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How Can iOS Mobile App Development Help In Business Growth?

How Can iOS Mobile App Development Help In Business Growth?
How Can iOS Mobile App Development Help In Business Growth? The Apple iOS system is the need of the hour for every business.  We didn't do that! But numbers do!  As of 2022, there are 1.2 billion iOS users worldwide. That means the market is quite ripe and ready for businesses.  Now, let's learn how iOS mobile app development can help in business growth. In this blog, we will cover. 
  1. Advantages of iOS apps
  2. Why do iOS apps earn better revenue than Android?
  3. Factors affecting the cost of iOS apps
  4. Future iOS app trends that you can leverage for growth. 
Let's begin. 

 Why Mobile App Development Is Important For Business?

The majority of businesses develop mobile apps to boost their ROI. Since smartphones have become a go-to thing for most users worldwide, developing an app means living in their hands 24/7 where they have instant access to your business.  A mobile can boost business in several ways. Some of them are 
  1. Improve customers' lifetime value. 
  2. Boost the adoption of new products or services. 
  3. Develop a direct way of communication between your business and users. 
  4. Use it as a direct marketing channel. 
  5. Enhance customer loyalty. 
So much more. 

What Are The Advantages Of iOS Apps?

#1. Wide Customer Base

Apple USP already has a broad customer base. This base of customers swears by Apple operating system and the applications thus created by them. Apple is a pioneer in the application. The established niche of clients that Apple has helps it to stick to the great user interface and quality of the development process. 

#2. Caters To All Kinds of Business  

Apple has an ear for all kinds of business. It creates applications for brands of all sizes and scales. Therefore, all sorts of companies can make use of the application. iOS-developed applications are another significant advantage for businesses, as customers always look for responsiveness in the applications from the business they are dealing with.  Mobile applications are perfect for reaching the most customers in a shorter time frame and constantly engaging with them at every point. iPhone' apps are all set to meet the business's needs. Although the iPhone app development cost can be slightly higher than the other market alternatives, companies choose iOS app development to ensure high-quality standards and a base of clients willing to pay high prices for good quality. 

#3. More comprehensive Hold on the Market 

Apple enjoys the benefit of a huge market presence. This is mainly in the developed markets of the US and UK. So, a business looking for a way to hold a dominating position in the market can entrust Apple or iOS app development services to penetrate the market. Apple's legacy is more than enough to ensure a successful launch of your iOS apps for business.  

#4. Quicker Development Processes

An iOS application takes less than 28% to develop compared to android applications. The Android apps need at least 20 devices to be tested before being launched in the public domain.  iOS app development is a less time-consuming procedure that promises wider visibility and profitability to the business in the market. In addition, businesses can rely upon Apple's already existing popularity, legacy, and customer base for launching their applications on a large scale. 

How Is iOS Better Than Android?

It is a well-known fact that Android users are way more than iOS. However, iOS outperforms its counterpart in several aspects, not only to the end consumers but also to the app development.
  • User-acquisition cost and spending

Android apps outnumber iOS apps worldwide, and users download more Android apps every minute. However, this pattern is not replicated when it comes to app revenue and earnings. iOS's users have a lower registration rate than Android users but are more likely to make payments and purchases. Nonetheless, iOS users spend more on apparel, beauty care products, and even tech items when contrasted with Android clients. Applications that fall into the utility, performance, media, productivity, and other similar categories receive more attention from Android users. As a result, they will spend more money on apps in these categories than iOS users. Even though Android users spend less than iOS users, they are a better audience for in-app advertising revenue.
  • Retention & engagement trends

Any app's success is primarily determined by how well it keeps users engaged and loyal. This section will look at the same path and compare it for Android and iOS users. iOS users are more expensive to acquire than Android users, as previously mentioned. Android and iOS users, on the other hand, are on par when it comes to loyalty trends. However, iOS app users have fewer options than Android app users, so they are more likely to stick with a brand and not switch as frequently. iOS's clients likewise spend more hours than Android, so holding them might be more straightforward. For example, iOS users spend 45.2 sessions in a typical week, while Android users spend 43.5 sessions. Additionally, iOS users may pay more for apps, resulting in lower cart abandonment rates than Android users.

