How To Decide The Website Startup Costs For A Startup Business?

How To Decide The Website Startup Costs For A Startup Business?

by Nikki September 8, 2020
When a website is the need of our hour, it doesn't mean that you design it just for the sake of it. The professional look of the website is as important as having a site. If you are launching a service-based business, the layout of your website & interactive media elements makes you stand ahead of your competitors. You will surely invest your time in marketing your services, but you will not get appropriate outcomes if the web page design of your landing pages will be boring.  Your counter in such a situation will be, nothing comes for free & you don't have a solid budget to design an excellent website. The solution to this issue can be creating a budget for your business plan. Irrespective of the business niche, you must not leave the business plan anyway, as it will help you answer a lot many questions. 

How to decide the budget for my website? 

Let us guide you through the basic layout of creating a business plan & how it can streamline your expenses. In your business plan, you will mention the industry, type of products/services you are offering, business model, revenue model, organizational hierarchy, display the market research, competitor analysis, demand in the market, breakdown of offerings, budget to manage the cash flow and regular investments; additional investors required or not, fundraising ideas (if required), marketing strategy, sales strategy, long-term & short-term goals. If you already have some of the planning to implement your strategies to attain your end goals, that can be mentioned. When you add the financial budget, don't forget to add your expenses along with ideas.  Your business plan will give you a clear view of the evaluation of the website startup costs for your business & what can be the range of your affordability. Based on this estimate, you can draft your list of features to approach a web design company & get their quotation. With this clarity, you will be able to decide the options of cost-cutting and options with which you can make your presence in the market. 

Must-Haves For Your Startup Business Site 

Standing out doesn't mean to go fancy. So, as a startup, you can walk with something unique, yet pocket-friendly & classy ideas that can make your business stand out. Follow the list of expenses as: 
  • Domain & hosting: The investment for domain name & hosting plans of your site will be annually recurring or monthly, depending upon the plans you select. However, you can't do any fair cost-cutting here you can compare the plans & subscribe with one that seems justified to you. It is better to communicate with any technical geeky friend of yours before purchasing any long-term hosting plan. 
  • Selection of theme: The first & foremost thing is the selection of the right theme for your website. Think about the purpose of your website & the benefits of the design idea that you will implement. Now, there are numerous sources from where you can get access to the free themes, implementing which you can design your website without any worries. Depending upon the utility of your website, you will be able to filter the theme for your site much easier. For some startup ideas, a single page standalone website will be enough for your site & others may need dedicated web pages for each of the offerings. If your requirement permits, you can save on the expenses over here. 
  • Custom designing: Adding the personal touch of your brand is necessary as well as value-adding. But, customization & personalization stand differently. You may not need customization for your website if there is no requirement of advanced features for your website. The customization upto certain extent doesn't add a heavy budget, but more of it definitely can do that. 
No set layout or idea can fit everywhere. It entirely depends upon your business requirements that what type of services will saturate with the demand. If you are confused to figure out what's best for your startup, it is better to connect with the professionals & solve this riddle for you. If you have listed requirements of your project ready, you can write to us at [email protected] to get quotations for your website straightaway.
Web Designing & Development: It’s Not Only About Selling Services & Products

Web Designing & Development: It’s Not Only About Selling Services & Products

by Matt September 2, 2020
The concept of website development has evolved. Earlier, the majority of people believed that the website is for businesses only. The wave of dotcom in the late 90s shook everyone, and many of them were driven by it. From then to now, websites have travelled a long journey. It all started with plain HTML pages with the addition of a few images, which is not at all appealing to today’s viewers. The flash-based sites added a pinch of creativity, but it was more like the clip art thing for now.   For sure, there were limited resources, technical geeks, as well as demand in the market, so be it. Now, with time being the idea of website design & development created a different segment in business and built a legacy as an IT industry. We, the current generation of users, are understanding the power of the web & leveraging it to every possible extent.    These days people are using websites to not only do business (selling products & services) but also for personal branding, creating an identity, sharing knowledge, and even to share one’s opinion (blogs). We have everything available on the web, and when you read or listen about anything you never know, you don’t take a second in checking it on the internet.    Well, that’s the power of technology & its ease of access to resources that can have everything available to you in just a single click. 

How does Website Designing & Development work? 

