Make Your Web Page Design Stand Out With Colors That Speak On Own

Make Your Web Page Design Stand Out With Colors That Speak On Own

by Milan September 16, 2020
We are more drawn towards graphics and interactive media as it opens the gateway for imagination. The textual content is capable of doing the same, but it goes well for readers only. The websites are designed for a common audience and not for a specific set of users. Visual graphics are known to bring the attention of users without actually concentrating on it. When a visitor comes to your site, the design elements give an understanding of the idea behind it. If you succeed in creating curiosity in the mind of your visitors, they will surely explore more. And, the ones interested will likely become your customers; maybe today or sometime in the future. By making the web page design captivating with appropriate media elements, precise but catchy phrases, you can gain the attention of explorers. Your choice of colours can paint your website as per your drafted ideas. By following the same creativity in your visual graphics, it will be a lot easier for you to give voice to the layout of your website. Here, we will not be talking about the appropriate usage of the colour palette. Rather we will tell you how many different styling of colour variations you can implement on your website. Earlier, we had a fair discussion about the colour philosophy that graphics designers at web development firms follow. Please take it as the extension of points with a distinctive & practical approach this time. We will be taking different use cases of web page design where colours become storytellers & make the people hear their words.

When Vibrant & Neutrals Coexist

The combination of vibrant, solid colours with that of light shades has always been a trend. Now, this idea is modernized with the experimentation of vivid colours in isolated colour tones. The blend of two dark colours is often neutralized by any of the muted colours & to your surprise; people are supporting them. People are developing their affinity towards dark shades & lighter combinations even when extended to the more substantial part of the web page to gain user’s attention.

When Visuals Contrast With Typography

The design layout of a web page is the combination of textual and graphical content. By considering the theme of creation & appropriate usage of colours, you can create classic banner images and add that wow factor to your website. In such a case, you must care about the typography, and the colour of the text will be contrasting with the design elements. Web Page Design

Recall colour blocking from Fashion Industry

The inspiration for the concept of colour blocking came from the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian & it has sustained in the fashion industry since the 1960s. However, the UI/UX designers may or may not go with the idea of using complementary colours, but they will find the fascinating implementation of bold & bright colours. You can drive the colour wheel & experiment with hue & saturation to change the background that is complementing the colour of graphics you are adding. It can be the opposite colours from the colour wheel or mix of saturated & muted colours. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood source:Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Expanded Color Pallette

The updated colour palette came up with attractive shades of all colours. This gave more options for designers to experiment & tweak the layout of the website. This doesn’t mean that you make the rainbow of your design, but you have more freedom to follow the shades of the colour scheme. Web Design

Walk with optimistic shades

The colour experts at Pantone Color Institute says that the latest trend talks about a variety of colour combinations. Certain colours have made their unique identity in the industry & they are used accordingly. It can be about variations of soft pastels, the domination of Millennial pink & its shades for beauty & fashion, Black & Blue colours go along with denim business, dark brown & its variations blend well for coffee & chocolate businesses. Web design company Web & graphic designers digitally play with the colours & colour scheme to shape your ideas in reality. You may or may not have the foresight about how things should look on the web, but connecting with professionals will reduce your burden about the same. If you like to connect with the website development firm to tweak the designs of your web page, you can write to us at [email protected]
How To Decide The Website Startup Costs For A Startup Business?

How To Decide The Website Startup Costs For A Startup Business?

by Nikki September 8, 2020
When a website is the need of our hour, it doesn't mean that you design it just for the sake of it. The professional look of the website is as important as having a site. If you are launching a service-based business, the layout of your website & interactive media elements makes you stand ahead of your competitors. You will surely invest your time in marketing your services, but you will not get appropriate outcomes if the web page design of your landing pages will be boring.  Your counter in such a situation will be, nothing comes for free & you don't have a solid budget to design an excellent website. The solution to this issue can be creating a budget for your business plan. Irrespective of the business niche, you must not leave the business plan anyway, as it will help you answer a lot many questions. 

How to decide the budget for my website? 

Let us guide you through the basic layout of creating a business plan & how it can streamline your expenses. In your business plan, you will mention the industry, type of products/services you are offering, business model, revenue model, organizational hierarchy, display the market research, competitor analysis, demand in the market, breakdown of offerings, budget to manage the cash flow and regular investments; additional investors required or not, fundraising ideas (if required), marketing strategy, sales strategy, long-term & short-term goals. If you already have some of the planning to implement your strategies to attain your end goals, that can be mentioned. When you add the financial budget, don't forget to add your expenses along with ideas.  Your business plan will give you a clear view of the evaluation of the website startup costs for your business & what can be the range of your affordability. Based on this estimate, you can draft your list of features to approach a web design company & get their quotation. With this clarity, you will be able to decide the options of cost-cutting and options with which you can make your presence in the market. 

