Data Visualization- An Aid To Redefine The Mobile-web Experience 

Data Visualization- An Aid To Redefine The Mobile-web Experience 

by Nikki June 12, 2020
Do you know that there have been 3.2 Billions of smartphone users in 2019 across the globe? This graph is exponentially growing, as we are expected to cross 3.5 and 3.8 billion in 2020 and 2021 respectively. It’s not the count of users increasing, but the utility and search pattern is also changing along with it.   In contrast to the old days, now we prefer to search for websites from mobile devices. It is much easier than opening the desktops and computer devices. CNBC says that nearly three-quarters of the world will be using their smartphones to interact with websites by 2025.   This implies that around 75% of traffic on your website will be from mobile devices only. You can’t be stringent about the figures, but you can suspect that. Since, we are already getting more than 50% of traffic from mobile devices, making your website responsive and user-friendly is the need of an hour.    As soon as the topic of the website optimization for mobile devices comes, the first thought is to remove the clutter and excess of content. Let’s say; we are done with that. But, the question is, what must be added to make it more enticing?   You can count on appealing graphics and blend your content with data visualizations. It will help you deliver your message rightly to your users. Now, let us tell you what you can try : 
  • Adding modern data visualization formats: 

The primary thought that strikes with data visualization are that of pie charts, bar graphs, line-charts and different means that can showcase the comparison. What if, the content of your website having nothing to do with the comparison? To deliver your informative content with such ideas, you can seek novel data visualization ideas like scatter plot or even the graphics clarifying your idea of information.      You can take the reference of The Pudding in the estimation of trends in skin colours of Vogue’s fashion models. As you look at it, you will find that it is more effective in sharing the information.    Now, this makes more sense and gives clarity to the users about the information that you intend to share. The addition of such elements helps in adding summaries and ease the explanation for complex topics. 
  • Including filterable data visualizations: 

The graphics and other media elements are undoubtedly more effective than textual content. But, overdoing them can negatively impact the loading speed of your website. By adding filters to your data visualization, you can share more information with a single graphics.    Google Cloud CDN provides the list of information in additional listicles and allows you to get a clear view of topics that you like to explore. Well, we don’t have giant servers like that of Google, so you need to integrate all the information to minimum data visualizations. We can take reference of Akamai; Google CDNs competitor that realized the maps in this way. So, you need not add 100s of visuals and map ideas distinctly; rather, you add the filters to let the user view and make the best use of it.    Unlike the static visuals, graphic designers can’t do much in that, and you have to take the help of web designers and developers. The developers can tweak the data visualization received from online tools to make them interactive while embedding to your site. 
  • Make your data visualization interactive: 

At times, it is tough to explain everything via visual elements. When you have so much to say, you will ultimately end up sharing a huge chunk of information. The cliche is you will have the general audience as well as research enthusiasts. The idea of converting your graphics to the interactive one can be a lot helpful here.      Taking the idea of filters to the next level, you can make your data visualization more interactive. To give you clarity, you can take the reference of Google Maps. You can zoom in on the region and go into details of it. Also, you can consider the graphics representation ideas of Emojipedia telling the change in the trend of emojis over COVID-19’s time period.       If you have used the online presentation tool, Prezi, you might know the bubble pattern that they have used to showcase a lot of data with less clutter. Another website, Information is Beautiful, has used this idea on their site. You can also try any of these interactive patterns to improve the layout of your web page design for mobile devices.      You can use all of these data representation ideas for your website and can further optimize for mobile devices only. It’s not necessary to have a different layout of web pages on different devices, but it must be appealing for visitors to your website.      The apt use of data visualization needs the involvement of professional skills, knowledge about tools, and creativity. It’s crucial to maintain the balance of data visualized graphics and content to keep your visitors intact to your site even on their mobile devices. The custom web design company like ours can help you in enriching your website. To connect, you can write to us at [email protected]  
How Does Mascot help In Branding? 