The ideation initiates the process of website development. Then there is a planning phase to shape it in a digital format. There is no particular decided pattern for website development. You can discuss your idea with your team or friends or relatives, depending on the end goal of the website. Further, you can buy your domain name and select the platform on which you like to design your website.  If you like to create your website on your own, online website builders or open-source CMS can be the best options for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for professional services, you will likely outsource this work to the website design & development company in your vicinity.  For custom development, once you align with the company for your project, you can request the design layout from UI/UX designers. This layout is like the blueprint of your website; you can get it modified as per your inputs and give a green signal for website development.  The developers may code your site from scratch or start customising the readily available themes, as per your preference and budget. After this stage, your website will go in the phase of QA & testing. Once all the bugs are resolved, your website will be ready to launch.   

Why Modern Website Development Makes Your Business Stand Out? 

Nowadays, website development is solely user-based. The search engine algorithms are continually evolving based on the user’s search experiences & browsing pattern. The custom-based UI of websites happens to be more conversion-oriented than that of generalised theme based websites. Several analytical software and tools are available in the market that can give you more insights about the user behaviour on your website. By taking the assistance of web developers and marketing experts, you can tweak your web page design and add value-adding CTAs & content to it.   

Do You Know Web Page Design Speaks For Itself? 

Yes, that’s true.  Website designing & development is state of the art. Though on the first look it seems like creating a digital brochure to promote services & products, it is much more than that.  Your website can reveal its identity based on the look you like to offer. You can promote an individual entity, talk about your recognitions and showcase your portfolio or add your services to it. The theme that you will select for your website will give an understanding of your end goal.  Don’t neglect the small details about each of the web pages like white space, location of CTAs, the relevancy of graphics, colours & typography, navigation, social proofs, security, and so on. Further, you can add supporting graphics, media elements, textual content, and everything that can give the understanding about your site.  Whether you are a business or brand or an individual who is thinking to get a website developed as a part of your portfolio, you can write to us at [email protected] for professional assistance for the same. You will not be launching your business now and then.
Top 5 Tips To Understand How Reputed Is The Web Design Company That You Are Hiring

Top 5 Tips To Understand How Reputed Is The Web Design Company That You Are Hiring

by Daniel August 24, 2020
When you have a project in hand, a proposal is waiting on the other side of the mail; you will get anxious. If you do not have the list of capable freelancers or link with a few reputed web designing companies ready at your desk, you might end up falling in the pit.Not literally! But, the wrong decision is equivalent to a similar situation.Though you are the third-party deal maker, the client is relying upon you. This implies that you will be answerable to all the good, bad & ugly situations coming in the project. That’s why you need to be very cautious while outsourcing projects to any other business. It’s not that you check a few businesses online, ask for the quotation for the similar project requirements & connect with them. You have to be selective in your choices. Here, we will clarify a few points that you must be very keen about:
  • Company profile:

It’s not all about the website; the company profile is much more than that. The website will give you a fair idea about their offerings. Still, it’s the real communication that speaks more than the badges and awards. The reputed businesses often post the case studies of the projects or industries they worked for. Since one shoe doesn’t fit all, one company will not be able to give a solution to every problem. The knowledge about the industries they have served will help you decide whether to give your current project to this company or not. Don’t forget to check with the team size, work process, and organizational hierarchy for designing as well as the approval process. This will help you ease & tweak the things as per your project requirement.
  • Tenure of association:

Depending upon the requirement of the project, you may or may not require a long-term connection with the resources whom you hire. Still, it would be best if you discussed the tenure of association. The primary reason is to check the availability of the web design company or individual resources for specific projects. Every business & individual has its plans for growth & goals to attain. Many-a-times, clients stick to the work quality or process of certain resources, and they break the deal when that resource moves out of the project. Though it sounds dramatic, it happens! When you have an idea about the availability of resources, you can promise tenure & reduce the chances of any such misery. Another crucial thing is, resource hunting is a tough job. By your luck & efforts of your HR team, if you connect with the value-adding businesses, the long-term association will have more benefits financially.
  • Portfolio:

The project portfolio of the company as well as that of an individual is equally important. Analyzing portfolios will help you understand the things if you will be missing any. Also, it will help decide the platforms, framework, technology in which the resources are more compatible working. This will aid you in decision making.
  • Web design company reviews:

Listening to other people & their experiences is always known to add value in one’s life. By checking the testimonials and reviews of the web design company you are planning to hire for the next web development project, you will be able to know the past experiences of their clients. The reviews & star ratings, when combined, can help you make the right choice of the businesses you can connect with.
  • Cost vs. value:

