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As a leading Swift development company, we at WEDOWEBAPPS hold expertise in developing world-class iOS, Mac, Apple Watch, and iPad applications using the powerful Swift programming language. Our highly skilled developers leverage the advanced features of Swift to build secure, scalable, and feature-rich apps. By partnering with us, you can leave all your app development requirements in safe hands. Connect now!

Swift Application Development Services

When you choose us for your next swift app project in London, you can rest assured that it is in the hands of our skilled developers, who work tirelessly to bring your visions to life.

Whether developing complex functionalities, integration capabilities, or adding features to augment your brand presence, our swift application development services in UK can effortlessly meet all your requirements.

Committed to quality and transparency, we estimate timelines meticulously and provide regular project status updates. Our project management approach ensures that your swift application development needs are addressed on time and within budget.

Years of experience in the domain have helped us perfect our swift development process to deliver highly performant and market-ready solutions. With a dedicated account manager by your side, we guarantee seamless communication throughout the project lifecycle.

So, partner with us now and get your swift application developed with the best industry standards and strategies!

Swift App Development Company

Swift Development Services

As a reputed swift development company, we at WEDOWEBAPPS understand that building high-quality, robust, and performant apps is critical in today’s highly competitive environment.

Therefore, for making an app in Swift we have curated a team of the finest developers well-versed in leveraging the latest tools and techniques for swift application development.

Whether you need to develop an app from scratch or add new capabilities to an existing one, our experts can help. We use Apple’s modern and secure Swift programming languages to develop robust Swift applications that meet your needs.

To get started, just give us a call, or you can even submit an online request via our platform. We assure smooth collaboration right from initial planning to post-launch support —all through our comprehensive, swift application development services.

Swift App Development Services

Swift Application Development Services

Being a renowned company for making an app in Swift, we provide a spectrum of Swift development services specially curated to fulfil your requirements for developing feature-rich and scalable swift applications.

Custom Swift Development

We are masters in swift application development and understand that every business has unique needs. Our dedicated team of swift developers works closely with you to understand your business objectives and craft tailored solutions that serve your business purpose at best. Whether building an app from scratch or adding new functions to an existing one, our Swift app developers incorporate all necessary architectural designs and backend integration to ensure seamless performance. After the integrations, we will work on your reviews and feedback and incorporate them to deliver an application perfectly aligned with your vision.

Swift UI/UX Design

Creating intuitive user experiences is the focal point of our swift development services. For making an app in swift, we create unique and attractive visuals through conductive research that syncs with the complex functionalities of the app. At WEDOWEBAPPS, we work with professional UI/UX designers who craft highly engaging interface prototypes while focusing on the usability of the product. As per the design, we focus on a fast workflow of functionalities that allows quick interactions to enhance brand value. Our advanced tools also help assess designs across platforms for consistent, visually appealing experiences.

Swift Migration Services

We are the most prominent swift development company known for helping legacy apps migrate to this secure, modern language as per given specifications. Our team analyses existing codebases to comprehend complexities, which are then mapped accordingly. Based on findings, our Swift experts recommend and execute the optimal migration strategy that involves rewriting, refactoring, or re-implementing components. All of this gets executed in a phased manner. Comprehensive testing ensures that the new features work seamlessly on the latest platforms. We also provide post-migration maintenance support to ensure there is nothing to worry about.

Swift For macOS And watchOS

Leveraging our proficiency in building an iOS app with Swift, we extend similar experience across other Apple ecosystems as well. With us, you can get all swift development services involving developing native macOS apps. While helping you with macOS development services, we ensure that it is optimised for powerful desktop features. For the Apple Watch platform, our swift app developers craft experiences that showcase its interactive capabilities and tight integration with iPhones. We work using advanced development techniques that help us tap the full potential of these OS and unlock synergies.

Performance Optimization

As a leading swift development company, we recognise how critical performance optimisation is for delivering flawless user experiences. Our team of swift experts meticulously analyse applications using advanced monitoring tools to discern inefficiencies hampering speed during initial development as well as post-deployment. With our profile code execution process, we diagnose bottlenecks in network calls, data processing, rendering, and other computation-intensive tasks. We also leverage code-level optimisations, implement an efficient asset-loading strategy, and perform bottleneck removals during our swift application development process to develop apps that achieve benchmark speeds.

