BigCommerce Development Agency

Upscale your digital figures with WEDOWEBAPPS’s robust BigCommerce development agency in London. From allowing users to manage and create custom selling stores and receive payments via PayPal, credit card, and other payment modes to integrating a variety of personalised features like order management, shopping cart, and customer feedback, our BigCommerce solutions meet ends. Sell products online to build a powerful online business.

BigCommerce Development Services

We have leveraged BigCommerce web solutions for several E-Commerce businesses, including small enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startups! It is a platform where all-sized businesses can sell their products digitally. BigCommerce provides a toolkit to users that allows creating and managing online stores efficaciously while connecting buyers and sellers worldwide.

The tech stack used in BigCommerce development includes WordPress. The free and open-source content management system by WordPress is leveraged by millions of entrepreneurs to build websites around the globe.The framework of BigCommerce implements CMS, Content Management System, and Ruby on Rails to build sites. The wide range of features offered includes checkout processes, product pages, shipping options, and more.

WEDOWEBAPPS presents flexible BigCommerce development solutions where we support consulting processes, discuss optimization possibilities, keep prices transparent, and cater to 24*7 support to answer all queries that our customers may have. The team of BigCommerce development experts enable businesses to thrive digitally and expand the user base.

Bigcommerce Development Agency

Make E-Commerce Perform Large With BigCommerce

Since its inception in 2009, BigCommerce is known for scalability, versatility, and cutting-edge features which make it rank on top. Giving your retail business a quick, seamless, and affordable digital experience is possible with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is highly findable and acceptable amongst users and entrepreneurs because of its intelligent features including a wide range of features like a shopping cart, shipping, order management, and payment processing.

What helps e-commerce businesses scale performance is the user-friendly interface that makes the store manageable. Multiple integrations savour connectivity with digital and social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

BigCommerce is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform with out-of-the-box functionalities that give a head start to our E-commerce journey. WeDoWebApps designs, develops, and maintains digital shopping stores culminating in happy customer experiences.

Bigcommerce Development Services

Advanced BigCommerce Solutions We Cater To!

Our BigCommerce development services inhibit work on minute technicalities and work with intricacies to craft near-to-perfect solutions on the internet. We utilize the best available technologies to construct high-performing and scalable BigCommerce sites.

BigCommerce Migration Solution

We help businesses combat challenges with their E-commerce stores with immediate, smooth, and hassle-free migration services to a more suitable and reliable platform, like BigCommerce. Get out of the endurance complications with the current platform with a much-needed platform change. WEDOWEBAPPS ensures swift migration to BigCommerce from the existing platform without any data loss. The migration support features include complaint technical support, continuous uptime, and lossless migration conducted by certified professionals and experts. Once you migrate to BigCommerce, you will experience efficiency and ease of management, customizable features, scalability, and robust security measures in your digital E-commerce store.

BigCommerce API Development

Inhibit high-performance APIs in your BigCommerce store. The platform’s high-extensible feature allows it to connect homegrown tools and existing systems with ease. We also allow you to build new functionality with the API architecture allowing professionals to create a custom solution against complex problems. Build and integrate features as you want and on our own terms and conditions. The API use case includes Cart API, Checkout SDK, Checkout API, Payments API, Login API, Catalog API, Scripts API, Widgets API, Shipping Provider API, Wishlist API, and Customers API. The BigCommerce API suite empowers automated store processes and the development of headless E-commerce solutions.

BigCommerce Theme Development & Customization

We customize BigCommerce themes tailoring the functionality and appearance of your online store and meeting desirable business needs. Our work is beyond the basic business needs offering a personalized touch of perfection that adds to the brand identity. Customized themes are proven to enhance user engagement, boost conversion rates, and build brand consistency. BigCommerce themes dictate the store’s look and feel. It ensures the online presence aligns with the brand's personality meeting user expectations. We blend expertise, experience, reviews, and responsive design to communicate the brand's message to people worldwide. The core should always rely on making your online store appealing to users.

BigCommere Module integration

With intelligent E-commerce integrations, we aspire to turn complexities into convenience. The team meticulously merges the inventory, shipping systems, and order management in your BigCommerce store allowing you more time to focus on the business’s growing needs. Integrate your BigCommerce store with a payment gateway, shipping provider, and accounting program seamlessly. Further, leverage the power of social media, email marketing, automated marketing tools, DXP, Big Data Analytics, and other integrations into the BigCommerce store. You have an opportunity to make your digital store highly functional and feature-rich for users to engage and interact in real-time. Make it possible and simplistic with WEDOWEBAPPS standalone BigCommerce support.

Payment Gateway Integration

Process and authorize digital customer payments like debit cards, credit cards, online transfers and others with payment gateway integration that helps check, approve, and reject electronic transfers on behalf of the businesses operating online. Integrating payment gateway in BigCommerce plugin development and extension customization makes it much simpler. The platform supports payment portals like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, electronic cards, and more. We help payment integrations with full-stack frameworks and choose the right gateway considering factors like features, fees, security, compatibility, and support. All the documents and SDKs of the payment gateways are checked and verified with the chosen web framework.