Let’s say, your client has the project that needs a graphic designer & web designer. There is a company A, offering web designing services, company B offers & matches with the budget. Still, the process will need a creative writer to give voice to your ideas. Now, there is company C, which offers all of the three services, but a little bit ahead of the budget. If your current client can’t stretch the boundaries, you can’t do much. But, if you connect with the company C & keep your links active, you will find them adding value to your business. Such decisions must be taken smartly based on factors like cost vs value, time vs cost, quality vs time vs cost, and so on. After deciding everything, share your word about the rules of project conduction, & get the NDA signed. If you are hiring the resources directly for your project, that will be a different case. However, when you perform project outsourcing, you have to be extra cautious about the project security norms. With an experience of more than a decade in the field, we have covered almost all of the business niches for one or other companies. If you have a project idea to discuss, you can write to us at [email protected] to discuss the details.
7 Design Inspirations That Can Make You Stay Competitive 

7 Design Inspirations That Can Make You Stay Competitive 

by Matt August 8, 2020
Every project has a set of distinct challenges that the designer has to overcome, irrespective of the idea or business niche. Amongst many, one of the common challenges is that of hectic deadlines & most of the things come with the tagline 'Share it ASAP'.  With such unrealistic deadlines, there is almost no time for detailed research & new creation from scratch. This piles up the task for rework or creates the inventory of a simple 'Yes' type of design.  Well, the truth be told, you literally can't do much about it; instead, you have to seek alternates that can make you walk on the rope of deadlines. Creating your design inventory can actually help you find the motivation on your dull days. You have all the creativity within you, but at times you may be inspired by looking at the available masterpieces from other web designers, and UI/UX designers.   
  • Awwards: 

  As the tagline tells 'Always questioning, Always Evolving'. Awwards is easiest for professionals to connect, discuss, give critical reviews & offer space to evolve one's knowledge. The thought is not merely the creation of designs, but to know the inspiration & offer salutation to the thought process behind the designs.  The valuable contributions across the world are nominated and awarded timely as a badge of honour.  
  • Behance:

  Majority of you have already connected with the community & networking with the renowned brand of Adobe. You can showcase your portfolio and check & follow the profiles of fellow designers. By setting search preferences for location, timeline & popularity index; you can filter designs of fellow designers & contribute similarly.   
  • Designspiration: 

  Designspiration is inspired by Pinterest. The ease of usage of social media cum idea library has connected so many users to help find the right type of interests. Likewise, Designspiration allows the design community users to search, save, make collection & leverage it to add creativity in designing the layout for your posts.   
  • Template Monster:

  Founded in 2002, Template Monsters happen to be an angel for all the designers out there. They have a massive collection of flawless designer templates available for the usage of creative graphics. You can download the templates at affordable charges and handle the client projects with utter ease. With the membership of a few such design platforms, you can streamline the designing process very well.   

  If you are working for a website designing project, creativity is not enough. Rather you have to seek for the ways with which your creativity fits in the requirement of responsiveness of the website's layout. The requirement of responsiveness will keep evolving & designs available at can help you walk ahead with the trend.   
  • CSS Nectar:

  When the design will go along with your notion of creation, but not getting responsive; you have to play with the codes in several categories. CSSNectar helps you evaluate the score of the design of your website. If you are starting your career in web designing or working with freshers, CSSnectar can help you sort the designs. On the platform, you can filter the designs based on your preferences.   
  • Site Inspire: 

  You may like the design suitable for a certain framework that's not compatible with the one you are working on, it can be problematic then. Don't make things complex, take it easy. Site Inspire will help you sort all the inspirations and not just designs. Siteinspire lets you quickly sort the designs.  While working for a web design company, you will come across several clients of yours, you can add them also to your design inspiration resources.  Now that you have the list of inspirational design sources add them, if you are yet to update your list. For UK website design services you can write to us at [email protected]  
Don’t Forget These 5 Things When You Are Seeking For Professional Help In Website Designing!

Don’t Forget These 5 Things When You Are Seeking For Professional Help In Website Designing!

by Mike August 8, 2020
In today's era, when every business is planning to come online, website designing is the need of an hour. If you don't take a leap at this opportunity, someone else will. And, then you will be left behind your competitor.  We know that you don't want to see this happening and definitely, you are well aware of these facts.  Nowadays, as people get an idea of business, they start looking for web designers. In contrast to the old version of websites as plain HTML pages, now, the World Wide Web is altogether on a different level. Thanks to technology for bringing everything to us with ease. The online tutorials and website builder tools have made it a lot easier to create websites without worrying much about the investment and overhead charges.   However, when designing the professional site for your business, you need to follow the industry standards which are not possible with the basic templates of online website builder tools. Learning and implementation on your own will be time-taking. The on-demand website development will be the best solution. For custom website development, you can look for freelancers. In this case, you have to hire experts in different domains like website developer, UI/UX designer, graphic designer, professional copywriter, server experts, and a few more. It may get tricky for you to manage and associate with all these resources distinctly to get your website ready. Another way round, you can rely on a professional web design company to have your project streamlined.  To associate with the web design company in your location, you can search on Google for "web design company near me", and you will get a long list of IT companies displayed to you. Now, you will be facing a hard time deciding the one that fits within your budget and best for your business niche.  Let us help you ease this process a bit.  Before checking out these companies, create the draft of your project requirement. The project proposal must have the business niche, type of website, your competitor businesses - regional as well as global, features, must-haves, additional ideas, and maximum affordability. It's your choice if you like to include the budget or not. Still, it will be helpful for you to enquire with the website designing agencies. Your affordability cap and their quotation can help you decide the company you should go ahead with. 

