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How To Successfully Launch Your Mobile App And Attract Your Ideal Customer

How To Successfully Launch Your Mobile App And Attract Your Ideal Customer
Are you considering launching your first mobile app? Developing a mobile app has become increasingly popular as more and more people rely on their mobile devices to access information and services. However, launching a successful mobile app can seem daunting. Apple App store provides nearly 2 million apps in 155 different nations. Moreover, the Android app store offers over 2.5 million applications for download. There is no doubt that the app market is highly competitive. But fear not because we have all the tips you’ll need to launch your mobile app and attract your ideal customers successfully.

Why Is Launching The App As Important As Developing The App Itself?

When developing an application, we choose the right mobile app development company A good mobile app development company will have the experience, tools, and resources to create a product that meets your requirements and goals.  Similar to how a good idea can fail with a poorly created app, a good app can fail with a poor launch.

How to Plan Launch in 3 steps

There is a lot to accomplish while preparing for the launch of your app, but for the sake of clarity, we have broken it down into 3 easy steps, each of which has a specific goal that must be met. Hence, get ready to execute a successful app launch in order to draw in and, more significantly, keep your consumer for the long run.
  • Finding target audience 

  • Market Research

Finding out everything there is to know about your market should be your first step. This requires learning about both your competitors and your ideal customers. Make a list of important factors, such as the following, and start by analysing your top two to three competitors first.
  1. App store ranking
  2. Model for Monetization 
  3. User experience
  4. Feedback, both favourable and unfavourable
All of these elements will assist you in outperforming your competitors' efforts and avoiding any mistakes they may have made in the past, allowing you to stand out as the obvious choice for customers. Next, analyse your users and learn everything there is to know about them.
  1. Their likes and dislikes
  2. Their traits (age range, gender, etc)   
  3. Their traits (age range, gender, etc)
Surveys can be used to do this. You can start working on generating user personas as soon as your data has been gathered, or even before.
  • Understand the Customer’s persona

A user persona is an image of your ideal user that is somewhat fake. A user's demographics, history, mobile choices, interests, and special identifications are all included in their user personas. User personas also talk about the users' primary objectives and their existing difficulties. Based on your User Persona, get the answers to the most important questions, such as
  1. Is your software resolving a pressing issue or streamlining a time-consuming or repetitive task? If so, what exactly?
  2. Does your app resolve a problem or fill a need in your industry?
  3. What issues does this gap cause, and why does it need to be filled?
  4. With the aforementioned issues in mind, which app features do you believe will be most popular with your target audience?
This will provide you insights into your desired customer base and help you lay a solid basis for the remainder of your mobile app launch. mobile app launch
  • Making your brand presence

  • Landing pages

The most common place for app installs is mobile websites. It has become commonplace to create a pre-launch landing page for your product.  Once you've created content for your website, you could reuse it by uploading it to social media sites, app stores, or even paid advertisements.  Having a pre-launch website is an excellent opportunity to conduct some early search engine optimization (SEO) by beginning to create your domain authority, in addition to creating buzz about your app. Collect email addresses when you create your website, so you can inform your followers and let them know when your mobile app releases and when you have new features and your iOS or Android app updates.
  • Blogs

Here is your time to truly create a narrative, and the best thing is that you are in complete control of it throughout. Showcase how your software helps customers solve a problem, or make a series focusing on your app's various features. This provides you plenty of room to design customized CTAs (Call-To-Action) for each of your consumers.
  • Strong social media presence

Establishing a significant presence on well-known social media channels. The most effective social networks for your app will depend on who it is intended for. If your targeting parameters are age-specific, for instance, choose the networks that are most popular with people in that age range: younger users are probably on Instagram, while middle-aged users frequently prefer Facebook. Use additional strategies to raise awareness and connect with your target demographic in addition to claiming social media accounts. Prior to the launch, initiate advertising campaigns, and run pop-up advertisements on these platforms.
  • Online Community

Creating an online community for your app's users also allows you to engage with current consumers on a frequent basis. Make an effort to design a space where your users may communicate with one another. Your consumers most certainly want to communicate with other users, whether it's through social media, the blog comments area, or somewhere else. Although it might be challenging to promote word-of-mouth referrals, this is an excellent approach to start the process.
  • Marketing

  • Advertisement

Sponsored advertisements can expose your app to a wide audience and give new touchpoints for existing users to interact with it. Think about cross-promotions with partner applications, social media ads, PPC campaigns using Google Ads, native and interstitial ads, etc. These advertisements will all produce quicker results and increase the visibility of your application.
  • Influencers

Gaining a following and earning your audience's trust may be tremendously challenging, especially when you're just starting out in the business. You can significantly boost your credibility and brand awareness by working with an influencer who already has a connection with your target audience. In fact, 33% of users claim to have downloaded an app because it was recommended to them.
  • Email Campaign

There is a big chance to attract clients and prospects to your app given that up to 70% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. To advertise your brand's content, offer product updates, and promote future events, use email marketing campaigns. Whether it's a happy birthday email, a unique offer, or a content recommendation tailored to your audience's interests, email is a brilliant opportunity to connect with them on a more personal level. Begin cultivating connections with future users. Prior to the recipient installing the app, observe how they react to your messaging, features, and content.
  • Offline Campaign

Put up signs encouraging people to download your app if you have a physical store where clients may shop. Your call to action should highlight the ways that the app differs from the in-store experience and the advantages it offers users. Several businesses decide to integrate QR codes to make downloading apps quick and simple. Through the use of QR codes, it is simple to promote a user's transition from printed materials to websites or the App Store. App Store

Summing Up

Finally, everything comes down to how well your software performs, even after your mobile device has been launched successfully. According to studies on global retention rates, the average retention rate for 31 different categories of mobile apps was 25.3% on Day 1 before dropping to 5.7% by Day 30. Within the first three days following installation, the average programme loses 77% of its daily active users (DAUs). To keep your consumer, your idea and application must be attractive and valuable. 90% of app users are more likely to be loyal customers if they utilize the app at least once a week. Therefore, does your application meet the needs of the market?

Bonus Point

  • Host an app launch party

Have a huge party to commemorate those long hours! Internal, public, or both audiences may be involved. Also, it provides another opportunity for your software to gain additional exposure. To ensure that everything is in order at your app launch party, you might want to engage a professional event planner.
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2. Where can I generate Surveys for my audience?

It is simple to use and only requires three steps to create a survey. Choose the precise audience you wish to reach. Write the inquiries down. Google will provide you with evaluated data from the results after you confirm your survey.

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