How Does App Development Help A Business?? 

#1. Extreme Global Reach

Your business's growth and sales can be dramatically enhanced with the help of a practical mobile application. The iOS app has helped numerous businesses reach their target audience by promoting their brands and services to a global audience. Apple Inc. primarily targeted a tech-savvy customer base that valued innovative business strategies based on cutting-edge technology. As a result, businesses can efficiently and creatively deliver their goods, services, or brands to a global audience thanks to the iPhone.

#2. Better User Accessibility

The iPhone is a dream smartphone for every tech-savvy user and enjoys widespread acclaim. The iPhone is well-liked in developed nations like the United States and Europe. Notwithstanding, the interest is similarly on the ascent in agricultural governments, and individuals are spending lavishly to purchase Apple's items. Due to Apple's App Store's growing popularity, businesses can empower themselves through advanced iOS app development and freely reach the global market and users.

#3. Robust Reputation 

Apple Inc. is now the market leader thanks to its great devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, for which it has successfully established a worldwide business reputation. Regarding developing apps for businesses, iOS app development is the primary option. Businesses benefit from flawless software systems, high-end security, robust hardware, and persistent customer support from Apple Inc. iOS has a remarkable reputation for performing flawlessly at the Apple App Store and providing an exceptional user experience, both of which have become essential for businesses of all sizes for communicating with and convincing their respective target audience.

#4. Top Notch Security

The iOS platform's high level of security has become the primary reason businesses prefer iOS app development to Android app development. Additionally, iOS app developers can spend less time testing the app's functionality on various devices because Apple Inc. has only released a few devices compared to Android.

#5. Better Promotional Methods 

Since more people worldwide now have iOS devices, businesses have more opportunities to promote their goods and services. As a result, iOS apps are meeting the needs of modern enterprises and ensuring the best possible return on marketing investment to acquire wealthy and valuable customers.

What is the Cost of Developing An iOS app?

Although several factors contribute to the entire cost of iOS app development, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $450,000 for iOS app development services in the United States or the United Kingdom. Still, the same benefits will cost you anywhere from $5000 to $100,000 in India.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Developing An iOS App

#1. Feature Complexities

The number of features and their level of complexity are the two primary factors that influence the cost of developing an iOS app. So, naturally, more features can mean more money spent on app development. However, these features' complexity has a more significant impact on the project as a whole. A simple To-Do app, for instance, would need a lot of small features like "Add a new note," options for text formatting, and sharing notes to social media platforms. IKEA furniture, on the other hand, has a lesser number of features. Still, it uses cognitive technology like augmented reality and virtual reality integrations, which are more complicated features and cost significantly more.

#2. Size Of The Application

The cost of developing your app will be directly influenced by its size. The features and number of screens in your iOS app increase with its size, which also increases the development time and, consequently, the cost of developing an iOS app.

#3. Quality Of Developers Required 

iOS mobile app development has many facets and layers, and each skill has a unique global market value. Developers can also get a full-stack iOS app development solution at a reasonable price by hiring an offshore iOS app development company.