Moving ahead, start with checking: 

  • Company profile: 

When you are looking for website development and other IT services, the website is the first thing you look at. The design layout, efforts, and creativity shown on the website show the ideas used to stay professional and yet unique in the domain.  The time for which the company is serving the industry, team size, process opted, service offered, and the business niches they worked on. You can also check the case studies shared and milestones attained. Whether you are connecting with the registered company or not, and any additional or unique offering they provide. 
  • Portfolio

The portfolio of any individual and web design company is a reflection of their skills and efforts they put for every client. When you start exploring the web design company to take up your project, you will find a huge list. Everyone will be marketing the same piece of cake in different packaging, and that can surely confuse you. In such a situation, it's the portfolio of the service-based companies that make them stand out of the crowd.  You can always ask for the portfolio of the company and resources that will be closely working on your project. This will add the chances of getting the best resources on-board. You can request the changes if that's the requirement of the project or needs assistance from some senior employees. 
  • Client testimonials: 

Client testimonials can help you in making a judgment call. Don't count on the star ratings only. That is the average rating which is evaluated by the number of reviews shared on the said platform. Read the content of the reviews and see how it's perceived, especially talking about the negative reviews on certain platforms. In contrast to the textual reviews, video testimonials are more effective, as companies can't fake it. 
  • Technology, timeline & mode to connect: 

Check with the technology and framework on which the web design company is working. If you don't have the technical knowledge, you must connect with some technical brains to get an understanding of the benefits of different frameworks and their utility. Keep track of the delivery timeline and how soon you can get the project ready for delivery. Communication is the key to the success of the project, check with the report that you will be getting and the mode to connect with your team for timely approvals and discussion.
  • Offerings of the company: 

When you are starting from scratch, you probably need a professional website development team, but that's not it. Your requirements will grow with time. Once you get your website ready, you will be looking for digital marketing experts, graphic designers to create promotional graphics, branding experts, and so on. While hiring any company for your first project, you must check with the other offerings they are providing and how much they excel in them. If you have a good experience working with them, you will like to have a long-term association. It will be a win-win condition for your business as well as for the IT company you have hired.  In addition to the inquiry about services, don't forget to ask about the post-deployment support. Once you get your website up and running, there can be certain issues that you will face in the coming days, and you may not be able to manage it. The tenure of post-deployment support can extend from a week to months, depending upon company policies. If it is not mentioned in the quotation, you can enquire about the time and type of services included.  To discuss your web development project upfront, you can write to us at [email protected]. We at WeDoWebApps have been serving the IT industry for more than a decade. We can help you launch your dream business straightaway.   
Top 7 Real-time Monitoring Tools That Every Online Website Design Company Deploys

Top 7 Real-time Monitoring Tools That Every Online Website Design Company Deploys

