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Mobile App Development Agency

Allow your customers to interact with you with the help of an efficient mobile application created exclusively for you. We have worked with multiple industry sectors and hence, understand various business requirements. With our bespoke mobile app solutions, you can tackle any market challenges and come out stronger than before. There will be visible improvements in your sales and marketing as soon as you start using our app. It has worked with our several clients around the world, and thus, clients are our expanding family. Our mobile app developers use proven strategies and advance knowledge to build a solid, efficient, and eye-catchy app for your business. WeDoWebApps LTD has crafted mobile apps for B2B and B2C market and has hands-on experience as well as success ratios.

Along with an efficient app, we ensure to provide alluring and accessible designs, a high level of security, quality content, and support whenever you need it from us. Being a leading mobile app development agency in the UK, we utilise cutting-edge tools and technology in order to build top-class mobile apps for your business. We keep updating our knowledge according to the latest trends and demands of the market to offer you futuristic app solutions.

Quality is Priority

we offer quality mobile app solutions which are suitable for your business, budget, and booming prospects.


Mobile apps are made for customers’ comfort, and we ensure to keep them customer-friendly.

Support and Maintenance

We will be there whenever you need us, even if it’s after months of delivering an app.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Now bring more stability, consistency, and efficacy to your business by using our cross-platform mobile app development services. We have been in the industry for a long time and have sharpened our skills over the years. We understand particular business requirements from different industry verticals and calibre to offer Hybrid app development solutions accordingly. Technology is new every day, and we have honed our skills by tackling several challenges with critical deadlines. Cross-platform development has been a popular choice for many irrespective of a start-up or an enterprise.

This is evident because hybrid app development covers a large audience as it works on Android and iOS. We have crafted hundreds of them for our clients across the globe, and we are proud of what we have delivered. We have seen businesses booming after availing our advanced mobile app development services. Not just the coding, we offer the whole cycle of cross-platform app development services from beginning to end. It includes consultation, design, programming, testing and quality assurance, content writing and marketing, and unlimited support whenever you need it. You can get everything from one place, and that is the one-stop-shop WeDoWebApps LTD.

    • Support and Maintenance
    • Power-Pack Performance
    • Appealing Design
    • High-Level Security
    • Neat Programming
    • Impressive Efficiency

Native mobile app development

Native apps are given the name because they are developed for particular platforms such as Android, iOS, or Windows. Many app development agencies make promises to build an app with a native feel. There’s a reason behind that; Native apps are highly efficient, functional, and robust. They are created by targeting a specific audience, and hence, they have succeeded every time in the market. In highly competitive times and changing tech trends, Native is consistent, valuable, and extraordinary. We have been industry experts and have dealt with several challenges effortlessly, thanks to our knowledge and hands-on experience.

We have delivered some of the top-class native apps that speak to customers and are highly successful on the Play Store and Apple App Store. We never have to promote ourselves as our exceptional services say it all. We have met several of our clients through word-of-mouth marketing, and our clients have become a part of WeDoWebApps LTD’s family. Mobile app development is our passion, and thus, we are always up-to-date with the latest trends, technology, and tools for crafting one-of-a-kind native mobile apps. Years of experience have made us sharp and capable of fulfilling our clients’ demands.

    • Custom-Made Apps
    • Clean Coding
    • Smooth Navigation
    • Easy to Load and Use
    • High Functionality
    • Adaptable and Advanced

API and Backend Development Services

API (Application Programming Interface) has changed the way data can be used, and we help you take its advantages. WeDoWebApps LTD is a leading mobile app development agency with years of experience and acknowledgment. We have served our clients worldwide in various industry sectors and business shapes and sizes. API comes with new strategies and features to enhance your existing app or create an extraordinary brand new app. Customization is easy and efficient, which enriches your services to your customers. With flexible integration and smooth migration, you can have API working for you in a matter of weeks.

Our creative approach, proven methodologies have always brought us effective results, and we continue applying the same with upcoming projects. By using the latest tools and technology, we set new trends in the market. As professional mobile app developers, we have honed our skills over the past few years, and we take pride in offering nothing but the best to our clients. We have deployed some of the most challenging, exceptional, and enterprise-level API projects, and we are happy to see the success. We have always made our way through the highly competitive market, and we ensure to keep our clients ahead of their peers as well.

    • Highly Scalable App
    • Easy Integration
    • Efficient Migration
    • Effective Performance
    • Excellent Layouts
    • Latest Features and Frames

Mobile App Design Services

You opened an app with an alluring design, and the minute you tried to operate it, it got stuck? Ever had this experience? Yeah? Because design should not be just attractive, it should be efficient enough to let the user navigate it smoothly. There is nothing wrong with being picky when it comes to choosing the design of a mobile app. If you are looking for a great team of mobile app designers, you can have us on board to own the best intuitive mobile app design.