#4. Approach Towards Hiring 

You must know how to profit with the right ability or evaluation of your iOS task. This will influence your general iOS application improvement cost.  There are generally three primary approaches to your iOS project:
  • Hire a team in-house
In-house developers set up a team of iOS developers within your company who are permanent employees and get paid regularly. They are on the company's payroll. For your iOS project, you should hire in-house developers when - 
  • a large budget to pay salaries and other non-deferrable expenses associated with maintaining an employee, such as bonuses, increments, sick leave, and more
  • leisure time to complete the project
  • multiple ongoing projects throughout the year; and
Avoid hiring in house developer when - 
  • You have a single project to woke on
  • A very struck deadline
  • Lack of skills to interview developers 
If you want total ownership and control over the management, you should hire in-house developers only in the following situations:
  • Freelancers
Individuals who take on work on a task-by-task or job-by-job basis are called freelancers. You can get in touch with them through freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.. The ideal situation is to hire freelance iOS developers when-
  • If you want to create a simple iOS app, 
  • you'll need an additional resource to complete an existing project on time. 
  • If you have a small task to complete, 
You shouldn't hire freelancers for your iOS project- 
  • You are working on a significant project;
  • your iOS app contains sensitive data points that should not be compromised; 
  • you want to avoid abandoning the project. Your iOS app places a high priority on security.
  • Outsource to a low-cost offshore iOS development company 
Outsourcing is the practice of delegating technical tasks to an expert. For example, you can outsource the project to a reputable offshore iOS development company if you want to avoid getting involved in the complexities of iOS app development.
  • Cost Related to the Location of the Developer
Choosing the region of development is one of the main factors that affect app development costs for iOS apps. This is because the cost of living, the standard of living, and hourly development rates of pay differ in countries. For example, as you can see, iOS app development costs the least in India.
  • Online Vs. Offline Creation 
The cost of an iOS app developed online is $80,000, while an iOS app developed offline is $50,000.  Choosing whether you want your iOS app developed online or offline is crucial when designing it. Online apps are enabled by connecting to the internet and can include additional features, as the name suggests. So naturally, this raises costs significantly. You should invest in an offline iOS app if your app only needs to access data, business records, or manuals. This can significantly reduce the cost of developing an iOS app.
  • Cost Including API Integrations
Programming interface combination is the essential component that permits an internet-based iOS application to flawlessly associate with different associations or information merchants to mechanise different application highlights. Furthermore, linking the APIs of two services allows them to communicate, transfer, and exchange data.
  • Cost Related to Platform used for Development 
Two approaches to iOS app development are Native and Cross-platform. Both these approaches have their perks and limitations.  Cross-platform applications are less costly and permit the launching of the apps on an iOS Apple Store or play store google.  Native iOS app development costs more than cross-platform applications but offers a better user interface and experience. It includes faster coding, excellent performance, and high scalability. There are several other benefits of using Native iOS app development. 

What are the Future Prospects of iOS App Development?

Mobile app development is taking over the world right now. Having a business on mobile is indispensable if you plan to grow your business on a global scale. Therefore, Keeping in mind the widely futuristic trends, another big scope for growth and expansion. Some of the recent trends in iOS app development are listed below. 

#1. AI and Machine learning 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been widely used in interconnection with iOS Applications. This has been widely used by many industries, irrespective of their service domain.  Some uses of AI are - 
  • Searching suggestions: Customization or optimization of search results is another great feature powered by AI tools. It helps optimise searches by correcting wrong spellings and suggesting content per the user's interest or internet activity. 
  • Deep Learning: Deep learning is used to assess human behaviour and uncover deep insights from complex data. This helps in the prediction of the probable demands made by them.  
  • Recognition of Voice: Several applications use speech recognition by AI tools to create iOS Applications. 

#2. AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) 

AR and VR are among the top trends of 2022. Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality is the call for tomorrow. Users have shown an immense obsession with AR games like Pokémon Go and Dino Trek. AR has great potential to support growth in marketing, healthcare, and other industrial domains. Applications like IKEA have already been put into use by this technology for bettering the user experience. 

#3. IoT or Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the most trusted, influential, and reliable platforms for iOS app development. It permits the connection of various devices for information transfer. Connecting through the internet is now a new standardised method used by smart devices.  IoT integration can be beneficial for several industries. Agriculture, healthcare, and logistics industries can take advantage of this technology. Wearables are also a part of IoT integration. It helps to track various parameters mainly related to health through smartwatches and smartphones. 