by Milan July 11, 2020
A common notion about website designing is, as soon as you have your website ready and live; you start visualizing the outcome you will be getting for your business. But, is it that easy? No, of course not! Before you make your website live, it goes through a series of QA & testing. It’s not only about analyzing the layout of your website across multiple devices, but it’s a part of analyzing the execution of design created. You have to keep checking the performance of your website because no one has the time to stick to your site if it’s not working fine. We understand that you have an appealing layout of your site, but it will entice users only if it loads smoothly. Else, it won’t take lesser than a second for the user to leave your website and navigate to the other service provider. You can wait for the user feedbacks to flood in or check the manual performance of your site over time. But, it’s a time taking process and will create a bad impression among some of those first users. This will negatively impact the reputation of your brand. In such a situation, the website monitoring services can be your real saviours. You may count on some of the site optimization tools, understand their usability, and add them to your site. Let us share some of the prominent ones over here.
  • StatusCake: StatusCake is available for free as well as in the paid version. With all the crucial features it is serving well in 60+ monitoring locations. You can count on unlimited monitors and advanced features like SSL monitoring, page speed testing and constant check rates by selecting the paid plans, else you will be getting 5 minutes checking rate with the free plan.
  • Uptime Robot: Uptime Robot has been serving 12 different monitoring locations for over a decade now. It’s the choice of Expedia, Fandango, Nginx, and numerous others. They offer free as well as paid services. The free plan offers 50 monitorings in 5 intervals and added with two months of logs. Later, you can upgrade with their paid plan of $5.50month.
  • Pingdom: The real-time monitoring tools that are used by renowned brands like Apple, Amazon, Dell, and Google; is a lot easier to trust. With the 60 + features and minute to minute details, you will not find a free plan here. But, the experience and reports you will have using the tool will not leave any doubts in your mind.
  • New Relic: View, check, and analyze the real-time data and take actions according to the detailed reports by New Relic. They offer both free & paid services in 14 locations for checking within time intervals of 1 minute. In addition to the uptime checking, you will get benefited from features like API testing, chrome-based scripts, alerts, waterfall analysis, integration to tools like Slack, and so on.
  • Monitis: Another compact monitoring tool that’s used by Visa, Puma, Seimens, etc. can help you with network management, custom monitoring, website, and application front management, all via a single dashboard. Deploying them for the long-term can help you get two years of historical archives and minute-to-minute interval checks. Dotcom-Monitor: Configure your website with a dotcom monitor and keep an eye on its health in real-time. If you have web applications and mobile apps, you can trust the on checking their performance as well. You will get access to performance counter, infrastructure monitoring, load testing, monitoring of web services like TCP/IP, SOAP, SSL, etc.
  • StatusOK: It is an open-source, free-to-use website monitoring solution that can be self-hosted. You need to set up the monitoring tool on your website, and you will keep receiving notifications on your registered mail or via Slack if your website goes down. If you are trying to set up on your own, you can connect with other tech minds on GitHub to have your queries answered.
The primary utility of all of these performance monitoring tools is to check the performance of your website and give the report listing all the issues to the web design agency. Let us brief you about the standard solutions that can fix these issues:
  • Image optimization: While updating the images on your website, prefer updating the commonly accepted versions like .jpg, .png, .gif. The standard formats will keep you from the trouble of performance issues across different browsers. Scaling the images before uploading images & graphic elements can reduce the space that they will occupy on the web. Compressing the images can also serve the purpose. You can also count on the .webp version of the image to refine the loading time as well as space on the web.
  • Removal of unnecessary elements: Once the website development is completed, you must remove all dummy elements from the backend, be it pages or media elements. If you like to keep the backup, you can download it and save it to some other location. Keeping all this clutter on the server will increase the load on the server and negatively impact the fetching speed of your site.
  • Server optimization: Keep an eye on performance bottlenecks, like routing and database queries. Try switching hosts in case there happen to be any issues from the server’s end. This will resolve your concern about the requirement of site optimization is there, or it’s the maximum capacity of the server that’s diminishing performance of your website. Keep in mind that the optimal server response time is that of 200ms.
  • Code minification: Compressing the code isn’t very possible, but, you can try compressing the files of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Reducing this file size can improve the overall performance of your website; you can rely on minification tools for that. Remove the unnecessary comments in the code that you’ve posted for easy reference. And, move the scripts to the footer to avoid blocking javascript codes in rendering.
  • Connect with CDN: Adding the Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) can help you fix the minor server issues. CDN will have the copied files of your website stored on the cloud, which will be fetched automatically from the servers when the site is accessed. This will reduce the delivery time and add more satisfied users who will love to explore your website.
  In addition to the tools we shared, you can rely on the options available online like GTMetrix, Google’s PageSpeed Insights that will analyze your live website, and share the report of issues to be fixed. A well-optimized website is crucial for user satisfaction as well as aids in the ranking of your website. Gaining traffic on your site is essential, but making your visitors stay & reducing the bounce rate is equally valuable. Leverage the power of these tools to check the issues you have with your site, and we can help you improvise the performance of your website. For further discussion, you can write to us at [email protected]
9 Noteworthy designing tips from top web designers 

9 Noteworthy designing tips from top web designers 

by Mike May 12, 2020
Website designing is purely knowledge mixed with art and creativity. When web development solely works on logics, web designing lets you bring traction of people towards your business.  As soon as the visitors lend to your site, you have to offer them something pleasing that can make them stay for longer than usual. Further, you can share information about your brand and the change that your products and services can bring to their life.  Due to the reduced attention span of customers, you have a massive responsibility on your shoulders. If you are building your website on your own, you have double roles to handle viz: web developer and website designer.  The layout of each of your web page designs can make or break the deal. If you aren’t able to gain the business from your website, there’s nothing wrong with your idea or product, but it’s the designing issues. Every business is unique in its way, and you have to sell that USP precisely. There can be several reasons for failure, but there is always scope to improve. In this blog, we will be talking about the design-related failures that you can audit with your site.  Here, we are sharing noteworthy tips from top web designers that can be a lot helpful for you in optimizing your web page design. 

