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As a leading software consulting company, we provide strategic guidance and hands-on support to help businesses harness the full power of technology. With over a decade of experience delivering innovative solutions, our team of expert consultants works closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and implement the right roadmap for success. We have the skills you need to revive existing software or develop a new one!

Software Consulting Services For Digital Advancements

As a front-runner in the industry, our software consulting services ensure clients leverage the latest tools effectively. We begin by carrying out a thorough audit of your current processes and infrastructure to deliver CRM for consulting businesses. Our experts evaluate your product roadmap and assist with all stages of the development life cycle. This involves planning specifications, overseeing coding activities, facilitating testing, and managing deployments.

With proven methodologies, we have successfully delivered projects of all scales across business domains. Our maintenance and 24×7 support services can help in the process of maximising ROI of new systems.

Through comprehensive software consulting, we ensure our clients unlock the full potential of digital transformation and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. Our flexible engagement models also cater to varying budget and time constraints. So, connect now to avail complete clarity on how to get going with digital transformation.

Software Consulting Company

Customised CRM Solutions For Consulting Business

Customer relationships are the backbone of any consulting business. With the right CRM, firms can manage leads, streamline workflows, and gain valuable insights to deliver stellar service. Here at WEDOWEBAPPS, we recommend and implement top-rated platforms tailored to specific requirements.

Our consultants seamlessly track all interactions, file shares, tasks, and billing on an intuitive portal that is accessible anywhere. We know that automating repetitive activities through the CRM boosts productivity.

With our powerful reporting functionalities, you can analyse performance, optimise processes, and cement long-term engagements. Our post-implementation assistance ensures the chosen solution exceeds expectations.

We provide training and support to maximise user adoption and ROI. So, consult now and go paperless with CRM for consulting business that brings immense efficiency to relationships and operations.

Software Consulting Services

Software Development Consulting Firms At Service In London

As one of the leading software consulting firms in the industry, we leverage extensive experience in delivering wide-ranging consulting services to clients. Here are some key areas of focus:

Software Architecture Design

Designing robust, scalable architectures is critical for software success. As a renowned software consulting company with deep expertise, our team of architects works closely with clients to understand their vision, analyse requirements, evaluate technical tradeoffs, and design optimal solutions. We explore various architectural styles and patterns to develop structures that accommodate changing needs without rework. Initial prototypes help validate designs which are then reviewed by our senior consultants. Blueprints encompass all layers from infrastructure to security, with documented design decisions. Throughout development, our software consulting services also involve conducting architecture workshops to socialise designs among wider stakeholders for feedback and buy-in.

Software Testing and QA

Exhaustive testing practices are essential for any high-quality software product or custom application. As a leading software development consulting firm, we develop optimal testing methodologies tailored to project attributes in consultation with clients. Our seasoned testing consultants analyse requirements, review designs, plan test cases, and help devise test harnesses to validate both functional and non-functional requirements efficiently. We conduct thorough manual testing and facilitate rigorous stakeholder reviews to monitor defects and work on resolutions to deliver efficient solutions. Our post-production testing further strengthens confidence in systems before we go live with your software.

Software Integration Services

As expert enterprise resource planning consultants, we identify integration opportunities between systems and enable them through our integration consulting services. This involves mapping specifications, prototyping integrations, and architecting scalable integration pipelines using APIs, databases, or stream processing. Specific integration implementation expertise we offer includes connecting any software with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, billing and payment gateways. For SaaS solutions as well, we facilitate seamless data exchange by developing customizable middleware and connectors. An in-depth understanding of integration architecture design principles allows us to deliver interoperable yet decoupled integration layers maintaining high performance. Regular health checks minimise bugs post-deployment.

CRM Integration Services

Our proficiency as one of the top software consulting firms is linked to diverse lines of business tools and CRM hubs to bring all customer interactions under a centralised system. This involves understanding nuanced CRM for consulting business needs and shaping consolidated CRM visions. Leveraging technical documentation and open APIs, we create mappings to bridge CRM entities with other platforms. Entities could range from accounts and leads to support cases, marketing campaigns, or order records. Bidirectional synchronisation ensures consistent, updated information availability. Testing teams at our software consulting company thoroughly vet integrations against customised scenarios so that you can have better relationships with your customers.

