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What are the best marketing strategies for web developers?

06th, January 2023
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We all dream of sitting at our home with a cup of hot coffee and tons of emails from web development services or agencies asking if you are available for projects. 

But that’s a rare possibility. Even rare if you are not marketing yourself. 

Think about it. 

You know all about development, like coding, debugging, testing, deployment, and whatnot. You are a full-stack developer. But if you don’t know how to market your skills, and if you can’t showcase your calibre to the world, your skills will be all for nothing. You will stay in the 9-5 job loop for all time. 

Instead, if you have a strong marketing strategy that will help you attract your dream client and build your brand, will you still choose to stay in your job?

No!!! Right? 

So here is the guide to tell you what a strong marketing strategy is. But before that. Let’s understand the need for one.

Why Do You Need To Have A Website Marketing Strategy?

To drive relevant traffic to a website, a company uses website marketing. The goal is usually to attract visitors interested in a company’s products or services. Therefore, your value proposition will be in front of more potential customers if more traffic comes to your site.

In most website marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media engagement, and other digital and offline strategies are used to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Typically, pages that rank first on SERPs receive more than half of all traffic for their keyword targets. All these factors prove that having a web marketing strategy in place is necessary. 

7 Most Effective Strategies To Promote Yourself As A Web Developer

Marketing yourself well eliminates the need for job hunting. In addition, sharing your goals, skills, experiences, and knowledge about your field establishes you as an expert.

You can market yourself and your skills effectively by following these steps, ranked in order of practicality and importance.

#1. Build Your Portfolio And Showcase Your Work

A logo: Your logo should represent who you are, what you value, and the services you offer, not just a decorative symbol.

An identifiable domain name: Whenever possible, use your domain name to build your brand. If it is not possible, use your company name. 

Your previous work: You can use this portfolio to showcase your past successful projects for potential clients to evaluate your credibility.  

Call-to-Action: Including a call-to-action helps you convince prospective customers to do business with you.  

#.2 Networking: Be Sociable

Offering Free Webinars: Rather than promoting your services, you should use these webinars to share valuable information with those outside your local area.     

Attending Local Networking Events: Local events are also great places to meet people since they are usually sponsored by local organisations or the local chamber of commerce.

Attend Workshops Or Seminars: Workshops and seminars are another excellent way to meet potential clients. Instead of promoting your services, show off your expertise and capacity to deliver quality work at these seminars.

Participate In Forum Discussions: Having a solid standing opinion on several forum threads can generate buzz. Moreover, if the threads are in search results, it will give you long-term exposure.

#3. Perform A Website Design Review

Site Structure: With a good site structure, users and search engines can find the information they need. Your user can access any page on your site in three clicks or less from the homepage.

User-Friendly And Functional: Use SEO-friendly web design principles to estimate the benevolence of your website. Remove any design rudiments that add complexity or aren’t necessary.

Information About Your Company And Products: Your website must provide users with complete information about your company and products. Thus, visual elements are crucial for grabbing users’ attention.

#4. Optimise Your Website For SEO And Social Media

This is where most web developers make a mistake. The key here is to target the right audience. In your case, your audience would be a small business, web development service, and solo entrepreneurs looking for a web developer. 

Suppose you target keywords that bring in other developers or average readers. It will be useless since they are not looking to hire you. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Technical SEO: Ensure your site does not contain crawl errors and other issues that may prevent search engines from properly indexing it.

On-Page And Off-Page SEO: Your website must be SEO-friendly, and your content should be accessible for hunt machine dawdlers to readPromote your website to get high– quality links from other websites.

Local SEO: Local SEO helps attract clients searching for local businesses by optimising your website for location-aware searches.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram: Promote your services on Facebook by joining groups and creating your own. Engage with other business/web design tweets on Twitter. Share your tips on LinkedIn and create short Instagram stories.

#5. Use Paid Ads To Reach Customers

Google Ads: You can also target people grounded on their Google hunt terms or Display your advertisements on websites that share in Google AdSense or other Google parcels( YouTube, Gmail).

Facebook Ads: You can target users with your page, social media posts, or ads via Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook messenger.

It is very effective to advertise both ways, but you should be careful to spend only a little on advertising without any returns. Rather than starting with a large budget, start with a small one and increase the budget once your campaigns prove effective.

#6. Keep Your Website And Content Up-To-Date And Move Forward

There are two things you should not forget when marketing your website:

The first thing you should do is keep your website up-to-date. To ensure your website is secure and uses the latest technologies, you must update your website’s software to the newest version.

The second step is that your content should always be fresh and relevant. You should also audit your content, as you need to publish new content targeted at specific keywords and increase your organic reach. In time, some of your website’s content will become outdated, which is terrible for your users and search engines. 

As a first step, identify pages with thin content. Those pages do not rank, have no backlinks, or receive traffic.

Although those pages may have good content, they don’t provide any real value to your website since they do not rank for anything. 

During the audit, you should either:

  • Publish them again after updating content
  • Cancel them and deflect their URLs to other affiliated runners on your point.
  • Combine them with different pages

Secondly, you must review Google Analytics and search console reports to see your website’s most popular pages.

Having a page with high rankings today does not guarantee that it will continue to have them in the future. Competitors are fierce, and you can expect new pages to be published every day targeting precisely the same topics.

Keep your top pages up-to-date and relevant to ensure you won’t lose your rankings by reviewing them every few months.

#7. Measure, Analyze, Rinse And Repeat

Monitoring is an essential part of any marketing strategy. The right tools and metrics are crucial in digital marketing because everything can be measured and analysed.

In most cases, you can get the data you need from Google Analytics, so be sure your website is configured correctly and has Google Analytics installed.

In a website marketing campaign, the most common goals are:

  • Increase your website’s traffic
  • Increasing conversions (making sales, getting new email subscribers.)
  • Using Google Analytics, you should track and analyse these goals to make informed decisions.

You should focus your marketing efforts on creating content about specific topics if certain posts perform better than others.


There is no doubt that a website can be an effective marketing tool. However, ensure that your website has a simple hierarchy, is fast, and is mobile-friendly before launching a web marketing promotion campaign.

Next, spend time on your SEO campaign to succeed online. You will rank for keywords that attract potential clients if you get your SEO right. This can be any web development services  or businesses looking to hire a developer. 

You should consider email marketing and remarketing strategies when traffic begins to pour in. These channels are better at converting traffic into customers than any others.

Last but not least, keep applying at a web development agency with job openings. Chances are, with a solid portfolio, you will find your dream job.