5 E-commerce Website Design Tips You Need to Know

5 E-commerce Website Design Tips You Need to Know

by Peggy April 30, 2021
Over the years, there has been rapid growth in the e-commerce industry, and it is all because of technology advancements and the internet. It's pretty much easier buying things from your mobile phones while relaxing at your home. However, this growth is not favourable for everyone. With the increasing trend of e-commerce, competition is also continuously growing.  Imagine you want to buy something online, and that too at a significant discount. But unfortunately, the site is too complicated to browse things or to complete the purchase. Would you stay on the site? No, right? You would rather avoid all the hassle and visit another site. This is precisely how it works. E-Commerce Website Design is an excellent opportunity to make a good impression on the new visitors to your website. It directly relates to the number of time users are going to spend on your website and how much they will buy from there.  The situation of COVID-19 has escalated the e-commerce industry. Online shopping has been intensified due to coronavirus, and business owners cannot ignore it any longer. This is why it is essential to know how to design a good website that increases sales. Let’s have a look at the main factors to consider while designing an e-commerce website.

E-Commerce Website Design Tips - Take your Website to the Next Level

1.Keep the Design Minimal 

When you create an eCommerce website design, could you keep it simple and silly? One of the top rules while developing an online store is that “simple is always better”. The more elements you have on your website, the more it distracts the customers from bringing them close to the deal. You don’t need tons of Banner Ads, Pop-Ups, Colors on your website. It only works as a distraction and prevents the customer from buying the product. Just keep your design clean, clear and convenient to navigate. Your primary focus should be on skyrocketing the sales, and this is only possible by making simple website design your utmost priority.

2.Make Branding a Priority

When it comes to buying a product online, people prefer buying from pre-established brands. While it is important to use popular eCommerce website design conventions to optimize your website, it is wise to make your site stand out from your competitors. Prioritizing branding of all pages of your site makes your website stand out and survive the competition. People do not like to buy from faceless online websites. Therefore, make sure your logo is visible on every single page of your e-commerce website. Keep colour schemes and fonts consistent and on-brand. Maintaining the same navigation menu and design scheme across all pages displays a clean, clear and trustworthy image. Your branding is like the biodata of your eCommerce business; it tells the audience who you are as a company, what your company is about, and how you’re different from your competitors. And it plays a massive part in building trust with your audience and driving more sales.

3.Step into the Visitors’ Shoe.

Once said by the best web development agency in the UK, “If you want to connect with a wider range of audience, you need to put yourself into the visitor’s shoes and think”. What kind of layout would be the easiest for them to navigate through your website? What colours or themes would attract them to your online store? Eventually, there are a few things that your customers want in an eCommerce website - a website that is easy to navigate, offers hassle-free shopping process, and well-designed. And if you want your eCommerce store to succeed, you should give your customers the experience they want. When you think like a customer, you can identify what exactly they want from your online store. It can help you design your store to fulfil their needs.

4.Use Quality Photos 

Quality photos and videos are an excellent opportunity to promote the product on your e-commerce store. Product’s photos and videos are the only things your customer can rely on while buying from your store. That is why for e-commerce website design, photos and videos must be of good quality. The better the photo and video representation is, the more users will like your online store. This includes high-resolution photos, 3D models, 360-degree views, and videos. It is a basic human tendency that they feel low-quality images indicate that the store doesn’t care about making an effort to sell; hence, they will go search for the same product in another store. Additionally, a new norm that is becoming popular these days is zooming the product image.This feature will help you to provide an excellent view of an image to the customers. 

5.Social Proofs are Necessary

As we said, building trust is essential. But is branding the only way to build trust? Of Course Not!! When designing an eCommerce store for your business, you can look for ways to show the positive feedback given to you by the existing customers. You can add a rating section where your customers can rate your product or add a testimonial section to share their experience with your e-commerce website. The more positive reviews your website visitors see, the more trustworthy your website will appear. It will likely help you to improve your conversion rates and get higher revenues.


The main aim of every online store is to convert more visitors into customers and sell more. A good e-commerce website design can help you achieve the aim of more conversions and sales. Developing and running a successful e-commerce website is not easy. Eventually, there are many things you can do to improve sales and keep your customers coming back. With the above-mentioned e-commerce website design tips from a reputed eCommerce website development company, creating an e-commerce store becomes easy. Don’t waste time and hire us to create an outstanding website design for your e-commerce store.
How trustworthy are Web Development services in the UK