Understand the utility of visual hierarchy

The concept of visual hierarchy talks about the pattern in which our mind reads or scans the content. It includes everything about the typography, media elements, graphics, white space. For updating the content of the web page design, you can follow ‘F pattern’, ‘Z pattern’, zigzag as well as Gutenberg diagram. You may be unaware of the importance of colour psychology for building a brand. The understanding of all these details will not help you improve the layout of your website, but it will guide you in creating complementing graphics for your website. Leveraging your knowledge, you will know the sections, where you must add CTAs on your website to improve user- interaction.

Visual Cues

Even if you are sharing quality content and have the sellable copy, you need to bring the attention of the customer to read it. Visual cues are capable of redirecting the attention of customers toward the action that you want to be taken. To make your content visually appealing, you can use: 
  • Human faces: The human faces are known to connect the customers on a personal level. We likely gaze at human faces more than content, because it creates the perception in the mind that product is exclusively made for you. You can add the actionable human faces like ones indicating somewhere or thinking about something for bringing the visitor’s line of sight.
When you are adding testimonials, images are known to build the trust of visitors.  Like Espresso, you can add the emotions of your product with alluring and relatable visuals. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways of delivering the message of your brand. 
  • Arrows: Unlike images, arrows give the direct signal towards the action. Mostly, you can use them for form filling pages or checkout pages. The directional arrows help you manage the flow of the content and that of the steps that users must take on your site to turn to the customer. 

Make wise use of “above the fold” section:

Let me tell you that the “above the fold” section is the primary section of your website’s landing page before they scroll. Upto the first scroll, you must be very cautious about the content that you are putting on your site. It will create the first impression of your business in the eyes of your visitor. If it’s appealing enough to excite users to know more, they will scroll through the page; else they will simply leave your site. That’s why you need to be very cautious about what you put in this section of your website.  Most of the businesses opt for a slider in the first half, but that’s not compulsory. The content and look of the section typically depend upon your business niche. You can add catchy keyword-rich headlines and subheading with an appropriate CTA. For ecommerce sites, mentioning the category pages will be much more beneficial. It’s good to follow the trend, but keep the industry standards in your mind as well. With better understanding about your target audience, you can use your “above the fold” section more righteously. 

Don’t worry about the white space

The white space on your site is like oxygen for the design layout. It’s a common misconception that more stuff you will add on your site, more options you will offer to your customers. On average, your website must have 65-70% of white space on your website. Try to keep the layout, simple, sober, yet catchy. White space improves the visibility of the important content on your site and lets you bring attention to your visitors on CTAs.  The complex designs can be beautiful, but simpler ones are easier to understand. Your goal is not to test the understanding of the experts, but to make things acceptable for users. Don’t play with the vision of the user, rather try to imbibe the vision of your business in your designs. 

Ease user navigation

Navigation starts with the menu display pattern of your site. You can seek for the different options depending upon the theme you are using. Keep your navigations straightforward. You must follow the standard patterns or something that’s often known to improve the functionality. Horizontal navigation section in the header is often used. You can use the hamburger style option, as it comes in the mobile site.  You can keep your header static to let your visitors easily navigate through the site. By including the breadcrumbs above the page and post title, you can improve the understanding of the visitors about the path they chose. Leveraging this feature, people can interact with other content of that category on your site. 

Don’t trick with the core code:

When you start tweaking the design and layout of your website, you will get an understanding of basic HTML and CSS. You can try finding some of the tricks that are available online, to experiment something, but don’t forget to take a backup beforehand.  We understand that you are excited to try something new and improve the usability of different options, but don’t play with the core code of your theme unless you know it well. With variations in the core code, you will make all significant changes on the website if that goes wrong, you will not be able to revert. 

Responsiveness over mobile-friendliness

The theme that you have used to build your site may or may not be responsive, but you have to convert it to one. Earlier, mobile-friendliness of the theme was the only concern, as people used to surf via desktop devices or smartphones. But, now there is a huge variety of devices with different screen sizes; that’s why you are compelled to make your website responsive.  Mobile-friendliness of the theme can help your site rank well on mobile devices, but responsive designs will enhance user experience across all the devices. Care to optimize the graphics and other media elements of your site. 