How Does Mascot help In Branding? 

by Peggy June 12, 2020
Whether you are planning a new venture or already own one, you ultimately want the success of your business. It will never happen without customers. That's why you have to strengthen your relationship with your customers.    In contrast to the product-based businesses, it is tricky for the service-based business to bridge the gap between customers and companies. Usually, the web design agency takes the approach of content marketing and focuses on the service. Flooding the content may help you improve the reach and ranking of your site, but you are not alone in the race. Several other businesses are trying the same tricks to gather some traction.    You try your best shot to add the human touch with the personalization of your business. So, why not add a person to your brand?    That's what mascots do!    The Mascot is the human/anime character that you can add to your business. It may or may not be used for the logo of your site. That's entirely your choice. But, count on the Mascot as the additional element that helps you market your offerings in a more approachable manner. There is no restriction and standards for the Mascot like it should have a human or a thing, you can give the shape it, as per your creativity.    Now, let me share the bonus points that Mascot can add to your business:    Amul  Hostgator   
  • Gives a face to your brand: 

That's genuine that the Mascot adds the face to your brand. Once the people get accustomed to your Mascot, they will start recognizing your brand with that vary image. The product-based businesses often use the Mascot on the packaging material as well as other branding stuff. Let me tell you the most relatable work of brands: 
    • Android: 
Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, and that's how Android is our companion. This one is used as a mascot logo. But, it's your choice to keep the Mascot in the logo or distinctly. It is relatable to the normal human with the antenna-like that of bot or router. Even those who haven't heard of Android are well aware of the logo that connects to the network. 
    • Amul:

A little girl inspires the mascot character of Amul. This was a hand-drawn mascot that was realized back in 1966. Since then to now, there have been so many avatars of this little girl with polka dot dresses. From creative graphics to stories, Amul took that girl flawlessly on the branding site. It's been more than 50 years now, and Amul girl is winning the hearts of everyone. You can see that in the case of Amul, the logo is simply the brand name written in artistic font, and the Mascot is standing differently. With the need for time, either of them can be used as inspiration for your business. 
  • Unhired storyteller of your brand

Remember that you are free to choose the type of character you want to create. You can feed the attributes of your business to your character. This will make it a lot easier for people to connect with the story of your brand. 

Let me share some of the fantastic examples: 

    • Pillsbury Doughboy:

Pilsbury wanted to share the story of fresh, round, and fluffy bread that can be created from their dough. It is personified as a chef to connect with the look of the chef, thus, clarifies the story more easily. The image of the doughboy tells the story of the brand, and it need not be actualized differently.   
    • Duracell bunny:

Bunnies(or rabbits) are known for their hyperactive nature, speed, and friendliness. They dwell in comfortably with whomever they meet. The electricity cell brand, Duracell used bunny to show the same traits of service their product offers. Quick, long-lasting, and fits to cell needs of every product that runs on the battery. 
  • A useful tool for marketing: 

Mascot helps you a lot in staying trendy. If you are wondering how? Let me tell you the truth that you can create the entire marketing campaign around your Mascot. Sharing the story or the message gets much easy. You can make the mascots work for you to generate awareness about some social cause and increase engagement. There happen to be an ad campaign by Burger king where they removed the beard of the king in the Mascot to generate the awareness of men's health. Likewise,'s Captain Obvious is urging with their Mascot to stay home.    In the current situation, even when you know that your business won't blossom, you can engage with people and strengthen your business bonds.    Mascots create a window for your customers to know your business and know the story at its best. When people get curious about it, they will automatically like to engage in a much better way.    Now that you know the benefits of the Mascot for your business, it's time to think about one for your company.    You can connect with the web design agency to help you associate with the professional artists and get a face for your brand. When you are counting on the best web design firms, you can reach us at [email protected]
Learn Colour Philosophy To Improve Your Web Page Design

Learn Colour Philosophy To Improve Your Web Page Design

by Peter June 12, 2020
Though website development and website designing both take a lot of time, dedication and learning; web designing takes an extra bit of creativity.

Do you know why?

