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How Does Mascot help In Branding? 

How Does Mascot help In Branding? 
Whether you are planning a new venture or already own one, you ultimately want the success of your business. It will never happen without customers. That's why you have to strengthen your relationship with your customers.  In contrast to the product-based businesses, it is tricky for the service-based business to bridge the gap between customers and companies. Usually, the web design agency takes the approach of content marketing and focuses on the service. Flooding the content may help you improve the reach and ranking of your site, but you are not alone in the race. Several other businesses are trying the same tricks to gather some traction.  You try your best shot to add the human touch with the personalization of your business. So, why not add a person to your brand?  That's what mascots do!  The Mascot is the human/anime character that you can add to your business. It may or may not be used for the logo of your site. That's entirely your choice. But, count on the Mascot as the additional element that helps you market your offerings in a more approachable manner. There is no restriction and standards for the Mascot like it should have a human or a thing, you can give the shape it, as per your creativity.  Now, let me share the bonus points that Mascot can add to your business:  Amul  Hostgator 
  • Gives a face to your brand: 

That's genuine that the Mascot adds the face to your brand. Once the people get accustomed to your Mascot, they will start recognizing your brand with that vary image. The product-based businesses often use the Mascot on the packaging material as well as other branding stuff. Let me tell you the most relatable work of brands: 
    • Android: 

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, and that's how Android is our companion. This one is used as a mascot logo. But, it's your choice to keep the Mascot in the logo or distinctly. It is relatable to the normal human with the antenna-like that of bot or router. Even those who haven't heard of Android are well aware of the logo that connects to the network. 
    • Amul:

A little girl inspires the mascot character of Amul. This was a hand-drawn mascot that was realized back in 1966. Since then to now, there have been so many avatars of this little girl with polka dot dresses. From creative graphics to stories, Amul took that girl flawlessly on the branding site. It's been more than 50 years now, and Amul girl is winning the hearts of everyone. You can see that in the case of Amul, the logo is simply the brand name written in artistic font, and the Mascot is standing differently. With the need for time, either of them can be used as inspiration for your business. 
  • Unhired storyteller of your brand

Remember that you are free to choose the type of character you want to create. You can feed the attributes of your business to your character. This will make it a lot easier for people to connect with the story of your brand. 

Let me share some of the fantastic examples: 

    • Pillsbury Doughboy:

Pilsbury wanted to share the story of fresh, round, and fluffy bread that can be created from their dough. It is personified as a chef to connect with the look of the chef, thus, clarifies the story more easily. The image of the doughboy tells the story of the brand, and it need not be actualized differently. 
    • Duracell bunny:

Bunnies(or rabbits) are known for their hyperactive nature, speed, and friendliness. They dwell in comfortably with whomever they meet. The electricity cell brand, Duracell used bunny to show the same traits of service their product offers. Quick, long-lasting, and fits to cell needs of every product that runs on the battery. 
  • A useful tool for marketing: 

Mascot helps you a lot in staying trendy. If you are wondering how? Let me tell you the truth that you can create the entire marketing campaign around your Mascot. Sharing the story or the message gets much easy. You can make the mascots work for you to generate awareness about some social cause and increase engagement. There happen to be an ad campaign by Burger king where they removed the beard of the king in the Mascot to generate the awareness of men's health. Likewise, hotel.com's Captain Obvious is urging with their Mascot to stay home.  In the current situation, even when you know that your business won't blossom, you can engage with people and strengthen your business bonds.  Mascots create a window for your customers to know your business and know the story at its best. When people get curious about it, they will automatically like to engage in a much better way.  Now that you know the benefits of the Mascot for your business, it's time to think about one for your company.  You can connect with the web design agency to help you associate with the professional artists and get a face for your brand. When you are counting on the best web design firms, you can reach us at sales@www.wedowebapps.co.uk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a mascot?

A mascot is a character or animal that represents a brand or organization. Mascots are often used in marketing and advertising to create a positive image for the brand and to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

2. How can a mascot help in branding?

Mascots can help in branding in a number of ways:

  • They can make a brand more memorable. A well-designed mascot can be a memorable and eye-catching way to represent a brand. This can help consumers to remember the brand when they are making purchase decisions.
  • They can create a positive emotional connection with consumers. Mascots can be used to create a positive emotional connection with consumers. This can make consumers more likely to feel positive about the brand and to choose it over its competitors.
  • They can help to build brand awareness. Mascots can help to build brand awareness by being used in a variety of marketing and advertising materials. This can help to increase the number of people who are familiar with the brand and who are aware of what it stands for.

3. What are some examples of successful mascots?

Some examples of successful mascots include:

  • Tony the Tiger for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
  • Ronald McDonald for McDonald's
  • The Pillsbury Doughboy for Pillsbury
  • The Energizer Bunny for Energizer Batteries
  • The Geico Gecko for Geico Insurance

4. How do I choose a mascot?

When choosing a mascot, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The target audience. The mascot should appeal to the target audience of the brand.
  • The brand identity. The mascot should be consistent with the brand identity.
  • The personality of the brand. The mascot should reflect the personality of the brand.
  • The longevity of the mascot. The mascot should be something that will be memorable and relevant for years to come.

5. How do I use a mascot?

Once you have chosen a mascot, you can use it in a variety of ways to promote your brand, including:

  • In marketing and advertising materials. Mascots can be used in print, television, radio, and online advertising.
  • At events and trade shows. Mascots can be used to attract attention and generate excitement at events and trade shows.
  • On social media. Mascots can be used to create engaging and shareable content on social media.
  • On merchandise. Mascots can be used to sell merchandise, such as clothing, toys, and home goods.

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