Don’t forget social shares and follow buttons

Websites help you increase the interaction with users as well as among them. To improve the network and build the community around your business, you must add social sharing and follow buttons on your site. By doing so, you are opening a channel to connect with your customers other than your website.  When people follow you on different channels, you can keep them updated about your new launches. In this way, you can keep the interaction going without waiting for people to come to your site. By the promotion of your products and services across the channels, you will gain more traction for your business. Let’s say, your static website; then you can add social sharing on the blog section. People won’t mind sharing your content if they find it usable for others. 

Remove the clutter

Too much content and even the media elements can distract your visitors. Remove the unwanted stuff not only from the website but also from the backend of your site. It will unnecessarily increase the load on the server and slow down the performance of your site. You need to look for prototypes to reduce visual complexity.   Along with the clutter elimination, you need to optimize media elements of your website. In this way, you will add space to your database. Further, it will improve the loading speed of your site.  The design of your web page must be appealing, but it should own the power of bringing leads and converting it to sales. With all these tips and tricks, you can improve the overall performance of your website. If you want to add advanced functionalities to your business, we recommend to connect with professional web designers to help you through this.
Deploy Heatmaps to Improve Your Business Web Page Design

Deploy Heatmaps to Improve Your Business Web Page Design

by Peggy May 6, 2020
We belong to the age of the internet, where the majority of us start our days with the internet and end with the same. After visiting hundreds and thousands of sites day in and day out, we don’t remember each one of them. The content of the site can be enticing, but it is the look and feel of the website that can make the user spend more time on any website. With a lesser bounce rate of users on your website, the chances of conversion automatically increase. Unlike personal websites, businesses have to give extra attention to web page design. To make other people stick to your site and become your customer, you need to improve your understanding of the user demographics. If you already have a website that’s not bringing in the conversion, you can deploy several online resources and tools to improve the layout of your business web page design.  When you have just started creating the site, you already created buyer personas for your business. But, now, when there is live traffic on your website, there are better opportunities for you to understand the interaction pattern of your users. You can rely on Google Analytics, Social media analytics to know the type of users interacting with your business. Data visualization tools like heatmaps, D3, HighCharts, Leaflet, Power BI, Infographics, and many others can give you a fair understanding of your customer demographics.  In this blog, we will be guiding you through one of such data visualization tools, namely heatmaps. Let’s start with the basics. 

What are heat maps? 

Heat maps are the data visualization tools that help you understand the interaction behaviour of visitors on your website. In analogous with the temperature/ heat, the sections of the site with greater engagement are shown, and those with lesser interaction will be shown with blue/green colour.  With the help of heat maps, you can check the most clickable section, scroll as well as read section using the moves of the mouse.  There are two types of heat maps: cluster and spatial. For cluster heat maps, magnitude and terms of different factors are laid out, but there is no restriction on the size of the cell. In the spatial heat maps, the location of the magnitude in any space makes much more sense. The colour scheme may vary depending upon the software and its purpose of utility. 

How can you deploy heat maps for website optimization? 

  • Understand the functionality of CTAs: The Call to action buttons (CTAs) are added to Business web page design to improve the session time of the users on the website. Using the heat maps, you will be able to check if people are clicking on those CTAs or not. Also, when one of the CTAs is redder as compared to others, you will gain an idea about the service or product of yours; that’s getting more attention. 
If more users are interacting on a specific section of the page, but you haven’t noticed yet, you can add some CTA button there and navigate the customer to the enquiry page or contact section. In this way, you will be able to improve the customer experience in a trouble-free manner. 
  • Know more about scrollable distance: When a visitor comes to your site intentionally, they will be searching for the products or services directly. However, normally customers navigate through the sites from search engines if they don’t find things they are exploring, they will not go through your website. To make your visitors stick to your site, you must add interactive CTAs, banners, and catchy phrases in the above-the-fold region. 
You know that a visitor can land to your site from any device. The best thing is, you can get the heat maps for desktop as well as mobile versions of your website. After analyzing heat maps, you can make the required changes on the web page to make it more interactive.  In comparison to the desktop sites, business web page design goes longer than the usual. To improve the user session on the mobile version of sites, you can hide some of these sections or compactly display them. 
  • Fix & update erroneous clicks: Like your website, users are exploring several other business sites. Depending upon the utility of the website, some allow you to navigate to different pages by clicking on CTAs, while others let you click images. Sometimes, users try clicking different elements of the web page, as per their prior experience on other websites like your business. 
By generating heat maps from different web pages on your website, you will be able to fix all those issues. Also, you can add clicks or CTA buttons wherever you feel necessary. 

