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Magento Development Agency

We’re the leading Magento website development agency in the UK, where we ensure innovation meets E-commerce excellence. Our team of expert Magento developers possess the required technical knowledge to convert your online presence into a dynamic and profitable platform. As the best Magento service provider, we ensure to provide you with the best facilities for your ecommerce store, like seamless user experiences and robust backend functionalities.

Magento Development Services

At WeDoWebApps, we are committed to providing high–quality services to our clients. We offer numerous Magento development solutions, from Magento plugin development to custom module creation, theme, and integration services.

Whether you need a promotional design or custom functionalities, we will work closely with you and provide top-notch magento theme development solutions. With years of experience in Magento development, we will handle every project with utmost care and importance. We have successfully delivered Magento solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability in the process.

Our Magento development services are designed with scalability and performance in mind, ensuring that your e-commerce platform can grow easily. Even if you experience rapid growth or seasonal spikes in traffic, we build robust, scalable solutions that can handle high-volume transactions without compromising performance or stability.

Magento Custom Development

Best Magento Development Company To Build Stunning Websites

Stay competitive in the E-commerce market with a stunning Magento website. Our custom Magento development services will build functional Magento websites. Packed with exceptional features, your Magento website will undoubtedly drive sales and elevate your online presence.

As a dedicated Magento development company, we have a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities. Trust our expertise to create a website that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

From advanced product catalogue management to seamless payment gateway integration, we incorporate a wide range of features to enhance the functionality of your Magento website and be the best Magento service provider for your online store.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the launch of your website. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring your Magento website continues to perform optimally and is updated with the latest advancements.

Magento Web Development Agency

Magento Website Development Solutions For Your Ecommerce Stores

As Magento is a vast open-source E-commerce platform, our Magento web development company focuses on every aspect of this CMS. We provide numerous services, each tailored to your business needs.

Magento 2 Migration

Sometimes, you may be dissatisfied with your current E-commerce website and want a completely new appearance and platform. However, handling the migration process single-handedly is quite challenging and time-consuming. This is where our Magento migration services come in handy. Our migration services are designed to transition your store from its current platform to Magento seamlessly. Whether you're moving from another e-commerce platform or upgrading to a newer version, our experienced Magento migration developers can handle migration with precision and efficiency. During the migration process, we take the opportunity to customise your Magento store to suit your specific needs.

Custom Theme Development

Your website’s theme will have a massive impact on the overall visibility and user experience. You don’t want to fall behind by choosing an incorrect Magento theme for your website. We believe your E-commerce store must have a unique identity. We provide Magento theme development services where our developers will create personalised Magento stores. Whether you're looking for a sleek design or a vibrant aesthetic, we have the perfect theme for you. We implement Magento theme development services while keeping mobile responsiveness in mind. We will ensure your website looks and functions flawlessly across all devices and screen sizes.

Magento Enterprise Solutions

We know how Magento can provide large-scale success to enterprises and large businesses. With optimised performance features, such as efficient caching mechanisms and database management, we ensure that your website delivers lightning-fast loading times. With our Magento development services, you can always provide a seamless user experience, even during peak periods. Our Magento Enterprise Solutions are built to scale effortlessly, allowing you to expand your product catalogue and handle higher spikes in traffic without compromising performance or stability. Furthermore, when you choose our custom Magento development company, you can access a dedicated Magento support agency committed to your success.

PWA Studio Integration

If you want to thrive in the competitive E-commerce landscape, you need to integrate Progressive Web Application (PWA) into your Magento platform. We as a trusted Magento 2 development company, understand the transformative power of PWA Studio integration. When we integrate PWA Studio into your Magento platform, your website can deliver optimal speed and responsiveness, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Thanks to such smooth animations, intuitive navigation, and gesture-based interactions, we can design a user experience that keeps your customers returning for more. As a reputable Magento website development company, we ensure that every interaction with your website is a delight for your customers.

Magento Extension Development

Magento extension development is one of the most important parts of the Magento ecosystem. It allows businesses to extend the functionality of their e-commerce platforms. Our Magento extension development services allow you to create custom extensions tailored to your specific needs. We can handle anything from enhancing product management and streamlining checkout processes to integrating with third-party services. Moreover, our custom Magento development services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing e-commerce infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and smooth functionality. This allows us to minimise disruption to your business operations and maximise the value of your investment.

