Hybrid Mobile App Development

The invention of cross-platform technology has been a blessing, not only to various businesses but for us developers too. Programming a hybrid app is fun; it’s like multitasking because developers do not have to build separate apps for particular platforms. We are a team of dreamers and doers; you come to us with your dream app idea, and we do everything we can to make it a reality. We have been in the IT industry for almost a decade, and we have seen apps come and go. We believe in creating futuristic and long-lasting apps that are robust, secure, and smart. With immense passion and commitment, we dedicate ourselves to the whole process. It includes consulting, designing, coding, content writing, testing, and deploying an app.

Whether it is Reacts Native or Flutter, whether it is Ionic or HTML5, we have worked efficiently with our resources, and our clients have always appreciated it. With the help of cross-platform app development, you can have fast performing apps. It provides top-class audio, video, live streaming, HD graphics, data backing, and much more. Other qualities like low cost, easy implementation, quick development time, hassle-free up-gradation, etc. makes it one of the most desired app development processes around the globe.

Highly functional

Hybrid apps are highly functional with minimum loading time and fast performance on any device.

Easy to maintain

Cross-platform apps need less maintenance as it updates automatically through all the devices.

Smooth customization

Customization can happen without compromising the quality of code, design, and functionalities.

React Native app development

React native is extraordinary, fast, sharp, and clean; perhaps that is why so many popular apps like Facebook, Walmart, Instagram, Bloomberg, Wix, and Delivery.com are created with its help. These are the apps written once and work everywhere regardless of the device type. Such apps are always a mega-hit; experience speaks! We have built several hybrid apps using React native, and we have seen them succeed. We are a team of professionals providing react native app development services worldwide. We are one of the top-leading, highly experienced, and advanced app developers, designers, and testers in the industry with several successful app launches. Programming is our passion, and we craft apps like creating an artistic piece. We follow trends not to use in your app but to find something better than it and build something remarkable with it. Also, react-native comes with reusable components, so the app structure is smooth and agile. 

React-native is an imperative part of cross-platform app development as it offers a flawless user experience and user interface. You have lesser chances of fluctuation issues and can have more of a high-speed data transfer and navigation. There are several such qualities of react-native that go unnoticed, and hence, we love to create react-native as a part of hybrid technology.

    • Fast performance
    • Top-class UX/UI
    • Enhanced features
    • Reusable components
    • Robust and rational
    • Easy to maintain

    Flutter App Development

    Flutter programming language has dominated the world of Cross-platform app development since its inception. Developers are fond of it because the coding flutter app is itself an experience one would want to have again and again. Flutter gives the same user interface irrespective of platform or business logic. No specific components, no too many details, nothing complicated required for building a flutter app. Being a leading Cross-platform app development agency in the UK, we have worked with hundreds of small, mid-sized, and big enterprises from various backgrounds and industry verticals. We could efficiently deliver apps because Flutter app development is time-saving. The code is clean and straightforward, and it doesn’t need any interpretation.

    Most importantly, you can have as much customization as you want. Whether it is the UI or UX, or features or design, architecture or robustness, you can have it all with flutter. It is an open-source platform with Dart, which is an object-oriented coding language. With a rich library of Dart, flutter offers a vast variety of features that developers can implement quickly. We have been doing mobile app development for almost a decade, and some of our developers have years of experience.

      • Unique features
      • Smooth functionality
      • Customized widgets
      • Open-source code
      • Fast loading and performance
      • Easy migration

      Ionic App Development Services

      Another excellent, impeccable, and extraordinary open-source framework is Ionic. Reduced coding time, neat and clean coding, steady performance, and quick loading, there are many impressive facets ionic offers to its users. Being a renowned team of cross-platform app developers, we are keen to serve the best to our customers and nothing less. Ionic has proved its worth several times, and we have witnessed how it gets a business from start-up to booming enterprise. If you envision expanding your business and reaching innumerable users worldwide, we are here to assist you with ionic app development services. We have crafted some of the never-before ionic mobile apps with advanced knowledge and skill-sets and see them doing great in the market.

      With lots of plugins and integration, ionic always comes as a package of benefits. It is effortless to create, design, test, and deploy as we have done it several times and are proficient in what we do. It has an effective CLI – command-line interface, making interactions easy to do using an ionic app. Whether you need integration or want to migrate to the ionic app, we offer it all at minimal cost and time. We ensure to provide you with a robust, bug-free, and cash-free ionic app that works well on any platform you wish to use.

        • Advanced features
        • Highly secure
        • CSS and SaaS solutions
        • Impressive UX/UI
        • Custom app development
        • Maintenance and support

        HTML5 App Development Services

        Leverage HTML5 app development benefits from us! If you are thinking of having an HTML5 mobile app, WeDoWebApps LTD is the right team for you. We are not just developers; we are consultants, designers, dreamers, doers, writers, programmers, and much more. We have been doing cross-platform app development for years, and we can proudly say that our clients have spread across the world. We have observed the market closely, and we know what trend is here to stay and soon leave. Our professionals have built HTML5 mobile apps for various industry sectors, and there is nothing we cannot do. You tell us your vision, and we craft the app for you. It is an art form for us, and we are passionate artists.

        The right HTML5 app can change your life forever, of course, in a positive way! It is accessible to code, test, and deploy. It doesn’t demand too much attention or maintenance. It can be updated any time remotely and helps with offline browsing or streaming. It is highly interactive, functional, and engaging, which makes it customer-friendly. If you need an app that helps you with business expansion and more sales and marketing, HTML5 can be an immense help.

          • Clean and neat coding
          • Enhanced designs
          • Improved user experience
          • Impressive user interface
          • Expanding community
          • Engaging and efficient

          Hire a Cross-Platform App Development Team

          When it comes to mobile app development, experience matters. But, more than that, what matters is the enthusiasm, the passion for creating something new and offering something better than before. As a team of cross-platform app developers, we assist you to keep you one step ahead of your peers and ongoing trends. We have done this for more than a decade, and we like to see our clients satisfied and happy. Our cost-effective and time-saving app development process can help your business in multiple ways. So, if you need a cross-platform app, you are on the right page. Hire us for all your mobile app development needs, and we will come up with solid solutions.

          Industries We Serve


          We empower healthcare administration with our full-fledged mobile applications.


          Draw your potential customers to your business with an online food chain facility application.


          Go on next-level to expand your sports business using leveraging mobile app solutions.


          Elevate learning experience with our highly compatible education app that makes learning fun.


          Make most of it by using an app to enhance the entertainment experience from sound to HD videos.


          When your customers’ comfort matters the most, we offer an app that works in your favor.


          We are here to assist you with the safest transaction, secure banking, and smooth financial solutions.


          Boost your local business to be global. Find unique solutions for your E-commerce and retail business.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What is cross-platform app development?

          Cross-platform app development helps to build apps that, written once, can run on any platform, unlike native apps, which are built for specific platforms like Android or iOS or Windows.

          How cost-effective cross-platform apps are?

          Firstly, it saves you money as you do not have to build different apps for separate platforms. Secondly, it is said that cross-platform or hybrid apps help you to save 40% of the cost from what it is needed to build native apps.

          Is a cross-platform app secure?

          Yes! Although it depends on the developers who build an app, cross-platform apps have proven their worth several times by saving apps from cyber threats.

          How soon can a cross-platform app be prepared to launch?

          Deployment of an app depends on your business requirements, the design, features, content, and testing. However, cross-platform apps can be launched around 20% faster than native apps when it comes to launching in the market.

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