How trustworthy are Web Development services in the UK

by Peggy March 18, 2021
Web development services in the UK provides all kinds of developing services. They help in designing a website, mobile applications. The web development agency services UK can customize these services as per the requirements. The client has to provide all the information and specification that they want on their website or mobile applications. Now, the question arises is the web development agency safe? If yes, then how much trustworthy are the web development agency? This indeed is a critical question for any client, as the client shares their innovative ideas. The idea is to create a new website or mobile application that can help the user. Everyday a lot of ideas are thought about new features or tools by only some is developed. The primary reason is that all ideas cannot be creatively converted. It has to be innovative, codable, and easy to use. Only practical ideas are approved and developed. Similarly, many ideas are shared with the web development agency also to develop by a different client. It is vital to keep the ideas of a new website or mobile application to be confidential. Failing to this company can have copyright issues as it is possible for two people or companies to have a similar kind of idea. So, it is cautioned to patent the idea. The idea can be leaked through any resource. It could be anyone either from the company or the contracted web development agency to develop the website. It is the primary responsibility of the developer to first patent his idea and then proceed to share it with others. As soon as the developing stage comes, the client looms for the best web development agency. There are several factors that one looks at in the web development agency to built an application. The first and foremost factor is trust. The web development agency has to be trustworthy since a large amount of confidential data is shared by them that can be misused. The data can be sold to the rival company by them. The possibility of data sharing can happen at any stage. To avoid all this, the company should have all the required permissions, and everything is mentioned in the contract. It will safeguard the company from any loss. How can we check the loyalty of the web development agency in the UK? We can achieve this by taking all the measures carefully. From the moment the idea occurred to the launch of the product, all the stages are crucial.

There are different phases to build a successful website or a mobile application, which are as follows:

a) Making a blueprint of the idea to create it:

The blueprint should have the vision and mission of the project. It will be a helpful invention or not for the user. The idea should be well-thought-out. The reason must be mentioned in the presentation.

b) Bringing ideas forward – brainstorming

Illustrating the idea in front of the concerned team is very important. Every detail should be shown in the presentation. The objective behind the idea should be presented in a way that is understood by everyone.

c) Ideation – approval with authentication

Once the idea is presented, it should be submitted for approval and authorization. Before presenting an idea, it is the responsibility of the person to check the originality. If your idea is original, try and acquire copyrights beforehand.

d) Development – stage post-approval

Post-approval from the team, it is sent for development. An experienced web development agency is chosen for developing the website or mobile applications. The agency is chosen based on their experience, reviews, goodwill, and quality of the work. Work is completed as per the timelines.

e) Purpose of designing

Website or mobile application is designed according to its use. The design is created based on the purpose of the product, and then client approval is sought. After designing the product, marketing, and campaign start.

e) Marketing a product –right from launch

Post-marketing, then preparations are started for the launch. The launch event has to be successful to create it's a buzz among the user. The web development agency has all the information from idea to software program to coding language to design to launch of the product. The company can be scared till the time the product is launched in the market without any complications. The contract between the client and web development agency in the UK must have all the clauses to prevent any leak of the information. There should be no loopholes. The intention of the web development agency can be checked based on their goodwill. The past projects of the agency should be reviewed. This helps to understand the quality of work they perform. Security measures taken by web development services in the UK have to be carefully evaluated by the client. Their theft policy meets the requirements or not can indicate the loyalty of the web development agency. Tools used to prevent hacking of the website should be shared with the client. The list of clients also reveals their position in the market and how much the agency is trusted by everyone in the industry. Numerous web development services in the UK can be trusted as they are in the industry for many years. The client should perform all the necessary background verification processes before approaching any web development agency. The report of background verification will clear all the doubts of the company. Background verification of the web development agency and their employees, especially the team of the developers and designers who will work on the project should be done. This is an important process that a company should perform for the security of their product. Trust is not created easily. The web development services agency has to prove it before creating its name in the market. It helps them in working for good and big clients over time. A good clientele also shows the trustworthiness of the agency. It is better to know the steps that the web development agency will take in case of any fault.

The contract should mention the compensation that an agency will give for the breach of the contract.

Are Web development services in the UK trustworthy?

They can be believed to build any kind of website or mobile application. The agency themselves understand the importance of the trust required in the business. Breaking of trust can finish their business forever that they would never want to happen. Integrity is an essential part of any business. This is well understood by any web development agency to gain a name in the market. They also have a background verification process before hiring any employee. This verification is processed by themselves or sometimes by a third party. Anyone who doesn't fulfill 100% of the criteria is not employed as it can result in the leaking of any confidential data and this can hamper their image in the market. This will only make the web development agency lose their client and the projects. So, they take all the measures to protect their authenticity. As explained above, it is also for the client to not blindly trust any agency and verify all the information from their end. To prevent any wrongdoing, the client has to be vigilant enough. They should check the status of the project on a timely basis. Complete reports should be given on time to the client to update the status of the website or mobile application development. The reports should be transparent, and no details should be hidden. A transparent report is a clear indication of the intention of the web development agency. It simply implies that they can be trusted with the project that no information will be leaked. They can be trusted with the timeline that needs to be followed to complete the project. Web development agencies can be trusted with the quality of work and also, that it is done with all permissions. The work completed with all fairness and following all the guidelines depicts the web development agency's loyalty towards their clients.
Why Should you opt for custom web development?

