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Why Should you opt for custom web development?

Why Should you opt for custom web development?
Do you know that 48% of the world population of 7.4 billion in 2017 were actively using the internet? With the increase in inclination towards technology, this percentage of users have surely crossed the line of 50%.  At present in April 2020, the count of active internet users reached 4.57 billion! And, that's the count out of 7.8 billion people. With more than half of the global population using the internet, there is undoubtedly no question about the importance of taking your business online.  You can deploy online tools and website builders to create the online presence of your site and reach out to web design agencies as well. The former is a pocket-friendly idea but later may lead you to manage your budget. Other than the management cost, and more substantial time of development, custom web designing stand out as an option of web development.  Let us tell you some of the vital benefits that you will get on hiring a web design agency for an affordable custom web designing project. 
  • Improves UI that aids user experience:

    When you are using the pre-built templates, you are confined in the design of the layout. If you are creating your website on your own, you can't make a lot of changes in the template, not on the code level at least. You will need the assistance of a web developer or UI/UX designer to help you with the features of your choice. Trying these minor manipulations take more time than the development from scratch. Hiring a web design agency for such changes will already increase your budget. That's why it is better to rely on custom web designing or ready made websites. With affordable custom web design, you can have all the features of your choice on your website. 
  • Impact upon the conversion rates:

    The expert UI/UX designers can create the website mockup of your choice before starting the development. With the industry standards, you will be following ideas that you came across after competitor analysis and interaction pattern of users across the web. You can opt for an A/B testing option on designs and improve the conversion rate of your business. When you are designing the website with a target audience in mind; the sky's the limit for your growth. 
  • Responsiveness:

    When you tweak the ready-to-build templates, the responsiveness of the websites automatically gets sacrificed. That's why it takes more time to make changes rather than building from scratch. The web designers and developers keep checking for the responsiveness across devices, before making your site. During the process of testing, all the remaining bugs are addressed and checked for numerous instances. With custom web development, you need not worry about the issues of responsiveness. Thus, you can offer a flawless experience to all of your visitors, clients, and customers across the web. 
  • Personalization:

    At the beginning of the internet era, people started looking out for solutions and exploring out of curiosity. Time being there happened a lot of change in the user's interaction pattern, and now people like to connect. When you opt for an option of custom development, the web design agency cares about the visual experience of the users, content as well as the trends that can make your users feel more personalized. 
  • SEO:

    The guidance of the digital marketing team to the web designers and developers can help in the development of the website with the perspective of search engines. When your website matches with all the algorithmic guidelines of the search engines, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into SEO of your website. It will benefit your users to discover you earlier, and will get you much better ROI. 

What's more?

The best thing about custom web designing is you pay for what you want. There is no set budget for all the projects; it all depends upon the creativity of your ideas. If you are already running any business and seeking affordable web design services, you can write to us at sales@www.wedowebapps.co.uk. In our span of service, we came across so many businesses of all the sizes and business niches. read more about I Need a Website Designer. Where and How Can I Find One? 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much have website design templates hindered your brand identity and differentiation from competitors?

Website design templates can certainly pose a challenge to creating a unique brand identity and standing out from competitors. While they may be convenient and cost-effective, they often lack the personalized touch and tailored branding that can set a business apart. It's important to carefully consider the messaging, visuals, and overall user experience of your website to ensure it aligns with your brand values and resonates with your target audience. Customized design elements and content can help differentiate your brand and enhance the user experience, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and sales.

2. What specific features or functionalities would you require in a custom-built website to meet the needs of your industry or target audience?

To create a custom-built website that meets the needs of your UK-based industry or target audience, there are several features and functionalities that you should consider. Firstly, ensure that your website is mobile-responsive and works well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. This is crucial as an increasing number of people are now accessing websites via mobile devices. Secondly, your website should have a clear and intuitive navigation system that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for quickly. It's also important to have a search function that enables users to search for specific products or services easily. Additionally, you should consider incorporating live chat functionality, so that customers can get in touch with you easily and quickly. Finally, use high-quality images and videos to showcase your products or services, which can help to build trust and credibility with your audience.

3. In what ways has a custom website enhanced your business’s online presence and customer engagement?

A custom website has enhanced our business's online presence and customer engagement in numerous ways. Firstly, it has allowed us to showcase our unique brand and personality, giving our customers a clear understanding of who we are and what we offer. This has helped us to build trust and instill confidence in our potential customers, encouraging them to choose us over our competitors. Secondly, through a custom website, we have been able to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for our customers. This has made it easier for them to browse and purchase products, as well as find the information they need about our business. Finally, a custom website has also enabled us to collect valuable data on our customers, such as their browsing habits and purchase history. This has allowed us to tailor our marketing efforts to their specific needs and interests, resulting in a more engaged and loyal customer base. Overall, a custom website has been a game-changer for our business and we highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their online presence and customer engagement.

4. How important is it to have a unique and recognizable brand identity, and how custom web development can help achieve this goal for your business?

Having a unique and recognizable brand identity is crucial for any UK business that wants to stand out in a crowded marketplace. A strong brand identity helps to differentiate your business from competitors, builds trust with customers, and provides a foundation for future growth. Custom web development can play a key role in achieving this goal by creating a website that reflects your brand values, vision, and personality. A bespoke website design will ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and is memorable to customers. By working with a professional web development team, you can create a website that is tailored specifically to your business, its needs, and its target audience. This will help to ensure a consistent brand identity across all channels, from your website to social media profiles and beyond.

5. How can a customized website give you a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape?

A customized website can give you a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape in a number of ways. Firstly, a well-designed and functional website that is tailored specifically to your business needs will help to differentiate you from the competition and make a strong impression on potential customers. It can also improve your overall online visibility and help to drive targeted traffic to your site, increasing your chances of converting visitors into customers. Additionally, a customized website can help to streamline your business processes and improve efficiency, allowing you to better serve your customers and stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

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