WEDOWEBAPPS Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WeDoWebApps. Pvt. Ltd. provides IT solutions in the form of Services and Products. Services based projects are entitled to our clients' property, having the full authorization and knowledge about the services. Products should be charged based on the capital cost setting up in the environment and the maintenance support provided. 2. Working on established projects requires code to access from the buyers, and it shall remain their proprietary right to the property.

In the case of products sold, WeDoWebApps has the proprietary right to the property; therefore, no codebase shall be shared. It is entitled only to maintenance and support in the future based on the stipulated contracts among both parties. WeDoWebApps has the right to decide the timeline and cost of a project based on:

  • a) The depth of buyers' requirements and the overall project architecture.
  • b) The frontend and backend technology used.
  • c) Hosting services needed (if any).
  • d) Future ongoing maintenance and support based on the different hourly rates.

Terms & Conditions

Buyers' requirements on one or many projects should be stipulated in a document that should be analyzed to produce a Gantt chart. The same document should be followed to provide project cost.2. The NDA-NCA document should be signed before proceeding on any of the IT projects. The proposed budgets should be decided on the technology being used for developing the project, the number of resources requested by the buyer or required in the project, and the experience of the person working on the project.

Once decided, the cost could be split into breakdown according to the timeline (1) to create milestones, and all the signs needed to be funded in advance. In contrast, hourly based projects should be invoiced once the decided sprint is over. For hourly charges, the advance payments should be funded in the invoice based on the mutual agreement for security purposes.

The Project Lead should update the projects to the buyer on the daily or alternate day basis or as discussed in the case of long-term projects.

Refund & Cancellation policy

Thanks for using our services. We regret any inconvenience caused due to any concern related to us or not. If you wish to discontinue the services, we're here to help you.Refund:

A full amount refund is only approved in case there is no work done on the projects. The buyer has to send a refund request via email at, along with the reason within 7 calendar days of the invoice paid.

In case the results are not based on the documentation and NDA signed between the buyer and the company. Wedowebapps is supposed to refund the last paid invoice amount after deducting transaction fees. In the case, following the procedure, the buyer must send an email for the refund at, mentioning the reason within 7 calendar days of the invoice paid, or within 15 calendar days of the delivery date.


We never face cancellations, but in case there is any situation arising subjected to cancellation of the project or milestone. Only the cancellation of projects' decided breakthroughs and future breakdowns shall be considered. If any cancellation is subjected to the ongoing work, then the amount should be refunded after reducing the project's hourly cost. Any milestone completed and cannot be considered for cancellation, and therefore, no cancellation shall be requested.

** WeDoWebApps Pvt. Ltd. reserves all the rights to change or alter the company policies from time to time