Must-Haves For Your Startup Business Site 

Standing out doesn't mean to go fancy. So, as a startup, you can walk with something unique, yet pocket-friendly & classy ideas that can make your business stand out. Follow the list of expenses as: 
  • Domain & hosting: The investment for domain name & hosting plans of your site will be annually recurring or monthly, depending upon the plans you select. However, you can't do any fair cost-cutting here you can compare the plans & subscribe with one that seems justified to you. It is better to communicate with any technical geeky friend of yours before purchasing any long-term hosting plan. 
  • Selection of theme: The first & foremost thing is the selection of the right theme for your website. Think about the purpose of your website & the benefits of the design idea that you will implement. Now, there are numerous sources from where you can get access to the free themes, implementing which you can design your website without any worries. Depending upon the utility of your website, you will be able to filter the theme for your site much easier. For some startup ideas, a single page standalone website will be enough for your site & others may need dedicated web pages for each of the offerings. If your requirement permits, you can save on the expenses over here. 
  • Custom designing: Adding the personal touch of your brand is necessary as well as value-adding. But, customization & personalization stand differently. You may not need customization for your website if there is no requirement of advanced features for your website. The customization upto certain extent doesn't add a heavy budget, but more of it definitely can do that. 
No set layout or idea can fit everywhere. It entirely depends upon your business requirements that what type of services will saturate with the demand. If you are confused to figure out what's best for your startup, it is better to connect with the professionals & solve this riddle for you. If you have listed requirements of your project ready, you can write to us at [email protected] to get quotations for your website straightaway.
Web Designing & Development: It’s Not Only About Selling Services & Products

Web Designing & Development: It’s Not Only About Selling Services & Products

by Matt September 2, 2020
The concept of website development has evolved. Earlier, the majority of people believed that the website is for businesses only. The wave of dotcom in the late 90s shook everyone, and many of them were driven by it. From then to now, websites have travelled a long journey. It all started with plain HTML pages with the addition of a few images, which is not at all appealing to today’s viewers. The flash-based sites added a pinch of creativity, but it was more like the clip art thing for now.   For sure, there were limited resources, technical geeks, as well as demand in the market, so be it. Now, with time being the idea of website design & development created a different segment in business and built a legacy as an IT industry. We, the current generation of users, are understanding the power of the web & leveraging it to every possible extent.    These days people are using websites to not only do business (selling products & services) but also for personal branding, creating an identity, sharing knowledge, and even to share one’s opinion (blogs). We have everything available on the web, and when you read or listen about anything you never know, you don’t take a second in checking it on the internet.    Well, that’s the power of technology & its ease of access to resources that can have everything available to you in just a single click. 

How does Website Designing & Development work? 

The ideation initiates the process of website development. Then there is a planning phase to shape it in a digital format. There is no particular decided pattern for website development. You can discuss your idea with your team or friends or relatives, depending on the end goal of the website. Further, you can buy your domain name and select the platform on which you like to design your website.  If you like to create your website on your own, online website builders or open-source CMS can be the best options for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for professional services, you will likely outsource this work to the website design & development company in your vicinity.  For custom development, once you align with the company for your project, you can request the design layout from UI/UX designers. This layout is like the blueprint of your website; you can get it modified as per your inputs and give a green signal for website development.  The developers may code your site from scratch or start customising the readily available themes, as per your preference and budget. After this stage, your website will go in the phase of QA & testing. Once all the bugs are resolved, your website will be ready to launch.   

Why Modern Website Development Makes Your Business Stand Out? 

Nowadays, website development is solely user-based. The search engine algorithms are continually evolving based on the user’s search experiences & browsing pattern. The custom-based UI of websites happens to be more conversion-oriented than that of generalised theme based websites. Several analytical software and tools are available in the market that can give you more insights about the user behaviour on your website. By taking the assistance of web developers and marketing experts, you can tweak your web page design and add value-adding CTAs & content to it.   

Do You Know Web Page Design Speaks For Itself? 

Yes, that’s true.  Website designing & development is state of the art. Though on the first look it seems like creating a digital brochure to promote services & products, it is much more than that.  Your website can reveal its identity based on the look you like to offer. You can promote an individual entity, talk about your recognitions and showcase your portfolio or add your services to it. The theme that you will select for your website will give an understanding of your end goal.  Don’t neglect the small details about each of the web pages like white space, location of CTAs, the relevancy of graphics, colours & typography, navigation, social proofs, security, and so on. Further, you can add supporting graphics, media elements, textual content, and everything that can give the understanding about your site.  Whether you are a business or brand or an individual who is thinking to get a website developed as a part of your portfolio, you can write to us at [email protected] for professional assistance for the same. You will not be launching your business now and then.