List The Major Setbacks Of Website Maintenance

List The Major Setbacks Of Website Maintenance

by Jose August 8, 2020
In 2020, 1.5 billion websites are present on the web, and to your surprise, only 200 million of these are active. What has happened to the sites that went inactive, and why?  Well, there can be many reasons for it; like the owner closed the business, never got the time to make that website live, ran out of budget, forgot to upgrade the hosting plan, left the idea of business just there, or even didn't have time to manage. There can be a lot many silly reasons or even more worth it reasons for inactive sites. But, believe it or not, you have to devote your time and efforts, to make your website a success.  There will be a lot many pitfalls in the journey of owning and working on the success of your website. There will be technical glitches, non-technical problems, hosting issues, or some third-world issues.  Let me list the major setbacks that will bug you and make you stay awake for the entire night, finding one silly thing where it went wrong. 
  • Compatibility of themes

When you see plenty of options to get free themes as well as paid ones, you instantly consider that creating a website is extremely simple. But, believe me, it's not a piece of cake.  This happens to be the first and foremost issue that developers will be facing when selecting the theme for your website. If you are not in a mood of creating things from scratch and hiring resources to apply the theme of your choice and add a few vital functionalities, you can't simply go ahead purchasing the theme. The resources of the web design company that you have hired will check for the compatibility of your chosen theme with the latest version of the framework or CMS that you are using to design your website. If the selected theme is not compatible, you will be left with no other option then checking for the right theme. 
  • Plugins: 

Plugins are the added functionalities to your website that will help the web design company to add features without worrying about starting things from scratch. By adding these existing ready-to-implement features, the developers can concentrate more on customizing their layout as per the theme of your website.  However, the implementation of the plugin isn't as easy as its addition. You have to check its compatibility with the latest version of your platform. There are no restrictions & set standards for plugin creators so that it won't be easy on you. Majority of the plugins give basic features for free and request you to upgrade your store to claim major functionalities. You have to check with the type of features that you will need and check for the best one that offers most of them. It would be best if you were cautious while adding plugins, as it will make your site bulky and directly impact on its loading speed.  The un-updated plugins will not go well with your website, and the frequently updated ones will leave you no choice but to upgrade. When you want to see the changes that this new implementation will bring, keep in mind that it can go wrong if your website is not compatible with those changes. That's why, even if you have access to the backend of your store, take the assistance of your technical expert or content with resources in the web design company before updating the plugins. Check the detailed information about changes that will be coming with that update. If you will get a green signal, upgrade the said plugins added to your site. 
  • APIs support

When you want to use third-party services to manage your content, marketing, sales, and different segments of business, you have to integrate their APIs at your store. With the change in dynamics, shared standards and updates of search engines, APIs are set to resolve bugs and to upgrade themselves. Every update may not be that major that it will change the frontend functionalities. But, there are chances that upgrade may not sustain righteously with your existing version. Before implementation, please go through the details of the latest update and then implement it on your store. It's better to take assistance from your developers before hitting update. 
  • Web hosting issues

Web hosting is one of the crucial parts of web designing & its issues are something you can't get rid of. If you are hiring resources externally, you don't have to bother as they will be communicating with the web hosting provider. The concern mostly comes when you are navigating your site to different servers, adding redundant servers or losing some of your important web files. There can be certain compatibility issues of the theme or if it's going heavier than the handling capacity of your server. You can be stuck at any stage, and it's tiresome to wait in the queue to talk with the technical person and get your queries solved at once. Mostly, when you talk with the support team, they will be pointing at the problems from your end. That's why it's tricky to get your work done at once. 
  • Jumping from the old website 

If you are using the old version of the website since ages, there will come the time of expiry. In contrast to the expiry date of medicines, here your website will get dead if you won't upgrade to the latest version. These days, most of the CMS platforms have the option of installing the downloads of recent updates, but it's not the case for all. You may have to revamp your website or at least take the assistance of technical experts to upgrade your website with the latest version. We know it will add up your budget, but that's part and parcel of website maintenance.  These are some of the common hardships that every website owner come across. Taking care of your website may seem easy to you if you are handling a single website, but it will be a lot hectic when you have website business running. You can rely on a web design company to build the alluring layout of your website and handle the timely maintenance of the same. If you wish to hire a web design agency in the UK to streamline your business by taking it online, you can write to us at  
How Does Mascot help In Branding? 