Website Optimization

With BigCommerce website optimization, we enable you to boost the website’s speed and ability to reach the right spots. Laying focus on optimizing the content quality, and making it relevant, and user-focused is always a priority. Our top techniques when working on apt web optimizations include auditing the site, evaluating hosting providers, considering content delivery networks, optimizing images, limiting HTTP requests, compressing files, capitalizing on caching, pin-pointing poor-performing plugins, opting for asynchronous loading, and tracking 404 errors. We also evaluate Google’s Core Web Vitals like Longest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and Interaction to Next Paint (INP).

Our Commitments

Robust & Impactful BigCommerce Services

While focusing on the tech stack in the BigCommerce web development, we also emphasize on smaller details that allow the website to perform quality!

Custom Solutions Implementation


The power to command relies on the hands of our customers. We craft custom BigCommerce websites implementing functionalities and features that users desire. From selecting apt themes APIs, to powerful integrations, everything is tailored as per client needs. We discuss functionalities with you so that the website reflects exactly what you envision for your business.

SEO-Optimized Secure Store


Crafting a website that is search engine optimized never goes out of the list. We focus on content quality and guidelines assessed by search engines in terms of website content. Right usage of high-ranking keywords on the web pages further helps us develop a site that picks up speed and starts to rank high on search engines in no time.

Responsive Mobile Designs


Our experience in crafting websites and apps have exposed us to detailed market insights. We understand that our client’s target audiences are largely mobile users. This means most E-commerce site users access the digital store from their mobiles. Hence, we craft BigCommerce website design that function seamlessly on mobile interfaces.

High Loading Speed


An average user on the internet would go back without viewing a website if it fails to load in 3 seconds and would jump to the other one. Considering such competition, we ensure that our sites have a high loading speed to retain and engage most users to click and land to the digital store.

Smooth & Bug-free Website


A user will most likely switch to other options when the site brings bugs and malware with itself and fails to function smoothly. Hence, our priority is to keep the site bug-free so that users can surf through the store with a free mind while rejoicing the ride through the store. The timely installation of anti-viruses and the debugging of the platform are obvious pointers.

Maintenance & Support


When the website goes live, we ensure minimal to zero downtimes. Keeping the traffic high through updates is part of the post-development service. Additionally, we stay close to the market trends and suggest new functionalities that can be added to the BigCommerce website to enhance scalability and keep users engaged.

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Our Footprints
In Various Industries

healthcare-icon Healthcare

We have catered to many healthcare clients with empowering web channels that facilitate pharmaceutical supplies online, booking appointments with the doctor, and consulting medical experts online.

food-icon Food

BigCommerce food websites developed by us feature functions like online ordering and food delivery, finding and availing discount coupons of multiple food outlets, and more.

sports-icon Sports

Sports E-commerce sites that we've crafted allow users to engage in live matches, view scores, and study players' profiles and history. We've also built stores that sell sports accessories.

education-icon Education

Education-centered apps we've built facilitate students with study materials of various subjects on the internet, important notes, and buying stationeries online.

entertainment-icon Entertainment

Entertainment apps we've worked on integral features like releasing and publishing drama, plays, and OTTs for viewers, subscription functionality, and review submission.

travel-icon Travel & Hospitality

Travel and hospitality apps developed by WeDoWebApps have helped hotels, travel agencies, and other such companies to shift booking processes online which led to a surge in traffic.

banking-icon Banking & Finance

In Banking and Finance, we have helped clients scale their revenue through features that aid mobile banking and stock trading online securely abiding by legal compliances.

retails-icon ECommerce & Retail

BigCommerce in retail and E-commerce is widely supportive of selling textile and lifestyle products with integrated payment features and robust functionality that make shopping convenient for users.

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Development Team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
  • 2 UX/UI Designer
  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can BigCommerce Ecommerce agency help your company?

WEDOWEBAPPS has world-class developers who carry extensive experience in developing thriving E-commerce stores with apt customizations. Rated as the top BigCommerce development agency in the UK, we are available 24*7 to serve your queries. Our team of developers offers the best E-commerce tech solutions within the timeframe and budget specified. As a BigCommerce development company in London, we enable you to build a business online and make it high-performing.

What does BigCommerce run on?

BigCommerce runs on various platforms including Shopify. WordPress, and Magento. All the platforms are equally popular and have a unique set of capabilities and features. However, BigCommers widely runs on WordPress which makes multiple customization options feasible.

What are the benefits of the BigCommerce E-commerce platform?

There are multiple reasons why you can choose BigCommerce for your E-commerce store development. The platform is easy to start and use, stands commendable in design, is priced reasonably, allows everyone to sell, is available internationally, inhibits smart solutions, considers security at the best, connects BigCommerce to Syncee, has strong SEO support, and is available 24*7.