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At WEDOWEBAPPS, we believe in combining creativity with the best technology to offer customised WordPress solutions for all your business needs. As the best WordPress Development agency in the UK, we help you create websites, set up e-commerce platforms, and develop plugins and themes. Our team of WordPress web developers is dedicated to upgrading your online presence. So, partner with us today to turn your dreams into reality.

WordPress Development Services

At WEDOWEBAPPS, we take immense pride in being the best UK-based WordPress development service provider. Our expert WordPress web developers work tirelessly to deliver the desired, tangible results.

With our expertise in the industry, we can help you from designing outstanding, visually captivating websites to offering plugin developments for enhanced functionality and implementing complex e-commerce solutions. Our services are optimal for businesses of all scales and are tailor-made for all business objectives. Whether you’re a newly funded startup trying to build your online presence or an established name in the business looking to scale your digital footprint, our bespoke WordPress services is the one-stop solution for all your needs.

Moreover, we are committed to keeping the entire process seamless and transparent to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. From the initial consultation to the final deployment, we work dedicatedly to deliver projects on time and within your budget.

WordPress Development Agency

Build Robust CMS with the UK’s Best WordPress Development Agency

Elevate your online presence with WEDOWEBAPPS, with WordPress development agency London. Our skilled teams specialise in building robust Content Management Systems (CMS) tailored to meet all your business needs with the commitment to deliver exceptional results.

Build world-class CMS solutions with us to organise your content seamlessly, build interactive and intuitive user interfaces, and easily manage your digital presence. With our WordPress development services, you can streamline your processes for effortless management that promises to drive tangible results for your business.

Excited to take your digital strategy and online presence to the next level? Collaborate with us today and let our experienced WordPress web developers build an excellent CMS solution to empower your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

WordPress Development Services

Our WordPress Development Services To Cater Your Every Need

WEDOWEBAPPS, we offer exceptional WordPress development services to help you elevate your online presence and make you a celebrated leader in your business industry. Have a look at our service.

Custom WordPress Development

With our expertise in custom WordPress development, we carefully curate each aspect of your website to ensure it aligns with your business objectives. Everything from customised themes and plugins to advanced functionality is handled to make your website stand out while maintaining a seamless user experience. Primarily focusing on innovation and precision, we aim to transform your vision into reality by designing websites that are aesthetically pleasing and drive desirable results. Our skilled WordPress web developers build scalable, flexible solutions that help a business grow into a digital success.

WordPress Plugin Development

Specialising in WordPress Plugin development, we constantly craft tailored solutions to enhance a business website's functionality. Combining meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge technology, we offer plugins to efficiently meet all your business requirements. Whether you are looking to improve the user experience, optimise the overall performance, or extend the capabilities of your WordPress website, everything is possible with WEDOWEBAPPS. Our WordPress web developers provide seamless integration and compatibility with your existing setup, enabling you to operate at your full potential and achieve your goals. Trust us to up your WordPress website game with custom plugins designed to expand your business.

WordPress Theme Development

Over the years, we at WEDOWEBAPPS have mastered the art of WordPress theme development. Our team of experienced WordPress web developers design themes that perfectly align with your business objectives and resonate with your target audience. We have delivered interactive designs and functionalities to help brands across categories build unique identities and achieve their goals, and we continue to do the same. Not only are these custom WordPress themes eye-catching, but they also offer an enriched experience to your users. Furthermore, we evaluate the ever-evolving needs of a business to grow in the digital space, so we offer flexibility and scalability for the designed websites.

WordPress eCommerce Solution

We at WEDOWEBAPPS are dedicated to building easily customised WordPress eCommerce solutions that enable and empower businesses across categories to up their online selling game. By mindfully using the tools and flexibility of WordPress, we design and develop easy-to-customise, scalable, user-friendly eCommerce platforms for our partners. Customisable product catalogues and a secure payment gateway are some features we offer to provide a seamless online shopping experience to your customers. Our services help businesses adapt and grow by equipping them with tools to manage their inventory, track sales and traffic, and interact with customers to offer a hassle-free overall experience.

WordPress Migration Services

Are you looking to transfer your website to a brand-new domain or hosting provider? Well, we at WEDOWEBAPPS have got the perfect solution for you. With the promise of minimal downtime and data integrity preservation, our exceptional team handles every aspect of the migration process, right from the planning to the execution of the said plan. You can trust our expertise to handle everything from site backup to final testing without compromising the functionality and performance of your website. Whether you want to upgrade to a better hosting provider or rebrand your online presence, we offer a smooth transition with zero disruptions to your business operations.