How Does Mascot help In Branding? 

by Peggy June 12, 2020
Whether you are planning a new venture or already own one, you ultimately want the success of your business. It will never happen without customers. That's why you have to strengthen your relationship with your customers.    In contrast to the product-based businesses, it is tricky for the service-based business to bridge the gap between customers and companies. Usually, the web design agency takes the approach of content marketing and focuses on the service. Flooding the content may help you improve the reach and ranking of your site, but you are not alone in the race. Several other businesses are trying the same tricks to gather some traction.    You try your best shot to add the human touch with the personalization of your business. So, why not add a person to your brand?    That's what mascots do!    The Mascot is the human/anime character that you can add to your business. It may or may not be used for the logo of your site. That's entirely your choice. But, count on the Mascot as the additional element that helps you market your offerings in a more approachable manner. There is no restriction and standards for the Mascot like it should have a human or a thing, you can give the shape it, as per your creativity.    Now, let me share the bonus points that Mascot can add to your business:    Amul  Hostgator   
  • Gives a face to your brand: 

That's genuine that the Mascot adds the face to your brand. Once the people get accustomed to your Mascot, they will start recognizing your brand with that vary image. The product-based businesses often use the Mascot on the packaging material as well as other branding stuff. Let me tell you the most relatable work of brands: 
    • Android: 
Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, and that's how Android is our companion. This one is used as a mascot logo. But, it's your choice to keep the Mascot in the logo or distinctly. It is relatable to the normal human with the antenna-like that of bot or router. Even those who haven't heard of Android are well aware of the logo that connects to the network. 
    • Amul:

A little girl inspires the mascot character of Amul. This was a hand-drawn mascot that was realized back in 1966. Since then to now, there have been so many avatars of this little girl with polka dot dresses. From creative graphics to stories, Amul took that girl flawlessly on the branding site. It's been more than 50 years now, and Amul girl is winning the hearts of everyone. You can see that in the case of Amul, the logo is simply the brand name written in artistic font, and the Mascot is standing differently. With the need for time, either of them can be used as inspiration for your business. 
  • Unhired storyteller of your brand

Remember that you are free to choose the type of character you want to create. You can feed the attributes of your business to your character. This will make it a lot easier for people to connect with the story of your brand. 

Let me share some of the fantastic examples: 

    • Pillsbury Doughboy:

Pilsbury wanted to share the story of fresh, round, and fluffy bread that can be created from their dough. It is personified as a chef to connect with the look of the chef, thus, clarifies the story more easily. The image of the doughboy tells the story of the brand, and it need not be actualized differently.   
    • Duracell bunny:

Bunnies(or rabbits) are known for their hyperactive nature, speed, and friendliness. They dwell in comfortably with whomever they meet. The electricity cell brand, Duracell used bunny to show the same traits of service their product offers. Quick, long-lasting, and fits to cell needs of every product that runs on the battery. 
  • A useful tool for marketing: 

Mascot helps you a lot in staying trendy. If you are wondering how? Let me tell you the truth that you can create the entire marketing campaign around your Mascot. Sharing the story or the message gets much easy. You can make the mascots work for you to generate awareness about some social cause and increase engagement. There happen to be an ad campaign by Burger king where they removed the beard of the king in the Mascot to generate the awareness of men's health. Likewise,'s Captain Obvious is urging with their Mascot to stay home.    In the current situation, even when you know that your business won't blossom, you can engage with people and strengthen your business bonds.    Mascots create a window for your customers to know your business and know the story at its best. When people get curious about it, they will automatically like to engage in a much better way.    Now that you know the benefits of the Mascot for your business, it's time to think about one for your company.    You can connect with the web design agency to help you associate with the professional artists and get a face for your brand. When you are counting on the best web design firms, you can reach us at
Role Of Digital Marketing Experts In Quality Website Design

Role Of Digital Marketing Experts In Quality Website Design

by Alice May 25, 2020
By the end of 2019, we had 1.72 billion live websites on the internet, and the count is increasing daily.    If you are planning for a website, to make your digital entry in the market, what difference will you make?    Considering the ever-increasing competition, it will be tricky for you to lock your space on the web. After making your website live, you have to hire a team of marketing experts. That’s nothing new; every other business in the market is doing more or less the same thing.    Once you hire the marketing geeks, they will look at your site, perform analysis, and soon come with a list of updates for your website. And, by chance, if you pitched to a full-fledged IT company, they will push the plan of website revamping.   