Why Should you opt for custom web development?

by Matt May 7, 2020
Do you know that 48% of the world population of 7.4 billion in 2017 were actively using the internet? With the increase in inclination towards technology, this percentage of users have surely crossed the line of 50%.  At present in April 2020, the count of active internet users reached 4.57 billion! And, that's the count out of 7.8 billion people. With more than half of the global population using the internet, there is undoubtedly no question about the importance of taking your business online.  You can deploy online tools and website builders to create the online presence of your site and reach out to web design agencies as well. The former is a pocket-friendly idea but later may lead you to manage your budget. Other than the management cost, and more substantial time of development, custom web designing stand out as an option of web development.  Let us tell you some of the vital benefits that you will get on hiring a web design agency for an affordable custom web designing project. 
  • Improves UI that aids user experience:

    When you are using the pre-built templates, you are confined in the design of the layout. If you are creating your website on your own, you can't make a lot of changes in the template, not on the code level at least. You will need the assistance of a web developer or UI/UX designer to help you with the features of your choice. Trying these minor manipulations take more time than the development from scratch. Hiring a web design agency for such changes will already increase your budget. That's why it is better to rely on custom web designing. With affordable custom web design, you can have all the features of your choice on your website. 
  • Impact upon the conversion rates:

    The expert UI/UX designers can create the website mockup of your choice before starting the development. With the industry standards, you will be following ideas that you came across after competitor analysis and interaction pattern of users across the web. You can opt for an A/B testing option on designs and improve the conversion rate of your business. When you are designing the website with a target audience in mind; the sky's the limit for your growth. 
  • Responsiveness:

    When you tweak the ready-to-build templates, the responsiveness of the websites automatically gets sacrificed. That's why it takes more time to make changes rather than building from scratch. The web designers and developers keep checking for the responsiveness across devices, before making your site. During the process of testing, all the remaining bugs are addressed and checked for numerous instances. With custom web development, you need not worry about the issues of responsiveness. Thus, you can offer a flawless experience to all of your visitors, clients, and customers across the web. 
  • Personalization:

    At the beginning of the internet era, people started looking out for solutions and exploring out of curiosity. Time being there happened a lot of change in the user's interaction pattern, and now people like to connect. When you opt for an option of custom development, the web design agency cares about the visual experience of the users, content as well as the trends that can make your users feel more personalized. 
  • SEO:

    The guidance of the digital marketing team to the web designers and developers can help in the development of the website with the perspective of search engines. When your website matches with all the algorithmic guidelines of the search engines, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into SEO of your website. It will benefit your users to discover you earlier, and will get you much better ROI. 

What's more?

The best thing about custom web designing is you pay for what you want. There is no set budget for all the projects; it all depends upon the creativity of your ideas. If you are already running any business and seeking affordable web design services, you can write to us at [email protected]. In our span of service, we came across so many businesses of all the sizes and business niches. 
Top tools behind the success of every website development agency

Top tools behind the success of every website development agency

by Peggy May 6, 2020
Are you a freelancer? Have you recently launched your service-based business? Are you planning to scale your website development agency? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, the primary entity of your business will be the same. And that's your clients. With the time being, it will be tough to manage your multiple clients. We know that it takes a lot of time to pitch and convert even a single client. After bearing all this pressure, for sure you don't want to risk any of your clients. But, remembering the huge buck of every project isn't possible for anyone. The only way to improve your customer experience is to maintain transparency and accomplish your milestones as per the set deadlines. Your duty is not only towards your present clients, but your prospective clients are also your responsibility. In this blog, we will guide you with the effective business tools and software that every website development agency uses, and you can use as well to streamline different tasks of your business.

Customer-end tools:

For your visitors, to-be-clients, and prospective customers; the helpdesk software and tools are essential. The primary interaction with clients begins with these tools only. That's why your customer interaction tools must be robust and sturdy. The tools are: Tawk.to: Tawk.to is the free live-chat tool that you can integrate to your website and offer live assistance to your customers. As long as you are managing your chats as a single-user, you can get benefited with the free version, later, you can upgrade to the paid plan. Even in the free version, you can communicate with unlimited chats, raise tickets when you are offline, and auto-initiate conversation when someone is surfing for a long time. This helps you connect with the leads, even when you aren't present. When customers know that there is someone to attend them, they feel more urge to connect with that brand. Zendesk: You can call it a saviour for your freelance business or small enterprise. It allows you to raise, create and manage tickets with all the basic to advanced business functionalities. You can host community as well as forum discussions and answer common issues over there. With easy integrations, you can link your common business apps like CRM, storage and so on to help you maintain the productivity of your business. As it will be tough for you to manage and check each of these applications distinctly, you can opt for integration and streamline your business within the chosen budget cap. Zohodesk: Being one of the most effective help desk platforms, it allows multi-channel support; thus, enabling you to communicate with your customers across different channels. Leveraging the power of AI, namely Zia, Zoho learns the interaction pattern of the customer and tries to attend to your customers on a more human level, in your absence. This helps you redirect your customers, especially if they have any common concern or previously asked issue.