Strategic Software Planning and Analysis

We act as trusted advisors to help structure long-term technology roadmaps. Through consultative needs analysis sessions, surveys, and workshops engaging multiple stakeholders, our consultants identify the current and future requirements of your business. These qualitative and quantitative needs cover functional needs, technical debt assessment, scalability audits, industry benchmarks, and contextual risk evaluations to envision the best strategy for you. Our interactive planning workshops help in the process of iteration. We constantly work on strategic reviews to meet the objectives and milestones you have in mind regarding your software. Our team of developers ensures that the software performs seamlessly, stays relevant, is agile, and delivers lasting value through digital roadmaps devised by the most trusted software consulting firms in UK.

Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant

Being one of the top software development consulting firms, our expertise lies in powering mission-critical operations by implementing fully functional, scalable ERP systems. A team of ERP specialists evaluates processes and workflows before recommending optimised platforms. We help choose amongst industry-fit solutions like SAP and Oracle - based on technical and financial merits. Post vendor selection, migration planning begins with data integration designing, template mappings, and interface development. User training and knowledge transfers equip clients to leverage built-in functionalities. Goes without saying, that our enterprise resource planning consultants cement adoption with customised configuration, reporting, and integration of auxiliary systems for real-time visibility across the value chain.


Why Choose WEDOWEBAPPS As The Best Software For Consulting Business?

As a leading software consulting company, we focus on understanding client needs and leveraging technologies to deliver innovative solutions within budget and timelines.

Client-Centric Approach


We follow a client-centric approach where client success is our topmost priority. We take time to understand business objectives, pain points, workflows and target operating models to recommend the right software consulting services tailored to organisational requirements. Continuous collaboration and clear communication ensures proposals address key expectations.

Innovation and Excellence


As a software development consulting firm, we continuously invest in researching emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Cloud, and Mobility. An innovative think tank focuses on envisioning and architecting customised digital roadmaps leveraging competitive differentiators. Our state-of-the-art automation and agile methodologies further boost efficiency, reliability, and adaptation of change within projects.

On-Time & On-Budget Delivery


Precise project planning and resource allocation enables us to adhere to committed schedules as the best software for consulting business. We help you with detailed scope definition and transparent estimating processes. It allows us to keep clients fully informed. Our progress reviews ensure desired outcomes are delivered upon promised timelines.

Cost-Effective and Transparent Pricing


We offer competitive and transparent pricing for software consulting firms services based on project requirements and complexity. Some of our options include efficient fixed-bid, monthly retainers or pay-as-you-go models. We also help you with 24x7 availability of consumption reports that enhances financial controls significantly.

Software Industry Expertise


With in-depth experience of over a decade, we have created and implemented business solutions across various domains as an enterprise resource planning consultant. These include CRM, ERP, analytics, mobility and bespoke applications. Our rigorous training and certifications foster technical acumen amongst highly skilled consultants delivering high-performing cost-effective solutions.

Collaborative Partnership


We believe in fostering collaborative long-term alliances beyond transactions as a software consulting company. Joint goal-setting helps mobilise collective strengths. Our flexible engagement models like dedicated on-site, hybrid or managed service delivery cater diverse needs. With us, you get a transparent knowledge-sharing approach that cultivates informed decision making.

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Through customised EMR and PM solutions ensuring regulatory compliances, we enable stakeholders in the healthcare sector to access and share patient records securely.

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For food brands, we help optimise supply chains, digitise warehouses and leverage predictive analysis on ERP & BI platforms for demand forecasting.

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For sports organisations, we deliver athlete performance management solutions, digital fan engagement platforms, and scalable OTT streaming capabilities leveraging cloud-based architectures.

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We help educational institutions embrace digital efficiencies through tailored LMS, student ERP as well as remote proctored examination and administrative automation solutions.

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Media companies leverage our expertise in scalable cloud-based content supply chain management platforms to lower the costs of creating, processing, and distributing high-quality content.

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Tourism players leverage our technology solutions for centralised reservations, loyalty programs, conversational AI, AR/VR and business intelligence on cloud to bolster customer journeys.

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Banks can utilise our digital banking software along with core modernization and analytics offerings deployed on agile cloud infrastructures to enhance customer experiences.

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Merchants can optimise omni-channel operations leveraging our e-commerce platforms integrated with order orchestration, logistics, inventory and customer data solutions to scale online stores.

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  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
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