has assisted prestigious global brands and startups in the UK to bring a unique character to their logos. It can include visual design, branding psychology, and multimedia applications. We analyse your business objectives through in-depth consultations to conceptualise a logo that elevates your presence. Our dedicated art directors supervise projects to ensure that envisioned strategies come to life.

Creative Concepts


Breaking conventions, our design thinkers dwell in a perpetual state of innovation. Leveraging techniques like ideation mapping, mind mapping, and sketching, they channel raw perspectives informed by market intelligence. Countless brainstorming sessions fuel a diversity of aesthetics and messaging aligned with your distinctive positioning. Fresh ideas are fostered through this stimulating creative process executed by our team.

Unlimited Edits


Effective feedback is critical to create a perfect brand logo design. Thus, our designers do not shy away and help you throughout iterative development, presenting concepts at multiple milestones for a comprehensive review. No request is too intricate, with modifications incorporated promptly based on your valuable input. This collaborative refinement yields a refined logo that amplifies your brand's essence.

Flexible Packages


Recognizing no two businesses are identical, we customise affordable solutions from basic to platinum offerings. Our budget-conscious founder packages pair strategy with execution, while comprehensive suites include additional assets. For us, your satisfaction matters the most, and for that you can expect nothing but quick turnarounds of logo designs.

Full Copyrights & Ownership


When partnering with us, you leverage the full potential of your unique identity and get the best logo designs. We legally transfer logo rights, granting unlimited control over its application and evolution. We ensure no ongoing or unforeseen charges are attached to the service to boost your empowerment and growth.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


If initial deliverables don't meet your satisfaction, we will re-work them without cost. Only after you approve the final product will we end the project. With our commitment to flawless client service, every project culminates in complete trust and happiness. So, you can trust us for all your designing needs.

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Our Footprints
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healthcare-icon Healthcare

With our expertise in logo design services, you can create healthcare logos focusing on elements like medical icons and comfort through the incorporation of the right colour palettes.

food-icon Food

We can help you with food logos that symbolise qualities like nutrition, freshness, and indulgence through vibrant designs.

sports-icon Sports

Our business logo makers can help create a perfect logo featuring sports elements related to the core activity through props and motifs of strength, agility, and fun.

education-icon Education

We can help you with education logos developed to resonate with younger audiences through the use of trendy, vibrant fonts and symbolic visuals.

entertainment-icon Entertainment

We are experienced in creating the best logo designs for the entertainment industry. In these logos, we highlight elements like microphones, movie reels, laughter through heads, and playful fonts.

travel-icon Travel & Hospitality

We have expertise in designing logos with diverse graphic symbols associated with exploration, leisure and luxury for tour companies.

banking-icon Banking & Finance

You can trust us for banking and finance logos communicating through graphics, icons and colours related to security, cash flows and opportunities.

retails-icon Ecommerce & Retail

You can always connect with us for representative logos featuring tags, shopping carts, and motifs of choice for eCommerce and retail brands.

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Development Team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
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  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
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What Graphic Design Services do you provide?

Anything from website design to logo design, banner design, packaging design, Newsletter design, flyer design, marketing, Posters, Business cards, branding, Illustrations, Motion graphics and much more.

How much do you charge for your Graphic design services?

The charges depend on the service you are availing of, the nature of your expectations, and your business requirements. Therefore, it varies from one business to another.

Do I own complete ownership of my designs?

Yes, we never use the same designs for any two clients. Once the designing project is finished, we will hand over every document to you. Also, you can read more about our website designer