Client interaction tools:

For real-time interaction with your clients, you can't merely rely on video calls, but there are several other functionalities to count on. Your ultimate goal is to make your client feel that you are beside them in their project room and they can trust you with their dreams. You can count on the tools like: Zoom: One of the finest tools for trouble-free video conferencing and meeting conduction, witnessed a massive surge of 200 million to 300 millions in a month in 2020 due to COVID outbreak across the nation. In the newly adopted work-from-home, culture businesses are widely relying on Zoom conferencing tool. The top features responsible for this fan base are video recording, multiple-screen sharing, meeting scheduling, document, video, screen sharing, and above all the quality of voice and video. You can chat and share files on different boards and chat rooms. Thus, reduces the need of project management tools distinctly. And, the best thing is, it is available for free unless you want to host a meeting with more than 100 people at once. If you haven't tried yet, you must go ahead and download it right now! Skype: Skype is the oldest professional buddy of almost everyone out there. Skype is also available for free, as long as you are connected to the internet and another person is on Skype, you can easily connect and communicate. Skype was initially started to ease the communication between people and allow calling across the nation as well as internationally; now, it is offering fantastic support for client collaboration. You can share screens, communicate in groups and add individuals to the call. But, you can not schedule any meeting and connect separately. You can conference call to the entire team at once and conduct your online sessions. For better customer experience, it is recommended to sign up for Skype for business instead of the complimentary version. Join.me: Join.me is known for its simplicity. Since, it works on the web you need not worry about the device space or any external plugins to support easy functioning. If you are handling your business with freelancers and remote workers, you will adore it. It's a feature, named as whiteboarding, allows members to draw and share their ideas on the virtual paper, this eases experience in real-time. Just like whiteboard discussions in the meeting room, you can do in the virtual meeting room. With unique meeting links secured with passwords, you need not worry about security of your meeting and collaboration. Though it's a paid tool, you can use it for free upto three team members, and this makes it an ideal choice for startups.

Project management tools:

Slack: Slack has a huge fan base as an interactive project management tool. Using the features like named chat rooms, direct messaging, adding the files sharing regular task among teams turns easy. Slack enables community based interactions to ease the communication. You can download the API to link with Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Zendesk and numerous others. This will centralize the conversation and let you mark the notifications based on priority. Thus, minimizes distraction and help you concentrate on what's important. Trello: As a freelancer, when you are working on more than one projects, the deadline of some of them may slip from your mind. To help you organize your tasks in such a case, you can count on Trello to organize and prioritize your projects. You can create distinct boards and set your tasks; you can collaborate with the team and create rule-based triggered responses. Scheduling of tasks help you manage and hit the deadline in prior. You can integrate the additional apps like Google drive, dropbox, Evernote, slacks and a few more. When you have everything centrally available at one place as per your business needs, the interactions with clients will not be a headache anyway. The best thing is you can download it on your smartphone and add or update tasks even on the go. Zipboard: If you own a website development agency, you must count Zipboard, as it allows the designers and developers to collaborate and get clients' feedback upon the designs. This makes it the choice of developers as well as designers.

Marketing Support tools

Irrespective of your business niche, you have to market your products as well as services online. With over 3.8 billion active social media users out of 4.5 billion internet users in 2020, you surely can't drop an idea of business promotion on social media platforms. However, it's tough to keep your social media alive when you are busy serving your first clients. If anyone is said to choose between client and personal branding, obviously the client will be selected. You can count on the below tools to help you manage both hand-in-hand: HootSuite: The best thing is you can link 3 of your social handles within a single account and that too for free! Well, that's the benefit of an individual plan. So, you can create your posts on weekends and schedule them for the weekdays. If you are offering the services of social media management or brand reputation management, you can upgrade with the professional account and manage the social media for your clients as well. If you still don't believe in the utility of the tool for your business, you can register with the professional plan and claim a 30-days free trial. With the paid plan, there are numerous advanced features for you to explore. Sprout social: Though Sprout social is not free, you can use it for your website design agency to push brand reputation management as an add-on service. It helps you with the management of social handles, allow customer interaction and showcase the analytics reports. The intuitive dashboard design makes it easier to use. The above tools are useful to get your business running and automate some of your tasks. We aren't telling these are only ones, but these are often used. Some of these tools work better for your business than others. If you have any other recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section below.