We are proud to offer consulting, app designing, content writing, marketing, testing, and much more along with our mobile app development services. We are artists, and designing is our passion; we love to play with colors and create pleasant things out of them. If you want to have a delightful experience with designs and layouts, we are here to serve you with one-in-a-million kinds of app design ideas. Whether it is Native or Hybrid, whether it is an old existing app or a brand new, we offer effective and unmatched app design solutions as renowned app designers. Our UI/UX experts believe in providing the latest, responsive, user-friendly, and sleek designs to the apps your business demands. Trust us, and trust our creativity; you will have something more than your imagination.

    • Beauty with Brilliance
    • Unique and User-Friendly
    • Stunning Visuals
    • Highly Responsive
    • Neat and Functional
    • Clutter-Free Simple Design

Hire a Mobile Application Development Team

We are a team of the mobile app development team, and yet, we are not just developers. We are people with a vision of your success. We are consultants, programmers, designers, testers, content writers; we are strategists, navigators, dreamers, and great communicators. We make it easy for you to have a dream app for your business. We have worked hard to reach where we are, and we work harder to help our clients. With our mobile app development services, we ensure to boost your business sales and marketing cost-effectively and that too at a limited time.

Industries We Serve


We empower healthcare administration with our full-fledged mobile applications.


Draw your potential customers to your business with an online food chain facility application.


Go on next-level to expand your sports business using leveraging mobile app solutions.


Elevate learning experience with our highly compatible education app that makes learning fun.


Make most of it by using an app to enhance the entertainment experience from sound to HD videos.


When your customers’ comfort matters the most, we offer an app that works in your favor.


We are here to assist you with the safest transaction, secure banking, and smooth financial solutions.


Boost your local business to be global. Find unique solutions for your E-commerce and retail business.


What Our Clients Say...

The team was extremely responsive, with a quick turnaround, excellent client communications and have the flexibility to adapt to new requests. They are a robust organization that found the proper resources to meet our needs instead of forcing a pre-engineered solution on us. They ensured top quality, timely delivery and satisfactory support till the end of the project. Highly professional company to work with. Definitely rehire them.

Leon Goodman

I have worked with Milan and the team at week web apps for over 5 years. They are great communicators, hard working and dedicated to ensuring your product is delivered on time and successfully. They are always on hand to give you guidance, advice and go out of there way in all aspects of project management. Having them as an extension of my team has been fantastic. I can highly recommend them.

James Daver

These guys are absolutely the best in designing and development. I hired them for building my website from the scratch and told them all my requirements and preferences. They understood everything very easily and also recommended me some better alternatives wherever possible. The scope of work was very complex but they worked beyond my expectations with ensuring high quality and timely delivery. I would highly recommend “WeDoWebApps” to my network.

Mark A

It was a pleasure working with “WeDoWebApps” Team, from the beginning to the completion of the project. Two things about their service is exceptional: Their speed of response to emails, they were always available to answer my questions and provide feedback as the project went along. Secondly they demonstrated a clear understanding of the scope and nature of the project and delivered accordingly. Cheers to the team!!


Had an amazing experience with WeDo team. The team was solid, efficient and knowledgeable. Easy to communicate with and They make sure customer is satisfied from work before moving on to next stage. WeDo team’s attention to detail helped to sharply define the project and its workflow, resulting in accurate and speedy deliverables. Will definitely recommend them to everyone and We look forward to cooperating with them again.

Abdurrahman U

WeDo completed one of my OpenCart job with satisfaction, Entire team was very helpful and not reluctant to complete this job, I think I gave them a tough time by constantly asking for changes but they completed everything to my expectations. Highly skilled team with an eye for details. The Team management and communication works really well through out the project and the dedicated developers did a great job keeping things smoothly. Thank you for doing a great Job!!


I endorse WeDo team for PHP. My PHP based website developed exactly as what I wanted. With an eye for detail & a great understanding of PHP, Team helped me to open up lots more possibilities of PHP for my project. Great project management with the delivery of desired result. They have a great expertise, are dedicated, attentive, talented and care much about the client needs. Highly recommend for PHP development!

Alex D

This development company worked hard to get us a perfect mobile app and finished product. I must say development was not that much easy but they went above and beyond the scope of the project to fulfil our requests and make things much smoother than expected. They were also extremely responsive and highly interested to explore towards any complexity. I would recommend WEDOWEBAPPS & Team for native mobile app development.

Gabriel K

Frequently Asked Questions

How can mobile app development help to boost business marketing?

Mobile app development plays a vital role in business marketing. An app is engaging, so customers stay around and updated with all the latest products and discounts. It also helps customers in solving queries quickly and easily. One can find preferred products or services from anywhere and anytime, and hence, a mobile app boosts your business by bringing new customers and retaining old ones.

How can I be sure that my app idea is safe with you?

We do not hesitate to sign an NDA – non-disclosure agreement, and thus, we guarantee you to keep your ideas secure with us. Not just that, we help you to turn your dream into reality by crafting an outstanding app from that idea.

Do you work for offshore companies?

Yes! We have clients from across the globe, and we are always up on our toes to help them out with our mobile app development services. If you want to work with us, we assure you we will work as your in-house team and always keep you updated with app development progress.m

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