#4. Cloud integration

The iOS app development has brought the trend for cloud integration into the market. This technology has eventually brought in a bunch of scope for iOS app development. It helps by storing huge amounts of data.  iOS Cloud-based applications run on the cloud to accentuate efficiency and productivity. It is highly beneficial for the users as well as the developers. This way, it helps to store massive data that is hectic and challenging to manage. For iOS, developers can use this tool for creating applications because the cloud is quick and simple.  

#5. Real-Time Chatbots

Real-Time Chatbots Chatbot Now in these fast-evolving times, customers need more patience or time to wait for something to happen. In addition, customers seek quick resolutions to their problems or query. Now comes to rescue the real-time chatbots, which are accurate, fast, and have a high potential in helping to retain a broad customer base.  Chatbots help to deliver solutions at a quicker rate. For example - Business Syndicates Like Amazon, Facebook, or Flipkart use chatbots to increase engagement.  This way, the businesses can respond to the customers 24/7 without a delay or scope of complaints from the user's end. This can eventually help in the growth of business and revenue as the decision-making process of buying is accentuated with instant help and support. 

#6. iBeacon

iBeacon means using a wireless transmitter to send signals to technologies like Bluetooth or other wireless devices. It is used widely as a powerful technology that Apple presents. This makes it another trend of 2022.  iBeacon   IBeacon iBeacon is getting this popularity and recognition for its immense help in business and marketing. For example, if a potential customer passes by a restaurant without noticing its presence, the sensor gets activated through the beacon to send notifications to the customer's phone

#7. Security

Apple offers a great security system. iOS app development is a responsive trend as it takes care of the data related to personal information. Cybercrime is at a peak, so taking care of personal information through a vital improvement in the application is a mere necessity. iOS app developers take care of this aspect and are inclined towards developing applications prone to secure information at all costs.  Developers can use various security tools like ATS or AppTransportSecurity, which provide high-class security. In addition, it helps to accentuate privacy and relatedness between web services and iOS apps. 

Why Should You Trust These Trends in iOS App Development? 

  • Better Engagement: If you play into the trends of iOS app development, remember, you are serving what the customers are looking for. Users are expected to spend enough time with your application due to the demand of the apps hitting them on the right spot of requirement. 
  • Rock Solid Security: While visiting a site or using an application, users need to use their login and password to maintain uniqueness and security. But there always remains a fear of getting hacked or intruded on by unwanted viruses. For mobiles, various applications keep the data secured and protect it better.  
  • Better User Loyalty: Trends are responsible for making the customer's life easier to lead. Therefore, there are better chances of getting user loyalty.


Users of Android and iOS are essentially the same, but their preferences and shopping and browsing habits vary. Therefore, you must first learn about your business niche and the best possible way to use any one of the platforms and make the most out of it. iOS app development is tomorrow's future, with a broad scope of development and improvement in every production cycle.  So, ready to make your own iOS business app? Hire expert mobile app development services  today! At WEDOWEBAPPS LTD, our mission as a mobile app development company  is to create future-proof iOS apps that can stand the test of time, so you don't need to worry about your apps being replaced by new apps.  Read more to know about Why is mobile app development increasing in demand? FAQs
  • What Programming Language Do iOS Apps Use?
Swift, a relatively new language that Apple released in 2014, is the official language for iOS development. Apple licensed Objective-C, its predecessor, in the 1980s. While Swift and Objective-C are the two most commonly used programming languages for iOS apps, Python, C++, Ruby, and other languages can also be used.
  1. How Do I Make An iPhone Application?
Making an iPhone application requires in-depth research on what is the utility. Who is going to use the app? What problem are you solving? Without addressing the needs of your target audience, building an iPhone app is like shooting an arrow blindly. So it's best to hire an expert mobile app development services that can do all these things for you so you can remain assured that your app is not going to fail. 
  1. How Can I Determine Which iOS App Development Company Is Best?
Apps for Apple products are the area of expertise for iOS developers. These businesses can provide services for the entire app development process, including app design, development, testing, and launch. also read more about Estimated Mobile App Development Costs

4. What Are The Objectives For Businesses To Develop Mobile Apps?

There are several objectives behind building a mobile app for business. However, the most important objectives are as follows: 
  1. Make brand image stronger.
  2. Develop a profitable marketing channel.
  3. To provide customers with value. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What has been the impact of iOS mobile app development on United Kingdom businesses?