What’s more? 

By now, you already know that heat maps are amazing tools to improve your business web page design for customers. Here is a tip for you. Set up and use a VPN while creating the heat map for your website. Some of the heat map tools allow you the integration of third-party software. The security of the website may get compromised, and that’s why we recommend you to use VPN; so no one can use this important information.  If you are offering digital marketing services or running website development and web designing agency, you can create heat maps for your clients. With a visual proof of the web development requirements and design tweaks, you can share the benefits that your services are causing for your clients.  You can search for heat maps online and check the effectiveness of your existing web page design. 

Aren’t you satisfied with the results? 

No worries! You can share your business web page requirements at [email protected]. At We Do Web Apps, we offer full-fledged IT services; from website designing to digital marketing services, we can get you covered with everything. 
I Need a Website Designer. Where and How Can I Find One? 

I Need a Website Designer. Where and How Can I Find One? 

by Peter May 6, 2020
With the advent of digitalization, offline as well as online businesses are seeking ideas to create a web presence in their business. In the last quarter of 2019, there were 1.72 billion live websites as a part of the World Wide Web (WWW). The figure is sure to grow, as technology is continuously evolving with time. There will be no comeback, for sure.  To build the online presence of your brand is not that critical, now. You can build a website on your own with the help of online website builder tools. But, the motto is not only to create your site; rather, it is to offer a flawless experience to your customers. You might have a good knowledge of designing, but not of development. You might have amazing marketing skills, but not an aptitude for the sales team. Practically, it is impossible to perform all the roles in any business at your best. And, that's why hiring professionals is the best option.  Ultimately after your trials with basic ideas when you want a perfect site, you may find yourself saying 'I need a website designer'. Well, you need not worry. Further, we will guide you with the options to find and hire a professional website designer to get you a stunning looking website. 

From where can I hire a professional website designer?

To hire a professional website designer, you can seek different ways of recruiting resources. You can trust upon the hiring platforms, job portals like Indeed, Naukri, Monster, TimesJobs, and so on that can help you connect with the employees directly. Leverage the power of search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo to explore design agencies as well as full-fledged IT businesses. 
  • Freelance platform: If you are looking only for a website designer for short-term goals, you can navigate to the freelancer sites. On those platforms, you can trust the project quality based on ratings and reviews. You can check their portfolio to make choices among numerous options. 
  • Design agency: Again, you will be counting on professional web designers only, but you will be working with the team. You can connect with them for the short term as well as long term projects. When you connect with any design agency, you must enquire about the other services they offer. Let's say they are into advertising, promotional, branding design, and visuals; then you can connect with them for future services as well.   
  • Full-fledged services: The IT companies offering full-fledged services is also a web design company. Associating with such a company can reduce your tension of finding experts in different segments of the business. Further, you can uncover more opportunities by outsourcing your projects to them. If you are a medium-size business, we recommend you to look for more options for the association. This will surely enhance the opportunities for growth. 

How can I find a professional website designer? 

When there are so many professionals out there, you may have a hard time deciding which one can be perfect for your business. We will be sharing a few steps that can help you with the decision making: 
  • Prepare your project plan: Hiring a professional when you don't know the task that needs to be done is like flying in the air without any knowledge of direction. Before you start this talent hunt, you must have a basic layout of the project ready in your hand. Make a list of must-have and just-to-flaunt features. This will help you with deciding the budget. 
  • Tenure of association: Once you get your project plan ready, you will get a better idea about your end goal. For short-term goals, hiring freelancers or small design agencies can do the needful. However, when you are starting from scratch, you have to make a fair choice between a full-fledged service provider company or design agency. 
  • Analyze and compare: Irrespective of your choice of resource, you will find many look-alike businesses and freelancers. Everyone has their unique philosophies of work and values. Selection of the best will be a tough choice. Still, you have to compare them based on several factors experience, profile, reviews, post-deployment assistance, and services. 
  • Budget & process: Based on your end goal, you will try connecting with several web designing agencies, and businesses will try to connect with you and share the quotation for your requirement. After analysis of the company profile or that of a freelancer, you can finalize the budget and project deployment process. Also, you must complete the process and communication mode that you will be following to check the progress of the project. 

Haven't you found a web designer yet? Let's discuss

If you have a project plan ready and like to hire a website designer, please write us [email protected]. As a web design company, we have been successfully serving in the market for more than a decade now, you can trust with your project.