Quality Assurance And Testing

Ensuring a high-quality, bug-free experience for users is extremely important for any mobile application. However, extensively testing applications across various parameters can become a complex process if not implemented systematically. As an app development company, we realise that thorough testing at each stage of development plays a pivotal role in delivering an optimised product. We have employed rigorous testing in our swift development methodology since the inception stage to deliver error-free products. Through our quality assurance service, we aim to simplify this process for clients and eliminate potential issues that could disrupt the user experience.

Our Commitments

Robust And Scalable Swift App Development Services

As a leading swift development company, we know how critical it is for businesses to evolve continuously in today's digital world. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of Swift application development services.

Excellence In Swift Coding Standards


As a company specialising in swift application development, we have implemented stringent coding practices that ensure security, reliability, and performance. Our team of master Swift developers adheres to protocols defined in Apple's documentation and leverages the latest tools to validate code quality at each step of development.

Innovative Swift Solutions


Being at the forefront of swift technology innovation enables us to pilot pioneering solutions for our clients. We analyse trends and market needs thoroughly to brainstorm fresh ideas, integrate emerging technologies through R&D, and customise approaches that help businesses gain competitive advantage. Our strategists collaborate and craft cutting-edge concepts for building a robust iOS app with Swift.

Tailored Swift App Strategies


Through years of proficiency in swift application development, we understand how one solution does not fit all. Therefore, we begin each engagement by comprehending the long-term goals of your business and doing an in-depth audit of your processes. This allows our strategic experts to craft detailed yet flexible plans integrated with your core product vision.

Transparent And Collaborative Process


Being a leading swift development company in the industry, transparency is our topmost priority. We believe clear communication and collaboration are pivotal for delivering projects successfully. That is why we opt for an open relationship with regular status updates, discussions, and feedback integrations. Our customised tools also provide complete visibility into development milestones.

Quality Assurance And Testing


Extreme testing is a forté at our company to ensure quality service. From unit testing to security assessments, we leave no stone unturned to find and fix bugs before official releases. Our dedicated QA teams follow proven methodologies like agile testing and implement test automation to validate performance across devices and operating systems.

Ongoing Support and Evolution


As experts in swift development services, we understand the importance of supporting apps throughout their lifecycle. Our post-launch services ensure seamless integration of new requirements through dedicated support staff. We also offer managed services and DevOps solutions to monitor infrastructure health and help scale apps efficiently. With constant feedback analysis, we help you enhance user experiences incrementally.

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As a leading swift development company, we create intuitive mobile applications that allow healthcare providers to access real-time patient details, manage appointments, and more.

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With our expertise in swift application development, we design customised solutions for food tech companies and cloud kitchens to simplify and automate operations.

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We leverage our expertise in building an iOS app with Swift to create engaging experiences for sports entities, broadcasting services and fantasy leagues.

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As a swift development company, we develop feature-rich mobile classrooms, campus management systems, eLearning platforms, and more to reshape the future of education.

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Our expertise in swift development services enables crafting apps that let audiences explore AR/VR content, book event tickets, and download media on the go.

travel-icon Travel & Hospitality

We create solutions leveraging geo-mapping, loyalty programs, and cashless payments to empower travellers, airlines, hotel chains, and OTAs.

banking-icon Banking & Finance

As experts in swift application development, we develop highly secure fintech solutions featuring biometric login, investment tracking, bill payments, cards & more.

retails-icon Ecommerce & Retail

Leveraging our proficiency in building an iOS app with Swift, we deliver customised apps that simplify online and in-store shopping through different features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to develop an app using swift?

Depending on your requirements, we will calculate the project completion duration after discussing the project idea and requirements. Since we have different hiring models, we have a fixed or estimated duration for the project.

Do you provide maintenance services post-completion of the swift project?

Yes, of course!! WeDoWebApps LTD always believes in client satisfaction. Hence, we regularly check the app's performance after it is launched on the App Store.

What if I want changes in my swift app once the app development is completed?

Depending on the type of changes you want in your swift app development project, our team of iPhone programmers will answer your queries and assist you accordingly.  also know more about Mobile App Costs