The impact of iOS mobile app development on United Kingdom businesses has been significant. It has opened up new channels for businesses to engage with their customers, and has made it easier for businesses to expand their reach beyond traditional methods of advertising or in-store promotions. iOS mobile apps have also increased efficiency and productivity within businesses by streamlining processes and allowing for better data management. With the UK being one of the largest app economies in Europe, the impact of iOS mobile app development is expected to continue growing in the future.

2. What unique advantages has iOS mobile app development provided to United Kingdom businesses?

The iOS mobile app development platform in the United Kingdom has provided several unique advantages to businesses. For starters, the platform has made it possible for businesses to reach their target audience more easily, as the majority of smartphone users in the UK today use iPhones. Additionally, the platform's security features are especially important for businesses that handle sensitive data. The App Store review process in the UK ensures that apps meet the platform's strict security requirements, providing peace of mind for both businesses and users. Finally, the platform's advanced features, such as augmented reality and machine learning, allow UK businesses to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions to their customers.

3. How have iOS mobile app development tools helped streamline business processes for United Kingdom companies?

iOS mobile app development tools have greatly aided companies in the United Kingdom in streamlining their business processes. These tools allow companies to create custom apps that can automate tasks, allowing employees to spend more time on other important tasks. For example, apps can be created to track inventory, manage employee schedules, and even handle financial transactions. This not only improves efficiency, but it also helps companies save money by reducing the need for manual labor. Additionally, these apps can be customized to fit the unique needs of each company, allowing for further optimization of business processes. Overall, iOS mobile app development tools have been a game-changer for businesses in the United Kingdom, improving productivity and reducing costs.

4. What tips or recommendations would you share for businesses looking to leverage iOS mobile app development for business growth?

Mobile app development has become a crucial part of business growth, and leveraging iOS mobile apps can give your business a competitive edge. First and foremost, make sure the app is user-friendly, visually appealing, and meets the needs of your target audience. Additionally, ensure the app provides valuable and interactive content and features, such as push notifications and loyalty programs, that keeps users engaged. Consider partnering with a professional app development team to make sure your app is of the highest quality and has the ability to integrate with other business systems. Finally, market your app effectively by using social media, email campaigns and influencer marketing to promote it to your target audience.

5. How have digital trends in the United Kingdom affected the way businesses use iOS mobile app development?

The digital trends in the United Kingdom have greatly influenced the way businesses use iOS mobile app development. With the rise in popularity of mobile devices, more and more businesses are turning to mobile apps as a way of reaching their customers. As a result, many businesses in the UK are investing heavily in iOS app development in order to create a seamless user experience for their customers. This has led to an increase in the number of businesses offering mobile apps, and a wider range of features being offered, such as mobile payments and loyalty schemes. Additionally, businesses are using iOS app development to gain insight into customer behavior, allowing them to better understand their customers and tailor their offerings to their needs.

6. What changes or improvements have you seen in iOS mobile app development over the last few years in the United Kingdom market?

In recent years, iOS mobile app development in the UK has seen significant advancements, particularly with regards to user experience and functionality. One of the biggest changes has been the introduction of new programming languages like Swift, which has made app development faster and more efficient. Additionally, there has been a focus on designing apps that seamlessly integrate with other apps and devices. The use of advanced features like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning has also become more prevalent in the UK app development market. Overall, these improvements have led to apps that are more efficient, faster, and provide a more personalized user experience.

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