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WEDOWEBAPPS is where innovation meets functionality. We build highly scalable, flexible, custom Android applications with intuitive user interfaces. Transform your digital presence and gain a competitive edge with our UK Android app development services suite. We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients that help them build highly responsive Android mobile applications. Our focus is to provide the best functional and technologically advanced applications.

UK Android App Development Services

With over a decade of experience building Android applications, we have established ourselves as the most trusted name in the industry. Our team tirelessly works to create robust solutions for sectors such as Health, entertainment, banking, and more. The approach of creating Android applications helps businesses resolve even the most complex challenges and enhance their abilities.

With us, you can create an Android application for smartphones, TVs, tablets, and other wearable devices. The mobile applications are designed with the latest features, custom integrations, and all required modules to suit diverse business needs. From ideation to delivery, we take care of every step to ensure the best is delivered to our clients.

Our 360-degree Android App Development Services make a difference for all leading enterprises, brands, and startups. We ensure to integrate research trends and technological discreteness to build next-level mobile apps with trusted frameworks and powerful infrastructure.

android app development company

Transforming Ideas With Our Android Application Development Agency

At WEDOWEBAPPS, we strive to build beautiful, attractive, and eye-catching mobile applications with an intuit0ive interface. Our experienced team of developers helps startups and established businesses throughout the app development procedure.

We design and create application for Android. Our team will bring life to your idea and ensure smooth functionality with unmatched loading speed. Your search for a professional Android application development agency ends with our developers, who are well-versed in the latest programming languages. We build high-end solutions for all interfaces with the utmost proficiency.

With our team, you get access to a pool of expert Android developers who will help you grow your business skillfully. Finding the right Android App Development company will greatly benefit your business. Partner with us to garner best-in-class Android development services on a budget. Using ultra-modern technologies, our team will help your business generate maximum returns.

Android App Development Services

Technologies Used For Android App Development

WEDOWEBAPPS harnesses the power of the latest Android app development tools and technologies to deliver a fully customized and robust application. Know how we ensure the best user experience on a budget.

Java Programming Language

Mobile applications developed using Java benefit brands and businesses in several ways. It is one of the most popular technologies for developing custom mobile applications. Java enables your business to cater to a lot of users globally. Using Java, we create a single code base for different platforms since it has the “write once, run anywhere” ability. Moreover, it helps control the application developed and offers next-level management. The possibility of growth is the key to today’s businesses, and the technology enables the highest level of versatility and scalability. With our Java developer skills, object-oriented focus, and experience, you can create a more intrinsic platform.

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Kotlin is Google’s preferred programming language when it comes to Android app development. Our app developers get several benefits when using Kotlin to develop robust Android apps. It offers libraries, a complete suite of app development tools, documentation, and more. We use Kotlin to offer a concise code structure for apps, as it is the best bet for complex and large-scale projects, with its latest updates and security. It is simple to use, adds a tool kit to the app’s stability, and makes compilation easy. During app development, it enables easy elimination of the most common errors like NullPointerExceptions and makes your apps faster!

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Android Studio (IDE)

Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android apps. The studio offers plenty of features so our developers can seamlessly build Android apps per specific business needs. We get a flexible build system based on Gradle and a feature-rich emulator. Through Android Studio, we enable quick iteration to create application for Android better than others. With IDE, the Android development process gets access to lint tools to catch scalability, performance, compatibility with different versions, and other benefits. Android Studio is a widely used IDE that enables the effortless development of scalable and custom Android mobile apps. It also offers diverse testing tools to ensure the development of the finest applications.

UI/UX Frameworks

We ensure intuitive interface design for the mobile apps developed so that the users get what they are looking for and don't get confused while using the app. Design is critical for the performance of mobile applications, and we use the best UI/UX frameworks to bestow the best to the applications. To make all the difference to the Android applications developed for our clients, we use advanced UI/UX frameworks. It helps our clients with an increased retention rate and also creates a positive user experience. Our team offers a smooth and enjoyable experience to all the app users.


SQLite is a very popular, lightweight database that makes developing embedded software super easy for developers. It enables us to create applications easily for all devices including mobile phones, TV or more. Moreover, the file system of SQLite is rapid, i.e. it is 35% faster as compared to other options. The database is less prone to bugs, meaning our developers don't have to spend much time fixing them. We can use it easily with all programming languages, and no specifics or compatibility issues are involved. Extending it for future releases is also effortless, and developers only need to add columns or tables.

GIT (Version Control)

We use the GIT version control system to track and manage all file changes without much effort. It helps different developers on our team to coordinate skillfully and work on the files without making any errors. The GIT version control helps work on app compatibility, data integrity, and speed. Moreover, it allows our team to track the changes done by other developers, preview them and make the necessary adjustments. GIT has different repositories to store the history of the project changes. Also, it is one of the most secure version control systems. Its branching and merging abilities make app development an easy task.

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Our Commitments

Get Customized Android App Solutions With Us!

We aim to solve complex problems and establish a competitive advantage for our clients through robust Android mobile apps.

Android App Development


We have a highly skilled team of Android app developers who have provided Android app solutions for years now. At WEDOWEBAPPS, we build Android apps with the best features and functionalities to suit your specific business requirements. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to fast-track the development process without compromising quality. We deliver scalability with the right expertise and everything related to Android app development.