WordPress API Integration

Allow us at WEDOWEBAPPS to seamlessly integrate your WordPress website with external applications, services, or platforms to enable easy data exchange and automation. Our WordPress development agency specialises in integrating custom functionalities, like fetching content from third parties, synchronising data across platforms, and implementing some more advanced features like user authentication. By leveraging the power of WordPress APIs, we facilitate smooth functioning between your website and other systems to enhance the overall performance. With focused assistance from our team of expert WordPress web developers, you can integrate e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, or social media networks to meet all your requirements and, ultimately, build a power-packed website.

Our Commitments

Why Choose Us To Be Your WordPress Development Service Provider?

We at WEDOWEBAPPS are committed to offering you cutting-edge WordPress solutions to help you revolutionise your website and elevate your digital presence.

Customised Solutions


Crafted precisely to meet all your business needs, our customised WordPress solutions ensure your website stands out from the competitors in the digital landscape. Our WordPress development agency offers a range of specialised functionalities to empower you with an online presence that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and overall objectives.

SEO-Smart Web Solutions


Our range of well-curated WordPress development services enhances your website's visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. With SEO-smart strategies integrated into every aspect of our development process, we ensure your website is aesthetically pleasing and reaches the right audience to attract organic traffic and maximise your online presence.

Seamlessly Upgradeable & Secure


We at WEDOWEBAPPS implement robust frameworks and employ the best practices in the industry to prioritise the scalability and security of your WordPress website. Our WordPress development services ensure timely upgrades and updates to keep your website secure from vulnerabilities while seamlessly maintaining optimal performance as your business continues to grow.

Simple, Clean & Functional Solutions


Our approach to designing has always been user-centric. We believe in designing that prioritises simplicity, ease of navigation, and functionality. Our WordPress development solutions focus on delivering interactive user experiences that allow website visitors to navigate without hassle and engage with your content, ultimately driving conversions and achieving your business targets.

Easy Maintenance


We offer provisions for easy website maintenance to ensure you can manage and update your website in a completely hassle-free experience. By building user-friendly interfaces and offering comprehensive documentation, we empower you to maintain your website effortlessly without worrying about technical complexities.

Quality & Testing Services


We maintain high-quality standards and conduct thorough testing procedures at every step of our development process to confirm the flawless performance of your website. Our quality assurance team guarantees to deliver a superior end-product by reviewing every single element of your website so it surpasses all your expectations and aligns perfectly with your objectives.

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Our valued client, James Dever, shares their remarkable digital transformation journey. Discover how our custom web & mobile solutions transformed efficiency & engagement, from concept to launch, showcasing the tangible impact on their business success.

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Business Consultant

Jackie’s Journey with WEDOWEBAPPS: Unveiling Exceptional Results. Discover how our dedicated team exceeded expectations, delivering outstanding satisfaction. Explore real-life success stories that set WEDOWEBAPPS apart.

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Lisa shares their journey with WEDOWEBAPPS, from initial concept to successful app launch. Discover why they chose us, the challenges we tackled together, and the amazing results they achieved.


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Our app has empowered educators and learners with impactful educational tools that facilitate remote learning, course management, and student communication.

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Our app has simplified everything from booking accommodations, accessing travel guides, and planning for upcoming trips to enhance travel and hospitality experiences.

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With our mobile banking app, you can easily keep track of your finances, make quick transactions, securely manage your account, and more.

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While customers enjoy personalised shopping experiences, easy checkouts, and loyalty benefits, eCommerce businesses have witnessed a spike in customer retention.

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Development Team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
  • 2 UX/UI Designer
  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the security of my idea?

If you have an idea, it is completely safe with us. When you hire WeDoWebApps LTD, our entire WordPress Development team signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that your intellectual property is safe with us.

Do you have any hidden costs for WordPress Development?

No, our hiring models are completely transparent. First, we discuss the project requirements and then only start development and quote the overall pricing well in advance.

Can I see my WordPress CMS while it is being developed?

Why not? We think it’s for the welfare of the client. During the entire development process, you can anytime see the progress and suggest modifications if necessary.