You will be taken aback!

  This idea of redesigning just after web development is like a shock. But, if you truly understand the requirement and utility of changes, you will instantly give a green signal.   

The website revamping will not come for free, and it will add to your budget!

  You can save on such expenses by taking your first decision wisely. For quality website design, you must count the IT companies that offer all the services under one roof. During the selection of resources for your web development project, you can ask for the timely assistance of resources like digital marketing strategists, professional content writer/copywriter, and graphic designers, in addition to the website designers, developers, and testers.    You can check for the portfolio of the company to affirm your choice of resources for your website development project. Once you get on-board, a brain-storming session with all of your team members can help them understand the vision of your business. This will make it easier for the company to imbibe the same values on your website that you want to share.   

How can digital marketing experts make your website convert?

If your website is not performing well, it is not worth getting into space. Web development is not merely getting your site live; rather, it is to make your business convert. There are a handful of web development firms that promise A/B testing for your website to make it more functional for your business.    Web designers with their industry knowledge and experience of digital marketing experts try to improve the conversion rate of your website. When web designers care to refine the look and feel of your web page design, marketing geeks impart the ideas to make it more interactive. The more user-friendly your site will be, the less effort you have to put in paid marketing of your website.      Now, we will talk about the efforts that digital marketers put in your site during the web designing phase:   
  • Trends: To stand ahead of other businesses, your knowledge about market trends must be up-to-date. Earlier, even the flash sites were workable, but not anymore. The current trend of web page design is walking with minimalism, dark theme, parallax, and storytelling ideas. 
Marketing geeks come across several websites regularly. Sometimes, that’s to understand the requirements of the business or to understand the customers. They have tuned with the search engine algorithmic updates and advise you to avoid certain practices in the design layout of your site.   
  • Convertible graphics: When the flow of the site, as well as the content, is ready, graphic designers get more time to add creative ideas. Marketers often give more selective and precise images to the designers for reference and save their time of research. 
The media elements are known to grab more attention than the textual content, and that’s why collectively they have more opportunity to think of more interesting ideas. As the trend says, you can explore new formats of graphics. The designers may not like it, but they are often asked for reducing the file size and change formats to make it easily accessible through all the browsers on the web.   
  • CTAs: The ultimate goal of your website is to build a link between your website and customers. You may be able to bring in visitors to your website, then call-to-action (CTA) buttons make them navigate through your site. Placing CTAs on your website is also one of a task. You have to choose the section wisely, such that people will neither miss your content nor CTA. 
They will guide you about the position of CTA buttons on your site that can improve the session time of each of your visitors. The more the people will explore your site, the greater will be chances of conversion. That’s the same strategy behind revamping your website.   
  • Content development: Even if you have a fully functional website ready for you, you can’t launch it without personalized content. Though it seems easy to copy the content and get niche-based content ready within minutes, that’s now how it works. The other companies can file the claim of plagiarism of content. The sales copy of your offerings must be unique and conversational with specific emphasis on keyword optimization.
  The fresh content of your website will eliminate the need for content auditing at a later stage of your website.      The assistance of digital marketing experts will make your website more accessible to search engines. Your website will not be only visually pleasing; rather, it will be more engaging and clutter-free. Those of you already have an idea in your mind; you can write to us at to discuss your business needs for website designing. 
What Are the Web Standards for Professional Web Design Development?

What Are the Web Standards for Professional Web Design Development?

by Daniel April 29, 2020
From plain HTML websites to interactive and responsive ones, we came a long way in this digital journey. But, it wouldn’t have been possible if we never had web standards. To help you with this jargon “web standards”, let me give you an example. Let’s consider you are building an ecommerce website, and you use a shopping cart as a symbol of the cart. Some other businesses are using a basket, while someone is using a vector image of the building or symbol of the product; will a user be able to understand what you are trying to convey. That would be impossible, as and when customers belong to different locations and speak different dialects. In such a situation, you have to create different websites to target your users in different regions, and that will create a more troublesome state. It will add to the budget as well as the headache of managing these many IPs. And, it’s not only about the layout and content in the front-end. In the same way, there is a distinction in the pattern of coding, security, responsiveness, web architecture, accessibility, and much more. In this blog, we will be taking all of these web standards topics one-by-one showing their need in importance for professional web design development. Web standards are nothing but formal specifications set by standard authorities to ease the usage of the internet for users, visitors, as well as developers. You surely like to know more about these authorities.