Magento API Development

Magento API Development brings new possibilities for businesses seeking to integrate their Magento platform with external systems and streamline processes. Our Magento website development company recognises the transformative potential of Magento API development and how it can empower businesses to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. We connect your Magento platform with external systems via APIs. This way, we enable data synchronisation, automation of processes, and real-time communication. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our Magento API development services ensure that your e-commerce platform can scale to meet the demands of your growing business.

Our Commitments

Top-Notch Custom Magento Development Services For Your Store

Our Magento development company provides top-notch solutions to ensure your website stands apart from the crowd.

Custom Solutions Implementation


Our Magento developers are experienced in providing high-quality tailored solutions for your online store. We are a reliable Magento support agency that focuses on custom solution implementation. We choose certain aspects of Magento development to ensure they are aligned perfectly with your business goals. Our Magento service provider will develop strategic plans and consider key factors.

Secure & Search Engine Friendly


Security and search engine friendliness are two important factors of any E-commerce business. We prioritise both to ensure your website receives the best online visibility. With the help of our Magento plugin development services, you can implement enterprise-grade security measurements to protect your website from cyber-attacks. Our team will also ensure your website adheres to Google’s SEO guidelines.

Mobile Responsive Designs


Most online users prefer visiting an E-commerce website and purchasing it from their smartphones. Thus, having a mobile-friendly Magento website and design is imperative. With our team of Magento migration services and developers, you can create mobile responsive designs for your ecommerce store. From tablets to smartphones, your website will function seamlessly.

High Loading Speed


We, as a Magento development company, believe slower loading time is the most important factor behind a higher bounce rate. To help you gain a competitive advantage, we will create a Magento website with a higher loading speed. Our Magento support agency will implement multiple optimisation techniques to ensure your website loads super fast.

Bug-Free Website


Having bugs in your website is a nightmare, as it will prevent users from experiencing your website smoothly. We take pride in creating a bug-free Magento website with our Magento plugin development service. Before taking the website live, we will test it thoroughly to ensure no glitches or technical issues can disrupt your business operations.

Support & Maintenance


Building a Magento website is the first step in starting an E-commerce business. Our reliable Magento support agency provides comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the reliability and long-term success of your website. From monitoring your website to providing regular updates, your website will be in good hands.

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Our Footprints
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healthcare-icon Healthcare

Magento helps develop a very collaborative and easy-to-use healthcare management system. It helps offer improved patient privacy and easy record management.

food-icon Food

Magento development services offer an effective order shipping and tracking management system. It boasts a wealth of other advantages like modern customer care and easy integration.

sports-icon Sports

Magento development services help improve sales for sports websites with stock accuracy and also keep track of transactions with precision. The solution also aligns with brand identity and customer needs.

education-icon Education

Magento is a feature-rich platform that helps develop robust web and mobile apps for eLearning. It helps offer efficient tools for classroom management and competitive advantage.

entertainment-icon Entertainment

Magento offers high flexibility and customization options for the entertainment industry. It offers extensive functionalities for seamless content streaming and offering an enriching experience.

travel-icon Travel & Hospitality

Magento enables the development of efficient apps for the travel and hospitality industry. It offers full control for effectively managing ticketing, tour packages, and more.

banking-icon Banking & Finance

Magento enables banking and financial institutions to streamline their operations and offers an enriching banking experience. It offers inherent security features to offer high-quality control of customer data.

retails-icon ECommerce & Retail

Magento offers the benefit of handling multiple stores from a single backend. It offers scalability and customization options to offer your eCommerce and retail store a competitive edge.

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Development Team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
  • 2 UX/UI Designer
  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Agency provide Magento support?

The performance of your eCommerce store is our responsibility. Hence, we consistently monitor your website and guide you whenever needed.

How much time is needed to build a Magento Store?

The time of developing your Magento store entirely depends upon the hiring model you have selected, the number of features and functionalities to be incorporated in your eCommerce store. Get in touch to know more about the development time in detail.

Why Hire Magento Developers from WeDoWebApps LTD?

Backed by highly experienced Magento Developers, we provide quality and scalable eCommerce stores. With years of experience in Magento Development, we customise your eCommerce store according to your business niche.

Why should one choose Magento as an eCommerce Platform?

Magento can be the best for your eCommerce Platform because of its robust architecture, mobile friendly configuration, advanced SEO feature, easy third-party integrations, customised security permissions, and the list continues.