Well, you can't find a code to make your creativity and ideas work. That's something you will find within yourself only. To start with, you can try your hands on a website of your own. We previously guided you with the websites that you can count on to create amazing graphics for your website. In this blog, we take you through the tour of colour philosophy that every professional website design company uses to make the identity of the business. From the colour of the logo to the flow of content, theme, and graphics, everything comes inside web page design. The understanding of colours in web designing will make it easier for you to choose the colour scheme before playing your hands on the design. While creating the mockup for your business website, every colour has its role and language. That's why your selection of colours must be wise. In the UI/UX designing, the knowledge of the colour scheme improves the readability of the website. Thus, you attract the audience more easily to the crucial and conversion based sections of your website. Isn't it helping you achieve the ultimate goal of your business? Surely, it is!

What colour does philosophy tell you?

Colour philosophy talks about the utility of different colours in the colour wheel. Every colour has its story, be it dull, bright, magnificent. Though we won't be covering the detailed analysis of colour philosophy, let me tell you that each of the colours gives a different feeling when you see them. When designing your website, the clever use of colours can improve the performance of your website. The choice of the colour scheme that you add to your site will help you:

Stand distinctly:

The smart choice of colours for your web page design helps you make the identity of your business. With the analysis and research of your target market and the business niche, you can select the colour scheme for your website. Maintains uniformity: We know the fact that people love colours and they are more driven towards them. But, this doesn't mean that you add all the colours to your site. When you opt for a particular colour scheme, it's meant to be maintained throughout your website. This uniformity develops patterns in the mind of the reader and makes them understand the utility of your website. Creates harmony: While maintaining the uniformity through the web page design, you take empty spaces in the account. It maintains harmony with the theme, design elements as well as CTA buttons on your website. When the graphics blend well with your ideation of the website, your site turns more open to the users.

How did colour scheming work in web designing?

You already have the white space on your website, and black colour is there to highlight the majority of the text. It's the time to count on other colours and add some flavour to your site. Be selective and don't make the rainbow of your website, unless it is the need of your brand. Now, we will be telling you colour scheme patterns that professional web designers use to improvise their web page design.


Since minimalism is the new trend in the industry, you can walk with monochrome colour ideation when experimenting with such themes. In such cases, you can use any of the dark colours for the design of your website. Further, you can use the variants, hues and tints of lighter shades of the same colour. Though there will be less white space, the white colour can be used for the text to improve the readability.


With the complementary colour scheme, you will be using two colours only, though your site. The choice of the colours is not at all tricky, check the colour wheel, select one of the colours and see the other colour in the straight line. It gives you a choice to experiment a little more and add contrast to it.

Split complementary:

This colour scheme lets you experiment with two contrasting colours and one blending well with either of them. The contrast, yet matching colour combination blends rigidity with strength. For better clarity about the choice of colours, you can check the image below:

Rectangle scheme:

If you choose a rectangular colour scheme, you will be selecting two sets of complementary colours for your website. You can adjust them distinctly for your site to satisfy the requirement of the layout of your website.


With the analogous colour scheme, you choose the bright and dynamic colours for your website. Keep in mind that it can give the counter-attack as well as turn favourable. Please don't see it as a choice when you are revamping someone's website. If you are starting from scratch, you can develop your understanding of the story of the business to frame the layout of the web page accordingly. You can do a lot with this, just like


Majority of web designers rely on a triadic colour scheme to get three distinct colours from the colour wheel that is 120-degree distant from each other. One of the vibrant colours is selected for the background of the site, and the rest two can be managed for content and CTAs.


Selection of a square colour scheme lets you choose four different colours from the colour wheel such that they are equally distant from each other. You can use a warm colour with the dark ones and plan the layout of your web page accordingly.


All these colour schemes are created considering the generic website designing ideas. Now, it's your creativity and understanding of the story of your business. Some of the colour ideas go well for certain industries. Like, you can choose the dark brown colour and its bright shades to showcase your chocolate or ice cream business. Whereas, the dark themes bring a lot of attention to restaurants and other food businesses.   Additionally, light colours exclusively bring attention to fashion and spa businesses. For the health industry, green colour and its shades attract more attention.   Further, you will come to more conclusions when you analyze numerous other businesses on the web. We hope that you can adapt some of these ideas to create your blog site. If you like to connect with a professional website design company for designing your website, you can surely count on us. For easy reach, you can mail us at [email protected] and our experts will connect you at the earliest.