Who decides web standards for professional web design development?

The founder of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, led to the creation of W3C. W3C stands for World World Web Consortium. It is created with the mission to improvise the user experience over the web, irrespective of the browser or device it was accessed with. Back in the old days, when explorers use to work with different technologies, it was a disastrous experience for internet users. As those websites supported on Internet Explorer displayed in the deformed format on other browsers. It wasn’t a pleasing experience for users for sure. Later, other standard organizations like Ecma, IETF, WHATWG community came in support of W3C to introduce the web-standards that grew with the need of time. Now, we will walk you through the lane of web standards that every web design agency has to adhere:
  • Coding standards:

Do you know that even your code speaks a lot about your website? Well, as a non-tech person, you may not be aware of it. But, clean and concise code of the website can reduce the risk of getting bugs and make it trouble-free for the QA team to perform testing swiftly.  The coding standards are a set of defined guidelines, code conventions, and programming styles adapted to write the source code of your project. With these guidelines, it will be easier for other professionals in the team to understand and work on the same project. If you are planning to outsource your exisitng project or looking for UI/UX designers, the coding standards can bring clarity.  Even when distinct frameworks are used, language standards are also created to simplify the coding pattern of the website. Irrespective of you working as a freelancer or as a part of an organization, you must have an understanding of these standards to improve the overall performance of your website. 
  • Graphics:

The standards for the graphic designing of your website talks about the front-end designing standards. Since interactive media is much more appealing to the users, in comparison to the static content, the creative mind needs to check with the graphic ideas that are generalized. Your website is created for laymen which is more generalized irrespective of the caste, creed, region, and religion. 

The basic standards set W3C include: 

    • JPEG and PNG file format for images, so that they can open across the web normally. 
    • WebCGM and Webp format is set for vector graphics in order to manage the quality of the image and optimize the performance of the website. 
    • For data visualization, SVG is a pre-decided format to ease the editing of pictures in different editing software. 
Such recommendations aren’t forcefully set to be followed, but they also improve the performance of designers by promoting device independence.  
  • Web architecture:

The standards for the web architecture are specially set to enable interoperability across the devices, browsers, users and user mediums. It helps improve enterprise mobility, technical accessibility, and functionality. The basic set of standards are:
    • URL and URI structure of the website. 
    • Sitemap that needs to be in the XML format. 
    • Data representation format with HTML/CSS
    • Data transmission protocols like HTTP and HTTPS, TCP/IP
    • Data encoding and secure payment standards like PCI DSS and so on. 
  • Mobile responsiveness:

    Though the idea of mobile responsiveness came only with the mobile-first approach, now, responsiveness is a more critical factor. The notion of responsiveness is to offer a flawless experience to your users irrespective of the device dimensions. Earlier, the size of the screen was standard. Thus, few of the companies started creating two prototypes of the website: one for mobile and other for the desktop screen. 
Now, with the arrival of a wide variety of screen sizes, it has become tricky. Also, Google’s algorithm started considering the responsiveness of the website as one of the key factors to rank the website. This automatically grew the need for standardization and adaptation for the idea of responsiveness. 
  • Accessibility & security:

    When you are designing the website to serve the need of every individual accessing the web, you have to think from everyone’s perspective. But, the perspective of all people can not be the same. And, that’s why, W3C created standards that can help all the individuals associated with the project, say, writers, designers, testers, trainers, policy creators, and so on. With a notion of creating “Web for all”, the standards are set for accessibility, internationalization, the privacy of the website, and care about the security of the website. 
When you are reading this, we believe that you are a part of the IT industry be it as a professional developer, designer, marketing head, or someone else that is closely related to the worldwide web. We recommend you to connect with the W3C workgroups and community of standard organization to keep yourself updated with the latest changes and give your fair share of advice whenever you feel like change should come.