Android App UI/UX Design


We know Android is one of the most versatile and easily accessible ecosystems. Thus, we make Android apps with intuitive and sleek interfaces. Our UI/UX designers are experts in designing explicit user interfaces to create a memorable experience for your customers. We commit all our clients to great and intuitive UI designs that enhance their customers' user experience, make the app fully functional, and enhance its usability.

Multiplatform App Development


Our Android software development team creates custom Android application for all widely accepted platforms and devices. We build Android apps that are not only cost-effective but also run seamlessly on multiple platforms. Through multiplatform development services, our team delivers feature-rich, high-performing Android apps to grab your users' attention. You will only get the highest quality code and intuitive app designs from us.

Android App Quality Test


With our app quality test services, we deliver better user experiences and ensure that the app developed is ready before launch. Our global talent offers flexible and managed application testing. The Android software development team is ISTQB-certified to perform the required checks on the application’s build. The applications are checked right from the initial stages to final deployment for flawless releases and seamless user experience.

Android App Updates


With technology changing at a rapid pace, you may need to make adjustments to your mobile app. Our developers will efficiently refactor the codes, redesign the app architecture, and offer a new look to ensure your app is user-centric. To ensure an excellent final product, with our expertise and latest technologies, updates are done to the existing Android apps frequently.

Android App Maintenance


With our Android app maintenance services, we enhance your app's performance at different intervals. At WEDOWEBAPPS, we offer seamless support and maintenance post-launch of your app on the Play Store. We make Android apps with smooth performance, quick bug-fix solutions, and functionality checks for app evolution. Our maintenance services extend to quick issue resolutions, seamless performance, and 24*7 support.


Exceptional Projects We've Developed

Clients brought visions and we turn them into reality. Please explore our work to get insights into how our bespoke web and mobile app development services boosted their businesses. Your project could be our next exemplary endeavor.

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Client Speaks!

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who've placed their trust in us, now achieving remarkable record-breaking success.

Our valued client, James Dever, shares their remarkable digital transformation journey. Discover how our custom web & mobile solutions transformed efficiency & engagement, from concept to launch, showcasing the tangible impact on their business success.

James Daver

Business Consultant

Jackie’s Journey with WEDOWEBAPPS: Unveiling Exceptional Results. Discover how our dedicated team exceeded expectations, delivering outstanding satisfaction. Explore real-life success stories that set WEDOWEBAPPS apart.

Jackie Yan

CTO , Larcoo

Lisa shares their journey with WEDOWEBAPPS, from initial concept to successful app launch. Discover why they chose us, the challenges we tackled together, and the amazing results they achieved.


Director of Idreamers Corp

We’re thrilled to share a glowing testimonial from Dominique at Credit-Sweep, highlighting our impact on their online engagement and customer inquiries through our expert web and mobile app development services.


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Our Footprints
In Various Industries

healthcare-icon Healthcare

The Android apps developed by our team for healthcare facilities have brought significant growth and evolved patient care standards for everyone.

food-icon Real Estate

We have developed one of the best mobile apps for real estate businesses. Innovative solutions make finding and selling/renting homes easy.

sports-icon Food and Beverage

We have developed scalable mobile apps for various food and beverage businesses. It lets users easily order food online and receive it at their doorstep.

education-icon Education

Mobile apps have made both teaching and learning easier than ever. From interactive smart classrooms to online exams, the apps have helped revolutionize the industry.

entertainment-icon Manufacturing

We have built app solutions for manufacturing businesses to track their employees’ efficiency and connect them with other team members.

travel-icon Travel & Hospitality

We have built scalable Android mobile apps to simplify the overall travel experience. There are only so many travel aspects that a mobile app can manage.

banking-icon Banking

Our experts have built mobile apps to bring banking solutions to consumers' fingertips. It lets them check balances, make payments, and transfer money effortlessly.

retails-icon ECommerce & Retail

Creating compelling eCommerce and retail websites with engaging product displays, secure checkout, and customer analytics.

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Application Team

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  • 2 UI/UX Designer
  • 2 Mobile App Developers
  • 1 Backend Developer
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • Business Analyst
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Development Team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
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  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
6 Talents

Development Team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Ecommerce Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
  • 2 UX/UI Designer
  • 1 Database Architecture
  • 1 Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
7 Talents

Marketing Team

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • 3 SEO Specialist
  • 2 Paid Advertising Specialist
  • 2 Graphic Designer
  • 1 Web Developer
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Frequently Asked Questions

How updated are you with the latest trends in Android app development?

We always use the latest trends and technologies when developing mobile apps for our clients. You can check our portfolio to understand our work processes and how we deliver only the best to all our clients. Also, we ensure complete security of the app idea, and strive to offer a competitive edge to our clients by delivering exceptional solutions.

Is there any support provided for my project after it has been completed?

Yes, at WeDoWebApps, we offer post-launch support, performance, and compliance services to ensure the app developed by our team runs smoothly. You can opt for our maintenance and support services to build a lasting connection with our team. Beyond deployment, we offer round-the-clock services to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the application developed.

How much does it cost to make an Android app?

The cost of developing an Android application is not definite, and it depends on many aspects. Some of these include functions, design and development needs, technology preferences, etc. To get a quote for the app you want to develop for your business, contact our team of consultants. The time to build an Android app is also proportional to the prices charged.