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WEDOWEBAPPS is a leading SQL Server development company in London. With over a decade of experience, we have developed and managed SQL Server solutions for various industries. Our team of certified professionals has in-depth knowledge of SQL Server features and can design, develop, and deploy robust database solutions. We assess your requirements and budget to deliver a tailored database solution on time and within your budget.

Get Scalable SQL Server Development Services From UK Experts

Our experts will analyse your requirements and design a robust and scalable database architecture. We provide SQL server development services considering elements like expected database size, number of concurrent users, types of queries, and more to create an optimal logical and physical database design. This includes designing databases with appropriate schema, triggers, indexes, partitions, security mechanisms, etc.

We develop highly optimised and efficient SQL Server databases as per your specifications and design. Right from developing database objects like tables, views, functions, stored procedures to validation rules and integrity constraints – our developers write robust and optimised SQL code. We also integrate databases with other systems and applications.

We offer SQL server development services for monitoring databases, applying SQL Server patches and upgrades, backups, performance, and health monitoring. Our experts perform regular preventive maintenance to keep databases running smoothly and prevent issues. So, connect now and get on-call database admin support to address any production issues proactively.

SQL Server Development Company

Leverage SQL Server Consulting Services For Your Business

Being the most prominent SQL server development company, we analyse business requirements and conduct workshops to understand your goals, scope and bottlenecks. Based on these, our SQL server consulting services cover detailed documentation covering functional specifications, data model, technical architecture etc.

Our SQL server consulting services evaluate your current and future needs to recommend the right database editions, schemas and hardware sizing. This includes assessing on-premise vs cloud deployment, number of CPUs, memory, storage requirements etc.

We help design robust and scalable database architectures aligned to your goals. This includes architectural blueprints covering high availability, disaster recovery, database segments, partitioning, replication etc.

So, partner with us now and get experts on board to help you with your specific needs for SQL server consulting services.

SQL Server Development Services

Get Robust SQL Analysis Services For Data Empowerment

As a leading SQL Server solutions provider, we assist enterprises in leveraging the full potential of SSAS for advanced data analysis and reporting. Our team has extensive experience architecting and implementing high performing SSAS models and cubes.

Expert SQL Server Development

We have deep expertise in developing fully optimised multidimensional and tabular SSAS models to meet the most demanding reporting and analysis needs. Our developers create data models with appropriate schemas, dimensions, measures, KPIs, aggregates, and perspectives. We write optimised MDX queries and DirectQuery statements. Advanced features like partitions, aggregations, security roles, and perspectives are leveraged to ensure high query performance on large datasets. We perform Extensive testing to validate model behaviour and help you with updates regarding the same. Regular support is provided by our analysis services SSAS team to enhance or modify models as per evolving requirements.

Advanced SQL Server Analysis Services

Leveraging years of experience, we help businesses realise the full capabilities of SQL Server Analysis Services. We implement advanced features like live query acceleration with in-memory technologies, improving query response from minutes to seconds. Our SQL Server Analysis Services also include Parallel processing, proactive caching, and optimizations like bitmap filtering maximise model efficiency. With us, hybrid modelling combining the benefits of both multidimensional and tabular is also adopted. Our advanced scripting with XMLA, custom MDX, and measures extend analysis possibilities. Also, you can trust us for R integration, which enables predictive modelling and machine learning capabilities.

Strategic SQL Server Consulting

Our SQL server application development consultants assess your specific BI and reporting needs to recommend the right SSAS approach and architecture. They guide deployment choices between on-premise and Azure Analysis Services SSAS based on scalability, costs, and security needs. Query performance requirements, dataset volumes, SLA expectations are considered to be right-size server capacity. So, you must connect with our experts to move ahead with security implementation, high-availability designs, and disaster recovery. The best practices are recommended by the team that helps maximise analysis services SSAS usage as needs evolve through roadmap planning and systems integration.

Cloud-based SQL Server Solutions

We assist in migrating on-premise SSAS instances to Azure Analysis Services for limitless scalability and flexibility. Leveraging PaaS capabilities, our SQL server application development experts deploy highly available and scalable SSAS models in Azure. Auto-scaling based on usage optimises costs. Advanced security policies like row-level security and data encryption protect sensitive datasets in the cloud. Hybrid scenarios spanning on-premise and cloud data sources are supported. Management is simplified through tools like Power BI, Azure API integration enabling consumption on any device. Built-in DR is more cost effective than on-premise.

Seamless SQL Server Application Development

Our full-stack developers seamlessly integrate robust SSAS models into web, desktop, or mobile applications. We have the right team in place to help you with the integration with BI portals like Power BI, SSRS, and Excel services to ensure intuitive visualisation and exploration of modelled data. APIs enable programmatic access from any application or language. We integrate advanced features like paginated reports, natural language querying, AI analytics, and geospatial mapping. Applications built with responsive designs support all platforms for optimised user experience. Our ongoing support ensures seamless upgrades and new functionality.

SQL Server Migration Services

Migrating existing data warehouses and cubes to SSAS can present several challenges. Our SQL server migration experts conduct impact assessments, dependencies analysis and develop optimised migration plans minimising downtime. Both schema and data are migrated to the latest version ensuring zero data loss. Parallel tasks and partitioning techniques bulk load terabytes of data efficiently. Cutover is planned carefully to switch applications with no disruption. We ensure compatibility with existing applications and reports. Post-go-live support validates successful migration, trains users, and addresses any integration issues. Regular platform upgrades are also seamlessly implemented.


Why Choose WEDOWEBAPPS As SQL Server Application Development?

WEDOWEBAPPS has unmatched proficiency in delivering robust SQL Server solutions that fulfil diverse technical and business requirements.

Highly Skilled SQL Team


Our team consists of senior Microsoft Certified Professionals with extensive hands-on experience in SQL Server features, integrations, and troubleshooting. Resources are rigorously vetted for technical abilities and continuously upskilled on new technologies. Dedicated SQL and development leads provide governance and support across projects.

SQL Server Security Solutions


We implement stringent security controls and practices to protect sensitive data and applications developed on SQL Server. Advanced features like data encryption, firewall configuration, authentication, authorization access control and auditing are leveraged. Our regular vulnerability assessments ensure compliance with regulations and managed security services also secure databases from modern threats.

Cost-Effective Solutions


Our customised engagement models help meet budgets without compromising on quality. Flexible pricing for resources, support, and SLA-driven hosting reduces Total Cost Ownership (TCO) significantly. We design systems to scale economically as requirements evolve. Our agile methodologies aid faster time to market and experts analyse and suggest optimization leading to 30% savings on licences.

Proactive Problem-Solving


Our team takes 360-degree ownership in ensuring smooth operations and adherence to SLAs. We provide round-the-clock monitoring that identifies problems that could otherwise cascade into outages. Root cause analysis is combined with preventive measures and our dedicated support and regular health checks maximise uptime.

On-Time Project Delivery


Our transparent methodologies and project management practices ensure deadlines are met reliably. The work is scoped precisely factoring dependencies and complexities. We account for variations and employ contingency plans and our feedback sessions drive continuous improvement. 100% of our projects are delivered on schedule.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance


Clients are provided with long-term database care and evolvement. Our application management helps focus internal resources on core activities. Updates and upgrades are smoothly implemented by our team with minimal business disruption. Our support tiers are customised for the criticality of services. Prompt escalation and resolution of issues through 24x7 coverage builds confidence.

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