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Take Your Idea From Concept to Completion: How to Make a Mobile App

30th, January 2023
  • How to Make a Mobile App

Making a mobile app requires planning, coding, testing and design in order to create a product that users can enjoy. This guide explains how the entire process from concept to launch works, including the different tools used for developing apps and best practices for creating a successful end result.

Plan it Out: The App Design and Development Process 

Before your app can be developed and launched to the public, a team of professionals need to work together to plan out the design and development process. This includes defining the core features, creating wireframes and technical specifications, setting deadlines, budgeting costs and making decisions about design. The plan should include all aspects related to developing a quality app that meets user needs — from concept to completion.

Get the Design Right! UI/UX Considerations 

As part of the design process, it’s important to consider the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of your mobile app. With the increased importance placed on UX, developers now need to be aware of both how users interact with an application and understand how they navigate through its features. The UI should be intuitive and should flow seamlessly between app screens while being aesthetically pleasing enough to keep users engaged. It’s also helpful to create wireframes which can help visually explain core functions and UX flows.

Identify Your Tech Stack (By Platform) 

When it comes to the development stage, there are two main platforms you can use to make an app — native and cross-platform. Native apps are written with the programming language of within their platform (iOS or Android). A cross-platform app uses a single codebase that is then adapted for each of the platforms. The tech stack for your app will depend on which type you decide to go for. You’ll need to identify which frameworks, languages, architectures, and database solutions will work best. This step requires a bit of research and experience from someone who knows your particular sector like a digital agency or freelancer.

Build It: Getting Started with App Development 

When starting the development process, first decide on your app’s platform — iOS or Android? If you can afford both, then it’s essential that you consider your user experience. Look at how each platform works for your product and research the most popular platforms for apps similar to yours in terms of target market or purpose. Then pick a tech stack (programming language, database architecture etc.) and get coding! You might find the help from an experienced and qualified professional invaluable here. The design should go hand-in-hand with creating features; you won’t have an engaging UI without any functionality! Throughout this crucial creating process, keep testing, making changes and improvements as bugs are found to ensure a seamless journey.

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Quality Assurance: Test Your App Before Launch  

Before going live with your mobile app development, it is crucial to thoroughly test it. Testing enables you to make sure your app works the way you intended and improves user experience. You should use both manual and automated testing depending on the complexity of your app and its features. This helps uncover errors or bugs that would otherwise have remained hidden from users had it not been tested properly.