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Top 5 Designing Hacks That Site Web Designer Use to Improve Conversion

29th, April 2022
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It’s a common notion that improving the conversion of the website is only the task of the marketing and sales team. But, that’s just a misconception. 

To increase the conversion rate of your website, you can uncover the chances of growth at every stage of the website development. The first and foremost task is the completion of the scope of work and finalizing the team you are planning to work with. Website development is the result of collective efforts, and that’s why a brainstorming session with an entire team can bring innovative ideas to market your business. 

Further, this will give more ideas to site web designers to improve the look and feel of your website and to transform your landing pages to the conversion pages. 

Do you know that the average conversion rate for any website is between 2-3%?

This implies that 2 or 3 of your hundred visitors will convert. Yes, that’s very less! The availability of numerous options is the primary reason behind such a conversion ratio. To optimize your web page design from the perspective of conversion, here are the crucial designing hacks to be considered: 

  • Reasonable usage of negative space

Space of your website that’s occupied with the content and media is the positive space, and the emptied section is called negative space. People believe that the more things you show, the more your brand will grow. But, that’s not the case, for the website. Your website is not the store to keep junk. 

Though you have a lot of space on your website, you need to be selective about what to keep and what not. The look, typography, and the presentation of your content are much more critical. Leave an equal amount of negative space to keep the design of your website simple yet appealing. 

  • Choose the colour scheme wisely

The professional site web designers have in-depth knowledge of the colour philosophy. It plays a vital role in building the brand image. From the selection of colour combination for the design of your logo to the selection of colour scheme for your website, you need to understand the reason for using it. 

When the mockup of the website is designed, the uniformity must be maintained throughout the site. The colours scheme must compliment your logo and shouldn’t be static. Don’t go ahead with the existing combination of the theme; take a toll on your creativity. When you do not shy away from experiencing, you will find interesting ideas to implement. 

Selection of four-five colours, namely for background, text, links, and media sections, can help you make a distinction on the site. Give special attention to CTAs; try using contrast colours. You can also go with the idea of minimalism if you are sure that you can make creative graphics complimenting the theme you are using. 

  • Make your site lively: 

You are creating a website for people. So, your website must be interactive and understandable for every user. You can trust on the site web designer to create an appealing website on the CMS in the blink of an eye. There are thousands of free themes available to choose from, but don’t get drowned towards them. 

Search for functional, and reciprocating themes like Parallax themes. The editing will be quite tricky and may need professional help, but they help you communicate the story of your business. With the paid themes, you can edit source code and add animation patches to improve the user engagement. Give special attention to CTA buttons. 

Keep the navigation of your website easier for users. Though it’s the task of the developers to implement options like breadcrumbs or to select the menu pattern, site web designers have to keep these things in mind while creating mockups. For custom web designing, there is no restriction. You can explore anything to everything, depending on your creativity. 

  • Addition of quality visuals: 

The media elements like images, giphy, videos, 3-D patterns and much more can be added to your website. You can count on these quality visual ideas to showcase even the boring technical things in a tempting style. 

If you are creating your website and not like to spend a lot, you can take the help of online designing tools like Canva, Stencil, DesignBold, PicMonkey, to create stunning visuals. Keep in mind that you don’t compromise with the quality of these images. 

But, when you are planning a website for commercial use, we recommend you hire professionals to create a personal story for your brand. By doing so, you will save the time and efforts you will put for learning and creating the visuals on your own. Also, you will get the quality ideas delivered at the right point of time. 

  • Make your website design responsive: 

With 56% of visitors interacting online with mobile devices, you can predict, but you can’t be sure about the device that customer will be using to interact with your business. A part of the responsiveness of the website is done from the backend, but the site web designer will create the change in the visual layout. 

If you want to tweak with the responsiveness of your website, you can search for CSS tricks online. By trying them, the media files will automatically adjust them as per the screen layout. Before making any changes in the live site, it’s recommended to take the backup of the website to avoid any data loss. 

Now, when you know the tactics to improve the conversion of your website, you must audit your site and try implementing if this works for you. Remember that merely having landing pages on your site is not essential, the optimization to improve conversion is vital. You might have more creative ideas in your head that need a technical backend, for that you can reach us at to help you with expert assistance.

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